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Cast Spotlight: Haley Jones

by meghanmatt on April 27, 2017

Haley is our show closer and I can’t imagine a more perfect piece for it. She’s a perfect mixture of southern belle and spunk and I am thrilled to have her and her beautiful piece in the show. Here’s Haley!

unnamed (2)How did you hear about Listen to Your Mother? What made you decide to audition?

I’m not sure exactly how I heard about LTYM. I remember being interested in the show, but never following through on making it to one. Then a friend posted about auditions on the Redstick Mom’s Blog Facebook page and I thought, “why not?” It was a bit nerve wracking because I hadn’t written anything in a long time and wasn’t even sure I had anything to say about motherhood, but I’m trying to make a conscious effort to let go of doubt. To put myself out there. In the end, my decision to audition came down to my desire to get back into writing and I’ve always been a “go big or go home” kind of girl.

What is your dream vacation?

Probably a world tour. Like, around the world in 80 days (or 84 to make it even) kind of trip. Right now, with an almost 3 year old and an almost 1 year old, this dream also includes Mary Poppins and the ability to teleport.

What’s your favorite type of pizza?

New York style with a thin, chewy crust, red sauce, with fresh mozzarella, spinach, fresh tomatoes, pepperoni and drizzles of pesto. Preferably eaten alfresco on a balmy Spring night with a glass of dry rose. 

What is something you always tell your kids?

Newton’s third law: Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Kidding. But I do tell my boys that actions have consequences. I think it’s important for them to know that everything they do in life doesn’t happen in a vacuum. I don’t want them to be afraid to try things, to take risks, but I also want them to be aware that what they do means something and consequences should be weighed i.e. is pushing your brother really worth the inevitable loss of Paw Patrol?

unnamed (3)What is the one lesson you want your kids to learn if nothing else?

Be kind. I feel kindness encompasses a lot of other traits such as empathy, compassion, tolerance, which are so important, now more than ever. We live in such a seemingly divided and divisive world, I would like my boys to know that you can be strong, intelligent, successful, but if you aren’t also kind you are contributing to the problem and not the solution of this divide.

What is something we’d be surprised to learn about you?

Most people are shocked when I say I identify as an introvert and have a fair amount of social anxiety. That’s because I can be “on” when I need to be and a big part of me loves performing But, I find these things depleting and I need to recharge by being by myself, reading, taking a bath, simply being still.


Isn’t she lovely? We have only ten more days until the show and you are not going to want to miss this grand finale piece of our grand finale show! Get your tickets and find more info now!

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Cast Spotlight: Kim Calhoun

by meghanmatt on April 24, 2017

Kim “Poet Noble” Calhoun is a quiet, but powerful force. Her energy is calming and her spirit is kind. I love her piece so much and I am so glad our worlds have collided. Here’s Kim:

How did you hear about Listen to Your Mother? What made you decide to audition?

My goal this year has been to immerse myself in the literary world and to do as much as I can that pertains to writing. Think Jim Carrey in Yes Man. I’m saying YES to everything because I know writing is one of my God-giving purposes and gifts. So I was at the library one day, perusing the announcements on the bulletin, and I saw auditions for LTYM. I thought it would be a great way to celebrate my mom and to hopefully encourage others—so I auditioned.

unnamed (1)What is one of your long-term life goals that you haven’t yet achieved?

I want to be a bestselling author of a life-changing book. I feel like I will, and everything I’ve achieved thus far is part of the preparation. I’ve learned that greatness requires consistency and preparation. I’ve submitted to this process God has outlined for me, and I trust He will make it happen when it’s time.

What is your dream vacation?

I just want to see the world with my husband. I’ll bring my pens and he can bring his guitar. We travel a lot so the word “vacation” has lost its meaning. We’re just experiencing this beautiful life. I’d absolutely love to go to Jerusalem and walk places where Jesus stepped. I’d love to see remote places in India. I want to see huge redwood trees. For me, a vacation is anywhere and anything outside of normal routine that allows me to experience humanity in a different way.

What was the best piece of advice your mother ever gave you?

It’s what she modeled for me: a relationship with Christ. People have all sorts of things to say about what they think living for Jesus is like. And a lot of it is filled with rules, misconceptions, and negativity. But my mama showed me what living for Him is like, and so she compelled me to search Him out for myself. She gave me the best thing that will outlast my life on this earth. For her living a life for Christ and with joy, I am forever grateful.

Pick a song, television show or movie that could represent your life.

I talk about The Matrix all the time like it just came out in theaters or something. I wrote a poem around the theme recently. The things is…I observe the activity of humans often, and the things we engross ourselves with that we deem important. Those things control us, and people are controlled by so many manmade systems. They are so deeply embedded in our foundation that we have no idea how it influences our decisions and daily life. It can be as simple as “I have to buy 10 gifts for Christmas.” I’ve never felt obligated to buy anything for anyone for Christmas. But people stress about things that do not matter. It’s crazy. I refuse to submit myself to manmade constructs, the media, policies, governments, religions, and systems that make me forget what I was put on this earth to do. My first submission is to Christ Jesus. Everything else gets in where it fits into my life. And if it can’t fit, oh well. I believe everyone who refuses to adhere to certain systems will help these flawed systems crash. Just like Neo did. And Morpheus. Humans love to control others, but the relationship Jesus set up for humans is perfect already. That’s what I seek.

What is something we would be surprised to learn about you?

I think it’s interesting what people know and don’t know about me. Some people know me as Kim the playwright for some of the productions I wrote and directed in the past. Some know me as Kim the storytelling for some of the fictional pieces I’ve created. Some know me as Kim the photographer for services I’ve provided to clients. Some know me as Kim the spoken word poet, which is my heart. Poetry is just—I cannot even describe what it does to me and what it means. Some know me as a writing consultant. Some as a Bible Study teacher. Some as a piano player. I wear many hats, and it would be fun if people knew them all. But I realize they don’t have to. I will be whatever or whoever God needs for me to be for each moment and each person. And when the story of my life is stitched together, I hope people see the whole picture of how much God meant to me and that my desire is simply to use every gift for His glory and to help mankind.


Come meet Kim and hear her beautiful piece at The Trademark on Third on May 7. Get your tickets here!

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Cast Spotlight: Holly Rabalais

April 20, 2017

Holly looks way too good to have older kids but if we can get over the jealousy factor I really think  you are going to love her. 😉 Her heart is kind and her words are beautiful. Her piece is one that so many will relate to but will touch you regardless, and after it’s over you will be ready to run up and give her a huge hug. Here’s Holly. How did you hear about Listen to Your Mother? What made you decide to audition? One of my dearest friends messaged me with a link to Meghan’s Facebook post about auditions. “You need to do this” “Hahahahaha!” “I’m not kidding.” “Okay, okay. I’ll go see what it’s about…” The rest is history. When did you start writing? Describe your writing style. I have diaries dating back to my elementary school days, and my mom recently produced what has to be one of […]

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Cast Spotlight: April Blackburn

April 18, 2017

April is a warrior. I have admired her from afar for a long time thanks to the magic of social media. Her strength and her courage and her faith inspire and challenge everyone around her, and she will move you with her beautiful words and mighty mother spirit on May 7. Here’s a peek at April: How did you hear about Listen to Your Mother? What made you decide to audition? I’ve had friends in the production every year since it started. This year, I saw a Facebook post about auditions and thought “Nah, I don’t have a good story to tell.” I saw the post again a week later and changed my mind spur-of- the-moment. I got one of the last spots to audition and wrote my piece only 48 hours in advance. I was also 15 minutes late to my audition. They let me in despite my complete lack of preparation. […]

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Cast Spotlight: Sonya Kimbrell

April 14, 2017

Sonya is a force. She came into auditions, sat down and began reading and took our breath away. Her words are perfectly crafted like a masterpiece, so well-written that you just never want them to end. Her story that she is sharing is a difficult one but even through the tears shed you leave it feeling so thankful to have heard it and experienced her telling it. You will be touched by her on show day, and even today in this poignant sneak peek. Here is Sonya: How did you hear about Listen to Your Mother? What made you decide to audition? I heard about Listen to Your Mother two years ago when I saw Facebook posts about acquaintances who were in the show. I am a writer and the personal essay is my favorite form. When did you start writing? Describe your writing style. I started writing when I was just a […]

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