by Ann on April 20, 2015

Words permit one to cross into the life of the other.

–Irvin Yalom

LTYM Atlanta 2015 stage by Miranda Wicker

LTYM Atlanta 2015 stage by Miranda Wicker

For months and months (and months) 100 creative visionaries across the country have worked tirelessly in preparation for the upcoming two weeks, when they will host their own LTYM Show. Thanks to the internet, our words and lives intersect online. Emails, blogging, social media, webinars–all of the technology–enables us to collaborate and deliver LTYM show to you and your real life community in time for Mother’s Day.

Many of us–directors/producers, cast members, auditioners, and audience members alike– come to LTYM as a result of words typed from our hearts, as we press publish and connect with other people doing the same. Our words serve as a bridge–an opportunity to cross over into each others lives. We meet at the crossroads of our stories and our journeys intersect. Sometimes we simply pause and listen, receive with “I see you.” We might choose to follow that story for a bit, companion along that journey. Maybe we recognize each other and share a laugh–the kind of laughter so hard that you don’t even make noise at first–your shoulders just shake. Often we leave one another feeling less alone, and more hopeful, validated, and inspired.

LTYM now extends that bridge to you. Please join us at one of 38 shows, and allow words from your neighbors to cross into your life, and feel transported to a stronger sense of community and celebration.

LTYM 2015 Austin Cast

LTYM 2015 Austin Cast


If you live too far away from one of our live-staged shows, you can experience LTYM through the pages of our new anthology, and online this summer when we add 500 new videos to our archive of 1000 stories from past seasons on our LTYMShow YouTube channel.

We thank national sponsors SheKnows Media #BlogHer15 and Luvs, plus hundreds of hyper-local sponsors around the country for supporting LTYM in Giving Motherhood a Microphone from coast to coast, from Texas to Washington State, Utah and Colorado all across the Midwest, down to Arkansas and all along the East Coast from Maine to South Carolina.

Break a leg this weekend Atlanta, Austin, Lehigh Valley, Metro Detroit, Milwaukee, Oklahoma City & Orange County!!

Find ticket information for all our shows here.

Are you an online content creator in the Atlanta area? Join SheKnows Media #BlogHer14 and LTYM for an “Experts Among Us” meet-up this Friday night April 24th! More details and RSVP info here.


Our brand new book Listen To Your Mother: What She Said Then, What We’re Saying Now is earning rave reviews from Cosmopolitan, Elle, Family Circle, Kirkus, Library Journal Publisher’s Weekly, Parenting, Real Simple, and so many more.

Your Mother’s Day shopping? LTYM show tickets and #LTYMBOOK. Done and done!

LTYM Milwaukee production team: Jen Pody Gaskell, Alexandra Rosas, Rochelle Dukes Fritsch

LTYM Milwaukee production team: Jen Pody Gaskell, Alexandra Rosas, Rochelle Dukes Fritsch


alexandra April 20, 2015 at 1:40 pm

Every year, I fall deeper into the commitment to LTYM shows. I feel the intent, the mission, with my entire being. Thank you, to everyone, who brings these shows to life.

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