Welcome Back, National Advertiser Luvs! Supporter of LTYM and Creative Women Online!

by Ann on April 23, 2015


Listen To Your Mother welcomes back National Advertiser Luvs!! Caregivers and parents already love Luvs for their high-quality low cost diaper, and even if you don’t have babies rolling around in your life, you will love Luvs for their clever, true, and hilarious First kid/Second kids ads.



What you might not know and love about Luvs is that they collaborate with funny women, specifically humor/parenting bloggers. Luvs first partnered with me and a team of humor bloggers in 2012, when they handed us the keys to their marketing. We created and spearheaded an entire campaign; writing content for First Kid/Second Kid, creating video, launching social media campaigns, even serving as influencers for Luvs’ sponsorship of ABC’s Bet On Your Baby. Now, Luvs has officially named our team of content creators Luvs Motherboard as they continue to invest in creative online women, and show their loyal support of Listen To Your Mother.

Thank you, Luvs, for making our lives easier and more affordable with your products, funnier with your ads, and for valuing our voices and talents!

alexandra April 23, 2015 at 1:14 pm

So grateful for the support of Listen To Your Mother sponsors. THANK YOU.

Jennifer April 24, 2015 at 9:57 am

So appreciative to have their support!

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