A Behind the Scenes Peek at Auditions

by admin on March 5, 2013

Tomorrow begins round three of our auditions… Joelle and I held our first session of auditions last Wednesday. We eased into it with just seven or eight auditions over three hours. Our next set of auditions, held on Saturday, was intense. We were slammed with appointments from noon to 4pm, with only a few short breaks- Just enough time to maybe hit the ladies room, shove a few handfuls of trail mix in our mouths, and turn our phones off airplane mode to see if we had any urgent voicemails or texts. (We didn’t). Our breaks were so brief there wasn’t even time to run to The Cup (one of our local sponsors! Woot!) for a double shot Americano with a shot of steamed soy. Which is the only thing that could possibly have made hearing the auditions better. At least for me. I am not sure what Joelle’s favorite espresso drink is. (Shame on me!)

Seriously, Boulder has talent. And we are so honored and humbled that strangers have been willing to open their hearts to us by sharing their stories. These are some beautiful, well-written stories. Stories that really take you there. We have been completely blown away, time after time.

The thing about stories is, hearing them never gets old.  Joelle is a physical therapist and I am an occupational therapist. That means, in our regular lives, it’s our job to listen to stories (and heal people, too). So we know when we hear a good one. And we have heard many amazing ones.

We know there are going to be more stories in the “Yes” pile than we will have time for in our 90 minute show, and there are still many more to be heard. I don’t even know how we are going to figure it out but I know, somehow, we will. This post, in which Ann Imig, LTYM’s creator, describes her own casting process, helped me to see that.

Stay tuned… We are hoping to announce our 2013 cast within the next week or so.

One exciting announcement we can share with you right now: BlogHer has signed on for another year as a national Listen To Your Mother Show sponsor!

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