It’s hard to believe that summer is coming to a close. It seems likeĀ  just yesterday, we were all sitting at The Old South Church, listening to our amazing cast give motherhood a microphone for the first time in Boston!

Words are cannot express how incredibly proud we are of this fabulous group of cast members! Every time I watch this playlist, I am brought back to that rainy Saturday afternoon all over again. If you were not able to join us for the live show, this is your chance to experience it!

Without further ado, we are thrilled to share with you the official cast videos on the LTYM YouTube channel! Here is the specially created 2014 Boston cast playlist:

Grab that cup of tea and get ready for your “me, too” moment. For the rest of the LTYM cities, go to the LTYM YouTube channel here.

Stay tuned for more exciting 2015 LTYM news! Thanks for being a part of our journey and please share!



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Happy Mother’s Day, Boston!

by Phyllis on May 11, 2014

The official holiday has finally arrived, but we’ve been celebrating for the past two weeks. On April 26th at 2 pm, the Old South Church was stage to our inaugural Listen To Your Mother show!

This show could not have happened without our illustrious cast, but it also could not have happened without YOU! Thank you for supporting the Listen To Your Show movement and coming to share in stories. We also must thank our wonderful volunteers who made show day possible – Stirling, Kimberly, and Samantha – they held down the fort, live tweeted our show, instagrammed, greeted the audience, and were our biggest fans. Thank you is just not enough to the three of you wonderful ladies!

We are also grateful for all of our local sponsors, the Old South Church, our national sponsors, and Ann Imig. Without Ann’s vision, Listen To Your Mother would not have been in 32 cities around the country this year! What an honor, privilege, and joy it was to be a part of it!

Before the show gets started. Photos by Amy Emily Photography

Photos by Amy Emily Photography

I have found great difficulty in trying to describe and recapture our show – words just do not seem to be adequate enough because you just had to be there to experience the magic. The moment that I saw our cast sitting up on the stage, my heart exploded. We had made this journey together with tears, heartbreak, laughter, Indian buffets, lots of tissues, Twizzlers, and one another. Looking out at the audience and looking back at our beautiful cast, I thought about the moment that Cheryl, Jessica, and I sat at Jessica’s kitchen table discussing how we would bring Listen To Your Mother to Boston. It was a moment filled with excitement and a little bit of nervous energy – just like the moment our cast walked on stage and sat down. It had all come full circle and there we were – ready to give Motherhood a microphone in Boston! Our show reminded us that the stories we tell are not just our own, but they are all of ours. It is the common thread that binds each and every one of us together – regardless of generation or gender.

Photos by Amy Emily Photography

Photos by Amy Emily Photography

We are proud to be donating 10% of tickets sales, as well as additional donations made at the show, to the Cambridge Women’s Center. They have been a great partner, and we are thrilled to be able to support them.

Thanks to our national sponsors, BlogHer and Chevrolet, and our local sponsors ImprovBoston, To Cook is to Love, GreenHow, DGVElaw, Fivefork Farms and The Fenway Group. Check our sidebar for more information on them.

So here’s to you, Boston! Thanks for an incredible, memorable, and magical inaugural Listen To Your Mother show. We hope you have been inspired! If you missed our show this year, you can catch our wonderful cast on the Listen To Your Mother YouTube channel this summer (and then mark your calendar for next year’s show!). Happy Mother’s Day, Boston and don’t forget to Listen To Your Mother!


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If You’ve Ever

April 10, 2014

If you’ve ever learned something from a child, Ever stood in admiration of a mother’s many roles, Ever found solace from loss in the everyday, Ever answered, “was I wanted?” Ever been blown away by a child’s loyalty, you can’t miss it. If you’ve ever told little and not so little lies, Ever cried because you lived to see a day, Ever tamed a sexual revolution, Ever sacrificed being a daughter to be a mother, Ever wanted to change the world, you should be there. If you’ve ever seen your mother in yourself, Ever found closure in difficult circumstances, Ever let life’s path unfold in unexpected directions, Ever let your heart expand, Ever found the community you didn’t know you’d need, you should come. You’ll find yourself at Listen To Your Mother. Come to Boston and have a “me too” moment with our cast. Buy your tickets now.

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Cast Member Spotlights: Michelle, Joanna and Cheryl

April 7, 2014

Today rounds out our cast member spotlights for LTYM Boston! It’s hard to believe the show is just over two weeks away! And you don’t have a ticket yet? Get on that right now. Buy tickets here! No single label describes Michelle Novelle. She is a researcher whose area of expertise focuses on social orphans and institutionalized adolescents worldwide. She is delighted to report that after what appears to have been an eternity, she will defend her doctoral dissertation in April. The mother of nine children, she and her family enjoy travel immensely and have spent a great deal of time in Colombia as well as more obscure locations such as the Tikal jungle in Guatemala and the Copan ruins of Honduras. As well as her family and travel, she is deeply obsessed with her dog, DMAC, literature, politics and President James Garfield!     Joanna Weiss is an op-ed columnist for the […]

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Cast Member Spotlights: Janet, Tina and Angie

April 2, 2014

It’s our fourth installment of cast spotlights! You don’t want to miss these women and their amazing perspectives. Buy your tickets to LTYM Boston right now! Janet Frongillo lives in southern New Hampshire with her husband, three sons, and assorted dust bunnies. She likes to imagine the dust bunnies are female and is just grateful they don’t try to follow her into the bathroom. Her family gave her no shortage of material to author the humorous cocktail book/advice guide for new moms, Mommy Mixology: A Cocktail for Every Calamity. Frongillo blogs at Muffintopmommy and is surprisingly capable of writing serious grown-uppy things as a freelancer. She will work for US dollars, beer, and shoes, in that order.       Tina Drakakis is a freelance writer living in Carver, MA. Her Eyerollingmom blog has been shining a spotlight on her imperfect kids (and husband and irritating sports parents and Lindsay Lohan) since 2008. […]

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