#DreamFearlessly with #LTYM! Follow along on Friday as we #DreamLTYM16 !!

by Ann on December 2, 2015

In 2012 I received the key to my dream at American Family Insurance DreamBank Madison. Literally. I claimed my LTYM dreams, adding a dream key to their key chandelier, and taking one with me. I keep it tucked away in my jewelry case.

Here’s a picture of my dream key on the acclaimed LTYM anthology (sans jacket) that I had no idea would materialize back in 2012:



Two days from now LTYM’s national team meets IRL all together for the first time, and in the most unimaginably perfect locale. This past summer, when we began dreaming of a retreat for our team, I thought of my key. I recalled how much LTYM has grown and accomplished in the past three seasons. I wondered; if we planned to gather in real life to dream about LTYM’s 2016 season and beyond, why not #DreamFearlessly with the only place devoted exclusively to realizing dreams– DreamBank Madison?!?

I describe DreamBank as a children’s museum, only for adults. DreamBank fosters creativity and the imagination, yet serves the vital purpose of helping people articulate and then take action-steps to realizing their personal and professional dreams. DreamBank welcomes the public to drop-in seven days a week and tour their exhibit. They also host dozens of FREE family events, learning labs, small business workshops, fitness events, Pinterest parties, and speakers PER WEEK with renown local coaches, consultants, experts, and guides. You can start a dream workbook, talk with an onsite dream curator–and get the keys to your dream.

DreamLTYM16 Dream keys hanging on the DreamBank chandelier

The driving force behind DreamBank Madison lies in “helping dreamers find the inspiration, tools, and support to bring their dreams to life.”


Listen To Your Mother is a leadership incubator and DreamBank Madison is a dream incubator. Both LTYM and DreamBank place great importance on bringing community together in real life for listening, learning, and self-expression.

LTYM invites you to share your own #DreamFearlessly goals along with our team, as our national team (Taya Dunn Johnson, Stephanie Precourt, Deb Rox, Melisa Wells and I) find the keys to LTYM’s future, and live-tweet our discoveries. Perhaps we’ll discover some dreams of our own along the way! We will be sharing the experience with you to support you in discovering your own dreams, too. See what we’re up to on Facebook, and follow the #DreamLTYM16 conversation on Twitter.

Follow along here:

DreamBank Madison on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DreamBankMadison/?fref=ts

DreamBank Madison on Twitter: https://twitter.com/dreambankmsn

@dreambankMSN #DreamBank #DreamFearlessly #DreamLTYM16 #LTYM

Melisa December 2, 2015 at 12:47 pm

Many, many thanks to DreamBank Madison for hosting our retreat! Can’t wait to get there!

Ann December 7, 2015 at 1:29 pm

And now it’s over! That went wayyyy too fast. Thanks, DreamBank!

Anne Flournoy December 7, 2015 at 10:18 am

Reading about the journey of LTYM, having been to two of the Mothers Day readings and now learning about the National Team … I’m in awe of your vision, your courage and your organizational wizardry. SO INSPIRING. GO LTYM. #DreamTeam #YesWeCan

Ann December 7, 2015 at 1:32 pm

Thank you, Anne! That’s high praise. I know you of all people value the power of gathering in supportive spaces with people who support us to #DreamFearlessly. I’m beyond grateful that American Family Insurance DreamBank shared that powerful space with LTYM on Friday.

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