41 Successful #LTYM Shows and $34,000 Raised for local causes! See you at #BlogHer16!!

by Stephanie on June 8, 2016

We were honored to give to local causes in all of our 41 cities for 2016. We raised over $34,000, bringing the project total over $114,000 to date in charitable giving to women and families in need!

A HUMONGOUS GIGANTIC thank you to BlogHer & SheKnows Experts Among Us and Luvs–our North American sponsors. Click through an individual city below to take note of the spectacular support we received on a local level as well, through hyper-local sponsorship.


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FORTY-ONE SHOWS. 41 LTYM teams created 41 casts who shared their stories on 41 stages across North America!


LTYM: Albuquerque 2016

LTYM: Albuquerque 2016, photo: ABQ Web Hosting


LTYM: Atlanta 2016

LTYM: Atlanta 2016, photo: Zoë Barracano


LTYM: Austin 2016, photo:

LTYM: Austin 2016, photo: Casey Chapman Ross


LTYM: Baltimore 2016

LTYM: Baltimore 2016, photo: JenSnyderPhoto.com


Continue reading for the gorgeous photos of LTYM 2016! And if you haven’t already, buy your #BlogHer16 conference pass now with this LTYM discount code!! We’ll see you at our co-hosted Open Mic event at BlogHer in August 4-6th in Los Angeles. More info on that coming soon!

Baton Rouge

LTYM: Baton Rouge 2016

LTYM: Baton Rouge 2016, photo: Jordan Hefler Photography



LTYM: Birmingham 2016, photo: (c) 2016 Brittany Louise Photography


LTYM: Boston 2016

LTYM: Boston 2016, photo: Amy Emily Photography



LTYM: Boulder cast, photo: Tiny Dragon Photography

LTYM: Boulder 2016, photo: Tiny Dragon Photography


LTYM: Burbank 2016

LTYM: Burbank 2016, photo: Suzy Shearer



Photo: Silver Vine

LTYM: Charleston 2016, Photo: Silver Vine


LTYM: Chicago 2016, photo: Balee Images

LTYM: Chicago 2016, photo: Balee Images


LTYM: DC 2016, photo: Julie Lowery Photography

LTYM: DC 2016, photo: Julie Lowery Photography


LTYM: Evansville 2016

LTYM: Evansville 2016, photo: Erin McCracken Photography

Kansas City

LTYM: Kansas City 2016, photo:

LTYM: Kansas City 2016, photo: Storyline Kansas City

La Crosse

LTYM: La Crosse 2016

LTYM: La Crosse 2016, photo: Bruce Defries

Lehigh Valley

LTYM: Lehigh Valley, photo:

LTYM: Lehigh Valley, photo: Zeke Zelker of iDream Machine Photography


LTYM: Lincoln 2016

LTYM: Lincoln 2016, photo: Jenny Taylor from Pixel Bakery

Little Rock

LTYM: Little Rock 2016

LTYM: Little Rock 2016, photo: Jacob Slaton


LTYM: Madison 2016, photo:

LTYM: Madison 2016, photo: Johnny Justice

Metro Detroit

LTYM: Metro Detroit 2016

LTYM: Metro Detroit 2016, photo: Monroe Fox Photography


LTYM Maaaay

LTYM: Milwaukee 2016, photo: Orphonic


LTYM: Nashville 2016, photo:

LTYM: Nashville 2016, photo: Kerry Woo Photography

New Orleans

LTYM: New Orleans 2016

LTYM: New Orleans 2016, photo: Dawn Barnett

North Jersey

LTYM: North Jersey 2016

LTYM: North Jersey 2016, photo: Matt Yeager

Northern Utah



Photo: Jennifer Lee Photography

LTYM: NYC 2016, Photo: Jennifer Lee Photography

Oklahoma City

LTYM: Oklahoma City 2016, photo: Sheradee Hurst Photography

LTYM: Oklahoma City 2016, photo: Sheradee Hurst Photography


LTYM: Pittsburgh 2016

LTYM: Pittsburgh 2016, photo: Ashley Mikula



lizilu photography

LTYM: Portland 2016photo: lizilu photography


LTYM: Providence 2016

LTYM: Providence 2016, photo: Cristina Almeida Photography

Raleigh Durham

LTYM: Raleigh Durham 2016, photo:

LTYM: Raleigh Durham 2016, photo: Jess Rotenberg Photography


LTYM: Rochester 2016

LTYM: Rochester 2016, photo: Debra Wallace Photography

San Antonio

LTYM: San Antonio 2016, photo: Mewborne Photography

LTYM: San Antonio 2016, photo: Mewborne Photography

San Francisco

LTYM: San Francisco 2016

LTYM: San Francisco 2016, photo: Ian Tuttle


LTYM: Seattle 2016, photo: ©GlimmerGlassPhoto.com

LTYM: Seattle 2016, photo: ©GlimmerGlassPhoto.com

Southeast Texas

LTYM: Southeast Texas 2016

LTYM: Southeast Texas 2016, photo: Andy Coughlan

Southwest Michigan

LTYM: Southwest Michigan 2016

LTYM: Southwest Michigan 2016, photo: Scott R Gane Photography


LTYM: Spokane 2016, photo: Brianna Loveall

LTYM: Spokane 2016, photo: Brianna Loveall

St. Louis

LTYM: St. Louis 2016

LTYM: St. Louis 2016, photo: Photo Explorations

Twin Cities

LTYM: Twin Cities 2016

LTYM: Twin Cities 2016, photo: Glimpses Of Soul


LTYM: Vancouver 2016

LTYM: Vancouver 2016, photo: eran jayne photography


Leisa Hammett June 10, 2016 at 5:56 am

This gave me great joy, this morning of my birthday, to see the 41pictures my sisters, and brothers, who have also experienced the powerful joy of sharing their stories and experiences of and with motherhood. You are beautiful and you’ve made the world a better place by sharing your stories! xoxo

alexandra June 10, 2016 at 9:55 pm

SO PROUD to be part of LTYM!!!

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