To Be Or Not To Be… The Perfect Mom

by Stephanie on February 4, 2016

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“Oh, I want my kids to listen to their mother — not necessarily always act like their mother.” Marlowe B’sheart read in Metro Detroit’s 2015 show and declared how she was determined to be the perfect mom. She read all the parenting books,”How To Honor Loss In Your Adopted Child’s Landscape While Doing Vision Therapy Exercises In Spanish? I read that one twice.”  She was so certain that she had it all figured out and left no room for error. “Every day was a test that I could not afford to fail.”

But what happens when you have a child that doesn’t have the luxury of choosing perfectionism? What does ‘perfect’ even mean — and is it always best? Marlowe shares the invaluable lessons that her children ultimately taught her.

Watch the video below or on the Listen To Your Mother YouTube Channel.

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