#LTYM 2016 Auditions: We Hear Your Stories

by Stephanie on February 24, 2016


The stories are being told — auditions are taking place for our 2016 season and we are listening! We wanted to share some highlights about the LTYM audition process — from just showing up to the painstaking decision of creating the final playlist of pieces to be read on stage.

“It takes guts even to show up,” LTYM: North Jersey shared in their audition wrap-up. “Several times over the three days we heard, “I’m not a real writer,” or “I’ve never auditioned for anything before.” If you wrote a piece, you’re a writer! If you read it in front of us, you can now say you’ve auditioned for a show. We know from personal experience how great it feels to walk out knowing you did it!

San Antonio was blown away by the stories heard at the auditions for their first LTYM show…

“Stories of coming to motherhood. Stories of pregnancy, birth, growing up and growing older. Stories about mothers, daughters, grandmothers, sisters and friends. Stories about struggling to become a mom. Stories about struggling as a mom. Stories about what it can mean not to be a mom.”

From LTYM: Spokane, (brain camel and all):


LTYM: Spokane Co-Dir/Prod Stacey Conner is ready for auditioners.

“Spokane brought the stories.  I am taken aback each year not only by the range of experience and perspective but at the bravery of every person who auditions. They walk through the door, they see the brain camel and the smattering of coffee cups and they STILL share with us some of their most intimate thoughts and memories. In a few cases we were the first to ever hear the stories told.”

So many stories that we want to make it up on the final stage, but each city must carefully select only thirteen pieces to become the show. As Marty and Keanne in LTYM: Raleigh-Durham explain, “But, auditions are hard, too, because we know that we can cast only a fraction of the wonderful stories we heard. We tell everyone the process and that it is like creating a playlist and hope, hope, hope they believe us.”

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 11.07.12 AM

LTYM: Atlanta at the start of the difficult casting process, via ohjanabelle

From Listen To Your Mother Show founder and National Director Ann Imig at LTYM: Madison auditions this past weekend:

“We’ve heard such a diverse beautiful inspiring day of stories. Thank you to all who trusted us with your words!!

While some of our cities are already crafting their playlists, many of our cities are still accepting submissions and scheduling auditions. Find a show near you. Write your story down — even if you don’t end up auditioning — you have a story to tell.


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