Being Thankful For What’s Right In Front Of You

by Stephanie on November 22, 2016


A visit to Alcatraz brought on an all too familiar feeling to Sally Koering Zimney as she compared the prison island to parenthood. She recalled last Thanksgiving with family when she presented a brilliant idea for all of the kids to share what they were thankful for — expecting a proud parenting moment — only to be disappointed by her daughter’s answer. “I mean, she was supposed to say something meaningful, something reflective, something I could post on Facebook, for God’s sake!”

Upon reflection, Sally realizes that her daughter was actually reminding her to stop training her eyes on a horizon that she might never reach, and instead be thankful for what is right here, right now.

“Can we embrace this island we’re living on? Love its shores and spectacular views, love the sometimes brutal landscape of the island’s ups and downs, the way the storms come through and then settle to quiet.”

Watch Sally’s hilarious and touching video from LTYM: Twin Cities 2016 below or on the Listen To Your Mother YouTube Channel.


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