LTYM Producers Share Mother’s Day Memories Thanks to Our Sponsor Luvs Diapers #ShareTheLuv

by Ann on April 25, 2016

As Mother’s Day approaches and so too our LTYM show season, we are taking a moment to reflect on and share some silly and sweet Mom’s Day memories of our own with Luvs diaper’s #ShareTheLuv campaign. Please join us in memory-sharing on social media using the hashtag #ShareTheLuv and enjoy some special savings on Luvs diapers below!


Mother’s Day card courtesy of Lincoln director/producer Judy Daniell


Suzanne Lowe Weertz, Burbank co-director/producer, on her first–and memorable– Mother’s Day:

My precious newborn daughter was curled up in bed between me and my husband, having just finished nursing. We sat up together and I placed her on my bent knees so we could feast our eyes on our amazing creation. As we marveled at her fuzzy head and tiny nails, she projectile vomited all over my t-shirt, my hair, the sheets and pillows. My husband jumped up to grab a towel as I stripped off my clothes and the baby’s, still in love and in awe. So there we were, skin on skin on a dry patch of bedding when she peed on me. As we gave her a bath, she added that lovely newborn green poop to the tub. Thankfully she’s given us plenty of love and memories in her 18 years to make up for the gifts that first Mother’s Day.

Leigh Ann Torres, Austin co-director/producer and mother of twins:


Me lying on the couch, with two swaddled babies – one on my chest and the other right by my side – all of us fast asleep. That pretty much summed up my first Mother’s Day

Alexandra Rosas, Milwaukee co-director/producer, on the first Mother’s Day card her incredibly sweet youngest son made for her:

It was folded, in a crooked haphazard half, made of thick yellow construction paper and with pink magic marker print. An acrostic poem — he told me (he even pronounced the word correctly). “It’s made up of the first letters of your name spelled out going down,” he explained so that I’d know. My name is Alexandra but the letters lined up vertically were for MOTHER. He gave it to me but not without first prefacing, “Cards are hard for me and it feels funny to not tell the truth.”

Many sided sides to her.
Other things I can say about her.
There is a lot of stuff that I like about her but people say is weird.
Hours and hours of fun we have doing her favorite thing of nothing.
Everything she says with the faces that go with it.
Realistic, she tells me exactly what she thinks.

I love you mom.


From Brianne DeRosa, Providence co-director:


Two Mother’s Days ago, we were in a rough spot. My husband had just been laid off from his longtime job, and I was under pressure to leave mine. I woke up feeling anxious, just hoping I could enjoy the day, and then my son came into my room and gave me a rock. Painted. With googly eyes. Best present ever. It still sits on my kitchen shelf and stares at me. 

Jennifer P. Williams, Southeast Texas co-director remembers:

When Cady was about three years old, she came running in the house bawling her eyes out and going on and on about something. “Shhh, shhh, shhh, baby, what is it?” Meanwhile, David is behind his waving her arms like he is having a fit and trying to tell her to be quiet. I finally calmed her down enough so that I could understand. “Daddy won’t let me have the earrings?” (sniff, cry, sniff) Me, confused, “What earrings?” “THE FANCY ONES!!!!” Guess what I got for mother’s day that year?

Lastly, a priceless Mother’s Day card given to LTYM founder Ann Imig


Use the hashtag #ShareTheLuv to share your favorite Mother’s Day memories. Luvs serves as a North American sponsor for Listen To Your Mother, and we thank them for their continued support of creative online women and mothers everywhere!

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