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Cast Spotlight: Judith, Divya, and U-Meleni

April 4, 2016

We had our final rehearsal yesterday, and all of us were amazed, once again, by the power of this collection of stories.  Since our first rehearsal, Jessica and I adjusted the order, and the changes made a huge difference and created a much more fluid and well-flowing show.  Many of us had the pleasure of going out to lunch after our rehearsal, and we lingered for a couple hours and enjoyed chatting and learning more about each other.  What a wonderful day!  Here’s our last cast spotlight: Judith Rosenbaum is a historian, educator, and writer, as well as the Executive Director of the Jewish Women’s Archive, a national organization that documents Jewish women’s stories, elevates their voices, and inspires them to be agents of change. A feminist from birth, Judith earned a PhD in American Studies from Brown University, with a focus on the history of women, gender, and social movements, and has taught Women’s and […]

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Cast spotlight: Sarah, Lynne, and Val

March 27, 2016

The weather this week has been cold, and we even had a ridiculous and unnecessary snow day!  But I see robin red-breasts everywhere, and I even saw some magnolias on the verge of blooming, so Spring (real Spring) must be around the corner.  We have been acquiring some local sponsors (more on that in a different post) and are thrilled about the hyper local aspect of this show.  Our second rehearsal is coming up next week, and we can’t wait to get everyone in one room again and do another read-through!  Here’s an introduction to another 3 folks in our fantastic cast: Sarah Sherman-Stokes is an immigration lawyer and law teacher, and novice-sometime-blogger at By day, Sarah is a Clinical Teaching Fellow in the Immigrants’ Rights Clinic at Boston University School of Law where she and her students represent immigrant children, refugees fleeing human rights abuses and detained noncitizens facing deportation. Sarah […]

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Cast Spotlight: Abra, Robin, and Letta

March 21, 2016

Here’s our next cast spotlight.  Have I mentioned that these folks and their stories are amazing, and you absolutely do not want to miss our show on May 7th? Abra Mims is a native Texan who came to Boston ten years ago and then decided she was too lazy to leave. Having dropped out of the June Cleaver School of Domesticity, she now has aspirations of someday becoming a crazy cat lady. In the interim, she spends her time looking for old stuff in thrift stores, and following her best friend to concerts. When she’s not doing those things, she’s mothering her fabulous daughter, and writing about her life. You can find her work on Knot So Subtle and her blog Brown Mom, White Baby.   Robin Schoenthaler is a cancer doctor and mom by day and a writer and solo mom by night. Her boys are 17 and 20 and polar opposites in […]

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Cast Spotlight: Rachel, Shalene, and Jennifer

March 15, 2016

Jessica and I are still glowing after last weekend’s rehearsal.  We knew that we had a fantastic cast, but having everyone in one room reading their stories was an amazing experience.  We are so thrilled about this collection of voices and stories, and we cannot wait to share this show with you on May 7th.  Read on to hear more about our fabulous cast members! Rachel Hess is a California native and a 12 year transplant to Boston. She is a queer mommy of two, working to improve the lives of of her community as well as all new parents in the greater Boston area as a postpartum doula. Rachel is honored to share her story in this year’s Listen To Your Mother show. For the past 11 years, Rachel has been a volunteer for The Network/La Red, an organization dedicated to ending partner abuse.  Rachel has worked for ReadBoston, Samaritans, Isis Parenting, and currently runs […]

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Announcing Boston’s Listen To Your Mother 2016 Cast!

February 25, 2016

When you meet someone at a Listen to Your Mother audition, you never know what’s going to happen next. They say you can’t tell someone’s story until you walk a mile in their shoes. You also can’t tell what someone’s story will be just by looking at them. As person after person comes in, their stories come at you in a flood. They come in every size and shape and color and at the end of the day, you are a vessel holding these precious stories inside you. It’s a very humbling and wonderful place to be. We hope that everyone who came to auditions felt the power of telling their stories and we are so grateful for all of them. We’re also thrilled to announce the 2016 cast of Listen To Your Mother Boston. We cannot wait for all the rest of New England to hear this set of stories this Mother’s […]

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