First Rehearsal at Blend Baton Rouge

by meghanmatt on March 23, 2015

Photo credit: Natalie S. Miller Photography

Photo credit: Natalie S. Miller Photography

In an afternoon of memories, tears, laughter and new friendships forged, the cast of the first annual production of Listen To Your Mother: Baton Rouge met altogether for the very first time. The setting could not have been more perfect as we gathered downtown right around the corner from where our May 3 production will be held. Blend Baton Rouge is an exquisitely beautiful wine bar that is both hip and tasteful. We nestled into a corner nook, our table lit perfectly by lanterns and the washing of natural light from the huge windows lining the wall.

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We told about ourselves and our families and got to know the people behind the names and Facebook profiles we had been following for weeks. I got to watch backgrounds of all kinds- worlds that may never have otherwise intersected- come together at a table. There were butterflies, but most of all there was joy and it was evident on every face. Before we even really got going there were moments of holding each other up and encouraging each other through hard mama life situations. It was simply beautiful.

Photo credit: Natalie S. Miller Photography

Photo credit: Natalie S. Miller Photography

After some snacking and introductions, we read our pieces out loud in front of each other for the very first time. I had heard everyone in auditions, but no one else had ever heard any other stories cast in the show. And it was the first time they were being read back to back, next to each other in the order they will be told in the show, with emotions building and hearts unloading. Words cannot properly describe the feeling in the room other than… magical. It was magical. I am beyond proud of this show and these women who are in it. I am so proud of their stories, of their courage, of their determination and of the quality of their work.

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These ladies are mothers, step-mothers, daughters, sisters, friends. There are women in the cast who get paid to write and women who don’t even consider themselves writers at all, but instead someone with a story to tell. There are women from all over the country with completely different life experiences, but brought altogether I cannot even describe to you the magnitude and depth of what they share.

You will want to be at this show. You will want to experience this celebration of all facets of motherhood: the good and the gory, the beautiful and the ugly, the victorious and the difficult. You will want to bring all the women you love and laugh and cry together. Seriously, just be there. Tickets are only $20 but the experience will change you forever.

And if you are looking for a cool spot to grab a drink and great food, check out Blend Baton Rouge. They have been so amazing to us in support of this first-year show, and they provide top-notch service and an experience and ambience that is hard to find around here. We are so grateful to them for opening up their beautiful restaurant for us and allowing us to share ourselves with each other. That day will be one I never forget.





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