2016 Call for NEW LTYM CITIES!

by Ann on September 3, 2015

2015 LTYM: Atlanta Cast by Simon Salt

2015 LTYM: Atlanta Cast by Simon Salt

Given the steady flow of “How can I bring LTYM show to my city” requests throughout the years, and considering the  success of our 2011 five-city national launch , 2012 ten-city expansion2013 twenty-four city boom, our 2014 thirty-two city season and our 2015 thirty-nine city season and book launch – one thing appears evident: LTYM wants to keep growing.

LTYM Milwaukee production team Jen Gaskell, Alexandra Rosas and Rochelle Fritsch (by Anna Stone)

LTYM Milwaukee production team Jen Gaskell, Alexandra Rosas and Rochelle Fritsch (by Anna Stone)

How it works:

Born of the blogosphere, LTYM flourishes due to the local leadership of the multitude of creative, entrepreneurial, talented online women who seek the challenges and immeasurable rewards of bringing LTYM home to their city. LTYM believes in hyper-localism: You are the expert in knowing just how to finesse the LTYM process for your specific community audience, with the support of a cohort of other local director/producers around the nation, and facilitated by LTYM National Director Ann Imig, Online Content Manager/Returning Cities Mentor Stephanie Precourt, New Cities Mentor Melisa Wells, Diversity & Inclusion Consultant Taya Dunn Johnson, and Business Strategist Deb Rox.

Important note of clarification: Our city producers aren’t employees. LTYM city producers become partners with LTYM National, gaining permission to host a show for a year as independent producers and benefiting from our national brand, the guidance of our years of experience developing LTYM, and on-going mentoring and support from our national team.

LTYM seeks new cities to give Mother’s Day a Microphone across the nation next year, and the local director/producers to host them. LTYM considers a combination of the following attributes in our local directors and producers:

  • Active involvement in community-building relationships both in the online space and in your city
  • Readiness to embrace the often first-time challenges of directing, funding (through ticket proceeds and/or hyper-local sponsorship dollars) and producing a local live-reading event
  • Dedication to supporting other LTYM cities, honoring the LTYM mission and process as established, as well as actively contributing to the LTYM 2016 process as it evolves.
  • A commitment to seeking a diversity of readers and stories beyond your social scene, ethnicity, demographic, etc.


LTYM selects cities due to the strength of the director/producer applicants–duos/small team-configurations depending on size and unique demands of city– and also searches for an interesting mix of cities by size, region, and demographics for our season. We do not have a specific number of cities in mind for 2016. As always, the number of cities selected is determined by the number of returning cities, the strength of the applications, and how much growth LTYM anticipates our infrastructure can withstand in a given season.

Interested? Please email listentoyourmothershow@gmail.com to request an application which includes more information about how our partnership with local director/producers works.

Applications are due no later than 11:59 PM CST September 30, 2015. No exceptions.

LTYM cannot wait to see what 2016 holds for our audiences–both live and online via our YouTube channel (and with the April release of our book LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER: What She Said Then, What We’re Saying Now in paperback) as we continue giving voice to the beauty, the beast and the barely-rested of motherhood.

2015 LTYM: St. Louis cast

2015 LTYM: St. Louis cast photo by Caren Libby

alexandra September 3, 2015 at 1:39 pm

So exciting!! Good luck, new city applicants!

Phyllis September 3, 2015 at 3:58 pm

So exciting! Can’t wait to see where all the new cities will be!

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