When Mom Is Right: Everything Is About Race

by Stephanie on November 15, 2016


“I thought that because I didn’t speak with an accent and I knew what clothes to wear, I could blend in by rolling my eyes and rejecting the very concept that race matters.” Growing up brown in a white community, LTYM: Boston Director/Producer Divya Kumar did her best to make everyone else feel comfortable while she tried to fit in and reject her mother’s claims that everything was about race.

“No matter how much I said that my mother’s food was gross, how much I made fun of her accent, and how much I tried to shun any brown-ness — both my mother and I would always be identified as Other, and therefore public property and subject to questions, judgment, and shame.”

Watch Divya read her piece “This Is My Home” below or on the Listen To Your Mother Show YouTube channel.

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