Boulder’s Listen To Your Mother Show is Back!

by Joelle on November 22, 2014

Pam and I are so excited to announce that we are bringing the Listen To Your Mother Show back to Boulder for the 3rd time!

What started as one show in Madison, WI in 2010 has become a phenomenon. This year we are so proud to announce that Listen to Your Mother: Boulder will be one of 39 shows nationwide!

Check our National Site’s Announcement Post Here!

Our shows in 2013 and 2014 really brought our community together as local writers stood on stage and bared their souls with heart-wrenching, heart-warming and hilarious stories about motherhood.

In 2014 we even persevered through pregnancy and a late Spring snowstorm that threatened our ability to wear our strappy sandals. But we did it. We wore our strappy sandals despite the 12 inches of snow and we liked it. And the Boulderites proved that they are a hearty lot and showed up anyway. Because we love our moms and being moms and celebrating moms.

We can’t wait to hear the stories. Your stories. Because, you know, this is all about you. And you. And you. Get out your pens or your laptops or your etch-a-sketchs and your memories and write your story down. We are looking for well-written, engaging stories about motherhood, told by a diverse group of people. Did you notice, I said “people” not “mothers”? You don’t need to be female. You don’t need to be a mother. You don’t even need to like children (or pets). ANYONE who has something to say about motherhood can be involved….Motherhood is not a requirement.

We are looking for that one funny story where your kid embarrassed you in the store that one time, that personal story that you have never told anyone, or that one story that makes your eyes well up just thinking about it. Stories are powerful. Your story is powerful.

And if you need inspiration or information, please check out the Listen To Your Mother YouTube Channel or check out this link to the FAQ page.

You know you want to be here:

LookingUp2014 Or here: Toasting, 2014 Or here: ArmsUp2014

In the meantime…get writing!

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The 2014 Listen To Your Mother Videos Are Here!

by Stephanie P. on August 6, 2014

Watch the 2014 LTYM: Boulder show on our YouTube channel.

Thanks to LTYM’s video sponsor by T. Rowe Price, we have added 400 new videos from the 2014 shows!! Check out EVERYBODY FREAKS OUT– their funny children’s-style book for parents–only five bucks and 100% proceeds benefit Junior Achievement USA.

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May 19, 2014

Here are a few of our favorite pictures from our 2014 show! Enjoy!             by

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LTYM Boulder: WE DID IT!

May 16, 2014

We did it. We began as a group of srangers just a few short months ago and took the stage this Sunday as a unit. We laughed together and cried together as we shared our stories in rehearsals, at first tentatively, then more confidently. We laughed together and cried together, on Sunday, as we shared our stories with our audience, this time with a unique electricity present. And we are so very, very grateful. We are grateful to our cast. They were brave, they were vulnerable, and they were honest as they shared their stories. We are grateful to our audience, who ventured out on a miserable, snowy evening to bear witness to our stories. We are grateful to national Listen To Your Mother organization. Without your support and guidance we could never have done it. We are grateful to our national media sponsors, BlogHer and Chevrolet, whose support made it possible for […]

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A Million Thanks to Boulder’s Local Sponsors!!

May 7, 2014

We are grateful to our local sponsors for their generous support. Please take a moment to learn about them, check out their websites, and support them!   River and Lark is generously providing our videography services and their website is the most beautiful thing. They are story tellers. River and Lark is a small studio based in Boulder, Colorado. They help people, startups and businesses with everything from video, branding, website design and development and everything in between. You can reach them on their website or on Twitter @riverandlark.     J lounge in Boulder, CO: The perfect blend of wellness, natural nails, skin care, facials, massage and beauty in a retreat like setting. A day spa for sharing with friends and family to meet, relax and catch up. Individuals, groups and large parties welcome. Check out our menu and enjoy a beverage, along with your favorite beauty treatment. Come lounge with us…two like minded women […]

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