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LTYM Weekend #2 Is A Hit!

by Stephanie on May 7, 2014

Last weekend, ten more Listen To Your Mother shows graced stages across the country.  BRAVO to CharlestonChicagoDCKansas CityMetro DetroitNYCOklahoma CityPlumas CountySan Francisco, and Southeast Texas!


So… if you’re not a mom and you’re side-eyeing all this “mom” stuff, we wanted to share the reactions from some non-mom friends of NYC cast member Laura Clark:

“It was great! I mean, I would come again next year even if you weren’t in it!”

“I LOVED coming. I did so out of loyalty to you, but enjoyed myself so much that I plan to do it annually. The stories were all so different and all so good.”

And from a male friend (not prone to displays of emotion!) : “I was expecting just some anecdotal tales of motherhood that I wouldn’t relate to. But I really enjoyed it and was moved in unexpected ways. Very impressive. Thanks for letting us know about that.”

Listen To Your Mother is for everyone! Even you. Especially you.

NEXT UP: LTYM: Denver is TONIGHT and then on Thursday we have  Austin,  NW Indiana, Twin Cities, and Raleigh-Durham‘s second show! Saturday begins our finale weekend with shows in North Jersey, Providence, Sacramento, and St. Louis. And Sunday — Mother’s Day! — Boulder, Little Rock, Madison, Portland, and Spokane will bring down the curtain for LTYM 2014!

Tickets are still available! Hope to see you there!

Can’t wait? Listen to more stories giving motherhood a microphone at the Listen To Your Mother show YouTube channel.  Follow along on Instagram and Pinterest for more #LTYM captures as we go to the show.


Tracey May 7, 2014 at 8:47 am

I love how different each cast and background and photography style is! Can’t believe 2014 is almost over!!

Melisa May 7, 2014 at 12:40 pm

These pictures are AMAZING. All of them!

Stephanie May 7, 2014 at 1:37 pm

I’m coming down off the LTYM high and only now beginning to realize how incredibly fortunate I am to have been a part of this. I’m already looking forward to attending next year’s show.

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