A Mother’s Day Weekend Grand Finale For LTYM!

by Stephanie on May 17, 2017

We celebrated Mother’s Day weekend — the final Mother’s Day weekend for the Listen To Your Mother national project — with shows in Madison, Pittsburgh, North Jersey, Rochester, San Antonio, San Francisco Bay Area, and Spokane! Grateful thanks to our national sponsors #BlogHer17 and Luvs!

On Friday night, LTYM: Pittsburgh kicked off Mom’s Day weekend with their THIRD and final show. Way to go, Jennifer Hicks and Stephanie Jankowski!!

Photo: @momma_mission

Cheers to LTYM: Pittsburgh 2017!! Photo: @momma_mission

“What an amazing show last night! I rode the wave of emotions and loved every second! Thank you for sharing this special gift!!!” –Heather M. Rayburg-Smith


LTYM: North Jersey stole the SHOWS — two sold out shows to be exact! — in their FOURTH Listen To Your Mother season. Standing ovations to Sandy Rustin Fleischer, Deborah Goldstein, & Brooke Lefferts as they plan to continue on with Listen To Your Mother shows for future seasons!

Photo: Brooke Lefferts

Standing O for the 2017 cast, and the lovely dir/producer trio Brooke, Deborah, & Sandy! Photo: Brooke Lefferts

“Some laughter, some tears, perfection!” –Natalie Fisher


LTYM: San Antonio delighted listeners at their 2nd and final show on Saturday, thanks to director/producer Jill Robbins.

Photo: Wine and Lavender

LTYM San Antonio 2017 takes a bow! Photo: Wine and Lavender

“Spending Mother’s Day hearing my Mom tell her story at LTYM in San Antonio… This show changed the way I feel about my own stories and my confidence to tell them when I was in the NWA cast four years ago. I’m smiling through tears at what’s possible for my mom after this.” — Sarah Martin Hood


LTYM: San Francisco Bay Area presented an incredible SIXTH and final show, featuring Emcee A’Driane Nieves — CONGRATS to dir/producers Janine Kovac, Tarja Parssinen, and assistant Mary Hill!

Photo: Ian Tuttle

The 2017 LTYM San Francisco Bay Area  just before showtime! Photo: Ian Tuttle

“What a perfect weekend to celebrate story! Women’s stories, motherhood stories. You think you know them, but there are so many to tell and they all deserve to be heard. It was a beautiful but bittersweet evening listening to the final Listen to Your Mother in San Francisco. I am in awe again at what these women brought forward. A fantastic night!” — Meghen Kurtzig


Continue reading for highlights from LTYM: Rochester, St. Louis, Spokane, and the GRAND FINALE for Listen To Your Mother: Madison!

LTYM: Rochester‘s  THIRD show was a hit!! Huge congrats and thank yous to Monica Gebell, Sarah Fitzgibbons, Corrie Spike Carter, and Sally Bitner Bonn!

Photo: @RocSpoke

LTYM: Rochester 2017 takes a bow! Photo: @RocSpoke

“It was fantastic! Every story was relatable and had so much heart. Yay Women, Yay Moms!” –Lisa Cupery


LTYM: St. Louis celebrated their FIFTH season on Saturday afternoon — the magnificent trio of director/producers Naomi Francis, Laura Edwards Ray, and Ellie Grossman put all of their hearts into it and will keep bringing the LTYM stories to STL!

Photo: Layne Photography

The excited and sensational Naomi, Laura, & Ellie! Photo: Photography By Layne; Congrats to the 2017 cast! Photo: Linda Anderson-Little

“Mothers come in all shapes, sizes, colors – we all have joys and challenges, and we need to share our stories so no mother feels like she is going it alone. It takes a village to raise a mother, too.” –Kim Schaefer Lehnhoff


On Mother’s Day — where it all began — LTYM: Madison took the stage at The Barrymore for a final performance, ending with an EIGHTH Listen To Your Mother Show in Madison. ALL the applause and gratitude to LTYM founder/Madison director Ann Imig and co-producer Takeyla Benton.

Photo: Melissa Austin

LTYM: Madison 2017, Photo: Melissa Austin

“Packed Madison show today, so much talent and heart!! Ann Imig your vision has sparked so much for so many.” –Opal Ellyse


LTYM: Spokane closed out the weekend with a spectacular SEVENTH season! We are cheering for Stacey Conner and Elise Raimi as they hope to make it to 10 years of LTYM!

Photo: B

YAY for LTYM: Spokane 2017!! Photo: Briana Loveall

“The show was amazing! I laughed, I cried, and got to enjoy it all with my daughter.” –Vickie Allert


Coming up — LTYM: Plumas County hits the stage for the final celebration of motherhood stories on stage for 2017 and the National Listen To Your Mother project.

HUGE THANKS to our national sponsors #BlogHer17 & Luvs! Don’t miss our 2017 first weekend recap  and second weekend recap here!




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