Everyone has a mother story. What’s yours? LTYM 2016 Audition/Submission Update!

by Ann on December 18, 2015

If you’ve ever attended one of our live shows or watched our YouTube channel, you likely started reflecting on your own story– of your mom, of being (or not being) a mom, or a story about the person who raised you. Maybe you jotted some memories, or found inspiration to write a letter, list, or essay. Maybe this year is the year you take a chance on sharing it with LTYM! We welcome all ages/genders/ethnicity/races/abilities/people, and we want to hear your story.

As our new cities mentor and Chicago co-producer Melisa put it:

This is not a show for professional speakers/writers (though we welcome all levels of experience). LTYM is about Motherhood and Motherhood is for EVERYONE. Your voice and story may be the one that reshapes someone’s perspective of life when our 2016 show hits the stage… Your story is unique. Your story is needed. Your voice IS worthy and your words ARE good enough.

Reader Amy Magan from LTYM: Evansville (photo by Erin Merris)

Reader Amy Magan from LTYM: Evansville (photo by Erin Merris)

Each city handles their audition process a bit differently according to the needs and response of their community. The overwhelming majority of our cities simply ask you to make an appointment to come to our auditions and read your story aloud to us from the paper (NO MEMORIZATION NEEDED OR REQUESTED). Due to overwhelming response, a few of our cities request you email them your written piece, submitted ahead of time. Regardless, our mission inspires us to make room for as many people as possible to have their story heard at our auditions across North America. Even taking that first step of sharing your words with our local director/producers can prove powerful beyond measure. Words often inspire action and build connections. We see it time and again though LTYM.

Below please find links to audition/submission info for the city nearest you. We’ll update this list as more of our 41 cities make audition announcements in 2016.

Albuquerque auditions are now closed.

Atlanta auditions are now closed

Austin auditions are now closed.

Baltimore auditions are now closed.

Baton Rouge auditions are now closed.

Birmingham auditions are now closed.

Boston auditions are now closed.

Boulder auditions are now closed.

Burbank auditions are now closed.

Charleston auditions are now closed.

Chicago auditions are now closed.

DC auditions are now closed.

Evansville auditions are now closed.

Kansas City auditions are now closed.

La Crosse auditions are now closed.

Lehigh Valley auditions are now closed.

Lincoln auditions are now closed.

Little Rock auditions are now closed.

Madison auditions are now closed.

Metro Detroit auditions are now closed.

Milwaukee auditions are now closed.

Nashville auditions are now closed.

New Orleans auditions are now closed.

North Jersey audition appointments are closed.

Northern Utah auditions are being scheduled now, to be held 3/12 & 3/19

NYC auditions are now closed.

Oklahoma City submissions are now closed.

Pittsburgh auditions are now closed.

Portland auditions are now closed.

Providence auditions are now closed.

Raleigh Durham auditions are now closed.

Rochester auditions are now closed.

San Antonio auditions are now closed.

San Francisco email submissions are now closed.

Seattle auditions are now closed.

Southeast Texas auditions are now closed.

Southwest Michigan auditions are now closed.

Spokane auditions are now closed.

St. Louis submissions are now closed.

Twin Cities auditions are now closed.

Vancouver auditions are now closed.


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