On Living A True And Authentic Life

by Stephanie on March 31, 2016

design“The weight of living a double life, the pain and hatred of my own body was washing over me in waves pulling me under again and again. I was drowning.” Jay Potter feared he would lose his mother when he transitioned from being her daughter to the son he truly was. He couldn’t keep his real identity hidden any longer, “Secrets are heavy, they pull us away from truth, from authenticity — they are hard work and I was exhausted.” He found his Mother’s love to be greater than imagined and reveals her words of advice that led to the life he was meant to live.

Watch the video from LTYM: Providence 2015 below or on the Listen To Your Mother YouTube Channel.

On this Transgender Day of  Visibility LTYM celebrates and stands with pride in support of our transgender storytellers, their loved ones, and allies. Listen to Meggan Sommerville, Pamela ValentineRenee YawnLeslie LagerstromDebbie Stinson, and Debi Jackson.


Tracey March 31, 2016 at 8:16 am

Love and support to all!

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