Breaking news! LTYM to become licensed theatrical production in 2018 thanks to Miracle or 2 Productions!!

by Ann on January 26, 2017

MiracleOr2BannerRecently we proclaimed that 2017 would serve as LTYM’s Grand Finale season, closing out 8 consecutive smash-success seasons of live LTYM shows. Today, thanks to a licensing agreement with Miracle or 2 Productions, Inc. LTYM announces a new life for our beloved show! Beginning in 2018 it will be easier than ever for theaters (professional or amateur) and organizations/groups to host their own LTYM show events!!

What’s an LTYM “licensed theatrical production?”

LTYM shows will no longer be limited to a once-per-year Mother’s Day celebration! Instead LTYM shows will be available for production all year long and for performance runs (multiple performances per theater, as opposed to only one) beginning in 2018, in cooperation with Miracle or 2 Productions, Inc.

Theaters/groups who wish to do an LTYM show will have the option, through Miracle or 2, of:

a) casting local talent to read their original works in traditional LTYM fashion


b) for the first time with this theatrical production theaters/groups may cast actors to read a selection of true stories from previous LTYM shows in a brand-new script (all used with permission from the authors, of course). More on this below.


c) a combination of both

The script includes helpful information and guidelines on creating and shaping an LTYM show; everything from how to choose pieces for a show, how to arrange those pieces effectively for the maximum LTYM audience experience, marketing/production considerations and more. In addition, individual coaching will be available for those theaters or groups that might benefit from a little extra guidance.

Whereas LTYM grew up as a grass-roots blogging phenomenon, the project will now live largely offline and on stages.

For licensing information contact check out the Miracle or 2 website here. Like them on Facebook for updates!

Will audiences still get the full LTYM experience?

Absolutely! Some local shows will look exactly the same, featuring original local storytelling. For those that utilize the new script, it’s bursting with some of our most diverse, moving, hilarious, and heartwarming storytelling that entertains, energizes, brings community together and leaves everyone feeling a little less alone and a little more understood.

If you’re familiar with our acclaimed book, you know the flexibility of LTYM across genres–on stage, online, and on the printed page. The script uses all new material, pieces hand-chosen specifically for the way they command the stage, and with all the grit, honesty, and heart audiences come to expect. Note: this script is not published for sale, and is only available via Miracle or 2 licensed theatrical productions.

What does this mean for our 2017 season?

2017 remains the grand finale year of the original grass-roots LTYM shows run by online women. However, beginning in 2018, those original director/producers have the option to continue doing the show through Miracle or 2, or they can pass the torch to others. Beginning in 2018 new shows may begin popping up anywhere and everywhere across North America!

In the meantime, please join us in celebrating our 31 cities hosting shows this spring across the country. Auditions are happening now/soon for 2017!!


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