Words Build Community at The Open Mic #BlogHer15

by Ann on July 21, 2015

BlogHer’s annual Voices Of The Year (#VOTY) planted the first seeds that grew into LTYM. Whereas #VOTY requires a submission process in advance of the conference, SheKnows #BlogHer15 collaborated with LTYM to allow for our Open Mic “walk in the door, throw your name in the hat” opportunity to claim five minutes in the spotlight–your words, out loud, in front of an audience of fellow bloggers.

Rochelle Dukes Fritsch reads at the #BlogHer15 LTYM Open Mic

Rochelle Dukes Fritsch reads at the #BlogHer15 LTYM Open Mic, while Bridget Foley and Lea Grover wait on deck

The event requires so little due to its simplicity: a podium, a microphone, a laptop and projector, some tables and chairs for the audience, and a few friendly faces to keep the event flowing (Thank you Taya, Angela, & Rochelle!) Yet, the impact on reader and listener can prove a profound one.


Official #BlogHer15 Open Mic photo

Official #BlogHer15 Open Mic photo

Thank you to all of the folks who put their name in, and stood ready to share their words with us, while serving as warm and engaged audience members. Telling our stories in front of an audience validates our existence–as they literally hear us, see us, and reflect back to us.  Our souls commune in that shared space through contemplation, commiseration, and–my personal favorite– cackling.

Congratulations again to all of our readers–many of whom had never before read their work aloud! While those of you not in attendance won’t get the full effect of hearing some heartfelt and hilarious words straight from the mouths of the bloggers who wrote them, you can read them by clicking the links below:

Leigh Ann Torres @latorres “Anxiety Mom Rears Ugly Head, Drinks All the Coffee”

Pamela Lebedda “Two Years Ago – Yesterday”

Jenny Kanevsky @jennykanevsky “Did I Just Get Old?”

Jenny Sprague @xfoodallrgyhelp “I Am Not Strong”

Jenna @afostermoms “90s Hip-Hop: You Are Appreciated”

Jennie Baird @JennieBaird “Call Waiting” (Foreword from her memoir)

Tiffany Taylor @cofffenlove “Truly Gifted”

Phyllis Myung @phyllismyung “My Grandmother’s Jars”

Amy Arndt @theamysituation “Nursing the Sleepover Hangover”

Zo @schoolofshine “SOS”

Marian Rivman @MarianRivman “Milestone Birthdays”

Stacy Gill @OneFunnyMotha “Crack is Whack: An Ode to Mom Jeans”

Rochelle Fritsch @GeesMom “You’re Black, He’s White. Stop Caring and Move Forward.”

Lea Grover @bcmgsupermommy “Poor Little Rapist: Josh Duggar Edition”

Bridget Foley @wonderfoley “I am Not Supposed to be Alone. I am One of a Pair.”

Adrianna Dufay @proledufay “The Real Trick is to Ask a Friend For Help”

Finally, THANK YOU SHEKNOWS #BLOGHER15 for making room for our voices, for a phenomenal conference, and for your continued support of Listen To Your Mother!!


Rochelle July 21, 2015 at 5:51 pm

Thanks for planting and tending the seeds of LTYM via Open Mic. So glad I could be a part of it.

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