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We are so excited to announce Boulder’s Listen To Your Mother Show photographer, Joel Peterson.

JPP_Logo_HRJoel does all kinds of photography, including wedding, maternity, families, kids, and corporate events. I heard about him from a friend who participated in his 100 Bellies in 100 Days project, in which he photographed 100 pregnant women’s bellies, collected the story behind each belly and posted the photo and the accompanying story on his blog. Ultimately, this project will become a book. I could tell you more about this amazing project, which I had the privilege to be part of (I’m belly #94!), but I’d rather let Joel tell you himself…

From Joel:


Image Credit: Joel Peterson Photography

I am so excited to be involved with the Listen To Your Mother Show! Having the  opportunity to photograph the Listen To Your Mother Show this year is a perfect fit with the work that I do as a photographer, as I have spent the last eight months involved in a project that I created that also honors mothers, and provides a platform on which they can share their personal stories, it is called 100 Bellies in 100 Days. 100 Bellies in 100 Days provides mothers with a platform to share what many women never do, the truths and realities about what it really means to bring their children into the world. The mothers who take part in 100 Bellies are pouring out their hearts to empower themselves and other mothers, and to create a broader awareness of just how strong and beautiful every mother truly is. The stories shared in this project are so powerful and inspiring, and the photographs celebrate the unique beauty of every expecting mother’s belly. With all 100 bellies photographed, I am now beginning the process of publishing the amazing book that will compile all of these incredible stories and beautiful photographs!

The book will be available this year…To receive updates on the publishing process, so you can order your copy as soon as the book is released, click here.


Image Credit: Joel Peterson Photography

Both through 100 Bellies in 100 Days, as well as through my work as a family photographer, I strive to capture more than just beautiful photographs. Capturing the emotions, the connections and the moments that make us, and our families who we are is what I love to do!

Below are a few more examples of Joel’s beautiful work.

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Image Credit: Joel Peterson Photography


Image Credit: Joel Peterson Photography1


Image Credit: Joel Peterson Photography


Image Credit: Joel Peterson Photography


Image Credit: Joel Peterson Photography


One of our favorite things about the Listen To Your Mother project is the First Rehearsal. Not only do we get to hear the stories again, together, but the cast finally gets to meet each other and hear the stories too.

Our local sponsor, Alfalfa’s, provided a delicious dinner and a wonderful space. Our cast provided their hearts.

And our photographer, Joel Peterson, beautifully captured what we were experiencing in the photos below. I love how he focuses on how the story is affecting the listener, not the reader.

Seeing someone touched or tickled or moved by someone else’s story helps to define why it is that we are so excited about story-telling.

Thank you Alfalfa’s and thank you Joel Peterson and thank you cast for being brave enough to share yourselves.

Click on the picture below for a slideshow!




Boulder’s Local Sponsor, Alfalfa’s Market!!!

April 7, 2014

Boulder’s first rehearsal was generously sponsored by Alfalfa’s Market! Alfalfa’s is the food embodiment of everything Boulder is: Organic, Conscious, and Environmentally Aware. Alfalfa’s fed the entire cast (you know, gluten-free, vegetarian of course) and gave us their community room for the evening. It was a magical evening. Thank you Alfalfa’s! Alfalfa’s has about the most amazing Mission Statement ever: Mission Statement It is our mission to serve, educate and inspire our customers through our tireless support of local, organic and innovative food, wellness products and culinary creations. Alfalfa’s is a marketplace where products that are good for people, for producers and the planet are celebrated. At Alfalfa’s, all are welcome and community is embraced. And Hello wonderful Core Beliefs! Core Beliefs Support Organic … We believe that organic agricultural practices are best for people and for our planet. Our product standards place organic and quality at their foundation. Serve with Passion … We believe […]

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Our Amazing Local Sponsor Walden Hyde!

March 30, 2014

Our local sponsor Walden Hyde is leading the world in sustainable research and marketing. Walden Hyde integrates sustainability into brand stories and drives behavior change through uncommon creative campaigns. Their team of anthropologists, storytellers, sustainability experts, and award-winning designers like sunny days, tacky trails, steep rocks, and local beer. And they are helping to change the world. Walden Hyde works with the City of Boulder on things like Energy Future, where the city is exploring forming a local power utility. As seen here: And how can you not love a company that started the website and helped create this song before the last election. They have shown that bold and fun trump preachy and fearful when it comes to motivating consumers. From product branding to issue-based outreach, they deliver unexpected, visually rich campaigns that drive behavior change. Oh, and they are freaking hilarious. As seen in this video: And how exactly did Boulder’s Listen To Your […]

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Thank you to Local Sponsor Kate Kripke, LCSW: The Postpartum Wellness Center of Boulder

March 17, 2014

Boulder’s Listen To Your Mother Show is grateful for our local sponsor, Kate Kripke, LCSW: The Postpartum Wellness Center of Boulder, who has come back for the second year in a row to support our show. Follow Kate Kripke and the Postpartum Wellness Center of Boulder on Twitter and like them on Facebook. The goal of the Kate Kripke, LCSW: The Postpartum Wellness Center  of Boulder is to encourage expectant, new, and “experienced” mothers to maintain health and balance at a time when these transitions are at an all time high. Some women will find their postpartum adjustment to be mildly challenging while others (about 20%) will suffer from a postpartum mood and anxiety disorder like PPD. Through supportive psychotherapy and the development of practical strategies for physical, social, and emotional health, much of the emotional vulnerability that women face can be minimized. Kate provides coaching and/or psychotherapy support for women and families during […]

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