When Life Implodes and You Have to Keep On Going

by Stephanie on February 23, 2016


“I didn’t ever expect to be the person on the other side…” Jessica Woodbury, Co-Producer/Director of LTYM: Boston, bravely spoke her truth as a stay at home mom now finding herself thrust in the middle of a divorce and financial despair. She shares a bold and honest portrayal of a trip to the WIC office with her kids. “I am a mother, I have two children, I have to buy groceries and this will help. So I do it.”

This wasn’t the way she had envisioned her life’s path to go, but she has to keep going, for her kids — and herself. And so she does. Watch her beautiful and inspiring video below or on the Listen To Your Mother YouTube Channel.

Do you have an #LTYM story to tell? Auditions are still happening in some of our 41 cities for 2016!


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