The videos from our show are online!

by Divya on July 26, 2016

The videos from our May 7th show are online!  There are many wonderful things about Listen To Your Mother, and one of them is that all stories from all shows are available for viewing online.  We had many friends, loved ones, and family members who could not attend our show in person and asked if there was a way to view the show online, and here it is:

It’s been a few months since I heard these amazing women read their stories live in front of a packed house, and it was a thrill to click on each one and hear their voices and words again.  Thanks for watching and listening, and thank you all for your support of LTYM Boston 2016!


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We did it!

by Divya on June 5, 2016

Four weeks ago, on a cold, dreary, rainy, un-spring like Saturday in May, a group of seriously kick*ss women got on a make-shift, intimate stage in a church in Jamaica Plain and performed Boston’s tLTYM0024AmyEmilyPhotographyhird annual Listen To Your Mother show.  Even though Jessica and I had heard everyone’s stories several times before show day, hearing them again in front of an audience as part of the show we had hoped to create for months was so much more powerful and amazing than we had anticipated.

Oh, what energy that morning when we gathered in the church!  We were a little nervous, but mostly so excited and thrilled to stand up together and share our stories.  I have fond memories of sitting around laughing as we set up the stage and all of our equipment.  Here’s our fabulous videographer, Austin!LTYM0027AmyEmilyPhotography

Our cast and their stories represented a wide range of what motherhood can be.  From the funny to the heart-breaking to the edgy to the unexpected to the let-me-break-your-heart-yet-again, to the utterly courageous, our stories were true and uniquely ours.IMG_5547


The venue ended up being the perfect size for us, and when we walked out to start the show, the room was packed.  What a wonderful sight to see so many family members, friends, and former LTYM cast members who came out to see our show and support us.  I loved watching people’s faces as they laughed, shed tears, hugged each other, and nodded in agreement as we read our stories.  And we raised $240 for BARCC!


It was such an honor and privilege to participate in this show with these phenomenal women and their words and stories, and I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful creation.  Thank you all for supporting our show!


Many thanks to Amy Emily Photography for these wonderful photos!  Stay tuned– videos from this show will be up on the LTYM YouTube channel in July!

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Our amazing local sponsors

April 26, 2016

I remember being a kid and going to see a show or a play or some sporting event, and I always rolled my eyes when someone took the microphone and started the “thanks to our sponsors” bit. But here’s the thing– Listen To Your Mother is very much a labor of love, and Jessica and I put together the show from scratch.  What started as she and I having a coffee last summer turned into a venue, a show date, rehearsal dates, a cast, rehearsals, and so much more (yes, programs, printing, a photographer, etc.) As we round the corner into the home stretch before our show on May 7th, we wanted to take a minute to acknowledge our local sponsors and thank them, because their support makes such a difference as we continue with our labor of love. For me, the best part about contacting potential sponsors was the fact that I […]

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Cast Spotlight: Judith, Divya, and U-Meleni

April 4, 2016

We had our final rehearsal yesterday, and all of us were amazed, once again, by the power of this collection of stories.  Since our first rehearsal, Jessica and I adjusted the order, and the changes made a huge difference and created a much more fluid and well-flowing show.  Many of us had the pleasure of going out to lunch after our rehearsal, and we lingered for a couple hours and enjoyed chatting and learning more about each other.  What a wonderful day!  Here’s our last cast spotlight: Judith Rosenbaum is a historian, educator, and writer, as well as the Executive Director of the Jewish Women’s Archive, a national organization that documents Jewish women’s stories, elevates their voices, and inspires them to be agents of change. A feminist from birth, Judith earned a PhD in American Studies from Brown University, with a focus on the history of women, gender, and social movements, and has taught Women’s and […]

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Cast spotlight: Sarah, Lynne, and Val

March 27, 2016

The weather this week has been cold, and we even had a ridiculous and unnecessary snow day!  But I see robin red-breasts everywhere, and I even saw some magnolias on the verge of blooming, so Spring (real Spring) must be around the corner.  We have been acquiring some local sponsors (more on that in a different post) and are thrilled about the hyper local aspect of this show.  Our second rehearsal is coming up next week, and we can’t wait to get everyone in one room again and do another read-through!  Here’s an introduction to another 3 folks in our fantastic cast: Sarah Sherman-Stokes is an immigration lawyer and law teacher, and novice-sometime-blogger at By day, Sarah is a Clinical Teaching Fellow in the Immigrants’ Rights Clinic at Boston University School of Law where she and her students represent immigrant children, refugees fleeing human rights abuses and detained noncitizens facing deportation. Sarah […]

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