LTYM Grieving Hearts: In Memory of Joanna Stanfield Montgomery, Maria Eva Dikkeboom, and Baby Olive

by Ann on August 2, 2015

Listen To Your Mother celebrates many glorious iterations of mother love, and we also recognize the shadow of that great love–great loss.

With tremendous sadness, we extend condolences to the loved ones of Joanna Stanfield Montgomery–her husband Mark and daughter Magnolia,  and countless other family members and beloved friends, including our Nashville 2014 cast–still fresh in their grief over the sudden loss of J’Laine Vest in February.

From Joanna’s husband Mark Montgomery:

1. Please, no flowers / plants / whatever’s – give that money to someone in need…

2. If you are so inclined to want to honor Joanna, you can donate to the Magnolia Foundation, who’s mission it will be to fund early stage “below the belt” cancer research.

Magnolia Foundation
C/o Rashford Kruse
PO Box 121228
Nashville TN 37212

These gifts will be tax deductible.

Although cancer took Joanna from this life far too soon, she read her poignant essay “Right on Time” in our 2014 Nashville show, sharing how cancer actually gave both her and her daughter life as well.

In our Chicago show this past May, Stephanie Kush read about her mom–who was born in a forced labor camp post WWII and grew up in the ghetto–as she faced cancer. Stephanie reflects on the lessons and strength she learned from her mom–an amazing role model–and the video was posted in loving memory of Maria Eva Dikkeboom who passed three days after returning home from her Disney dream vacation on July 1st, 2015.

Nicole Smith and her husband recently observed the 1 year commemoration of their daughter Olive’s birth and subsequent death with a social media tribute “Olives Branches Day” #olivesbranches. Nicole invited people to share photos of themselves and their families spending time together in honor of her daughter, and the result was a shower of love and kindness. Nicole read “Cherish Every Moment” about her family’s journey with Olive–and her determination to bring meaning to her daughter’s life and death– in our Milwaukee 2015 show.

Listen To Your Mother sends comfort, strength, and our deepest condolences to the loved ones of Joanna, Maria, and Olive. To all suffering in grief over their deaths–we hold you in our hearts, and celebrate their lives.

alexandra August 2, 2015 at 3:47 pm

Listen To Your Mother. No words for it, at a time like this, only the deep gratitude of having this LTYM community in my life. So much love to all here. MKE remembers hearing Olive’s mother, Nicole, at auditions. We were all moved and unable to speak, all we could ask, was to know her name so we could speak it. Nicole answered, with strength and a fierce pride in her voice, “Olive.” On that day, the love for Olive grew by three hearts.

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