A Night To Remember With My Mother and The Monkees

by Stephanie on February 25, 2016

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“It was my best friend Kay who was the one that found out when the Monkees’ airplane was arriving in Spokane…” Penny Simonson begins her tale of one memorable night of adventures in 1967 — because her Mom said “Yes.” She didn’t know that she could be so cool and spontaneous, on a mission to chase down The Monkees in her car. “As Mom pressed hard to catch up, it felt as though we were flying.”

“That night remains a touchstone in my life. It is a short glimpse of my mother being part of an adventure at a time in her life when maybe she hadn’t expected to have one.”

Watch Penny reading her piece “My Mother The Groupie” at LTYM: Spokane 2015 below or on the Listen To Your Mother YouTube Channel.

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