Our First Rehearsal.

by admin on March 21, 2013

Wow. Just wow.

Pam and I have a habit of talking in exclamation points. Especially when someone gets us going on Listen To Your Mother. We have guzzled the Koolaid and bought the t-shirt and all the other euphemisms for being freakishly excited about something.

But after experiencing the magic that happened last night at our first rehearsal, trying to explain it with an exclamation point just doesn’t do it justice. I knew it was going to be good, I thought it would be great, but hearing all of those stories together in that room with the too-big chairs and the pizza, Prosecco, and kleenexes (lovingly pre-shredded by Pam’s baby) strewn about, and strangers turning into friends right before our eyes, was incredibly powerful. And humbling. And I felt so proud to be among such great writers and storytellers. Each one of our cast members brought something special and honest and REAL. And it worked and flowed in a way that Pam and I couldn’t have ever imagined when we sat at a different table two weeks ago with our sharpies and colored index cards and truckload of coffee trying to figure it all out.

You simply have to come to Boulder’s show (tickets go on sale here March 25th). But whoa, be prepared to laugh and cry and live 13 pieces of the human experience. Period.

* Thank you to the awesome team at  8Z Real Estate for the use of your conference room as our meeting space.


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