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LTYM: Baton Rouge Finale Show Wrap-Up

by meghanmatt on May 17, 2017



It’s been ten days since our finale show of Listen To Your Mother: Baton Rouge and the emotions are still swirling. It was a beautiful experience with thirteen absolutely incredible cast members and my friends Whitney and Crystal by my side.



Unlike last year, we got the most magnificent weather and with the floor to ceiling windows at The Trademark on Third, light poured in the room as we rehearsed and prepared for our guests to arrive. Our audience filled the space physically, but their laughter and tears, oohs and ahhs, and warmth and love filled it in even more robust ways.

The stories that we knew were good in auditions and rehearsals turned into powerful moments of healing and transformation. The only word I can use to accurately describe these ninety minutes is “magical”- and it was that and so much more.




We would like to once again thank our local sponsors who made this show possible: Baker Printing, The Brittiny Howard Group, Baton Rouge Moms, Mimosa Handcrafted, Katie Osterly Photography, Fleauxt, Olly Olly, Small Talk Counseling, Childrens Music Studio, Sleepless in Nola, Red Stick Spice, and Painting and Pinot.

And thank you most of all to Whitney Andrus, former cast member, my show assistant and friend. I don’t have enough words for all the ways she helped me, lifted me, and encouraged me over the course of the last three years- and especially this finale season. Sister, I love you.


Through all our shows here in Baton Rouge we have had a total 37 incredible, dynamic, and courageous stories told. And within that time we have also had the pleasure of hearing around 100 stories shared in our audition process, as well. Each story has played a part in fulfilling our true mission of giving Motherhood a microphone… It has been our honor to listen.

Thanks to all who have ever been a part of our family whether through auditions, as a cast member or as a member of the audience. Thank you to Ann Imig, Melisa Wells, Stephanie Precourt, Taya Dunn Johnson and Deb Rox of the national LTYM team; thank you for choosing Baton Rouge (and me) to host this show and for being there for us every step of the way. I can’t explain what these last few years have meant to me, but from the very depths of my heart, thank you to all of you.



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Show Assistant Spotlight: Whitney Andrus

by meghanmatt on May 4, 2017

I don’t even know where to start with this incredible woman who has been a lifeline to me this year as we brought this show to the stage one last time. She has been with me all three years in some capacity and this year she came in the form of an angel. She is kind and generous and compassionate and funny and everything good in life, and I am so happy to introduce you to Whitney.

Andrus Family Portrait JOP_7948.CR2 2016 © Jenn Ocken Photography www.JennOckenPhotography.com

How did you hear about LTYM?
I saw an audition poster 2 years ago and was chosen to tell my story. At that point LTYM was stuck with me.

When did you start writing? Describe your writing style.
We had to keep a journal in grade school. I wrote about my bird singing, “Hound Dog.” My writing style is full of comma splices, misused ellipsis, and over all grammatically correct.

What’s your mommy super power?
I don’t have any and I have been searching the black market for some for a while now.

big birdWhat is one lesson you want your kids to learn if nothing else?
Follow the passions laid on your heart by God. Follow your Faith.

If you had to describe motherhood in three words..
You’re NEVER prepared.

What is something that you always tell your kids?
Pretend I said something super inspiring!

Usually the response is an eye roll.


Though you won’t hear from Whitney this year you will greatly enjoy the hard work she had poured into this production. Learn more about all our readers here and go grab your tickets here! It won’t be the same without you.

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Cast Spotlight: Haley Jones

April 27, 2017

Haley is our show closer and I can’t imagine a more perfect piece for it. She’s a perfect mixture of southern belle and spunk and I am thrilled to have her and her beautiful piece in the show. Here’s Haley! How did you hear about Listen to Your Mother? What made you decide to audition? I’m not sure exactly how I heard about LTYM. I remember being interested in the show, but never following through on making it to one. Then a friend posted about auditions on the Redstick Mom’s Blog Facebook page and I thought, “why not?” It was a bit nerve wracking because I hadn’t written anything in a long time and wasn’t even sure I had anything to say about motherhood, but I’m trying to make a conscious effort to let go of doubt. To put myself out there. In the end, my decision to audition came down to my […]

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Cast Spotlight: Kim Calhoun

April 24, 2017

Kim “Poet Noble” Calhoun is a quiet, but powerful force. Her energy is calming and her spirit is kind. I love her piece so much and I am so glad our worlds have collided. Here’s Kim: How did you hear about Listen to Your Mother? What made you decide to audition? My goal this year has been to immerse myself in the literary world and to do as much as I can that pertains to writing. Think Jim Carrey in Yes Man. I’m saying YES to everything because I know writing is one of my God-giving purposes and gifts. So I was at the library one day, perusing the announcements on the bulletin, and I saw auditions for LTYM. I thought it would be a great way to celebrate my mom and to hopefully encourage others—so I auditioned. What is one of your long-term life goals that you haven’t yet achieved? I want […]

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Cast Spotlight: Holly Rabalais

April 20, 2017

Holly looks way too good to have older kids but if we can get over the jealousy factor I really think  you are going to love her. 😉 Her heart is kind and her words are beautiful. Her piece is one that so many will relate to but will touch you regardless, and after it’s over you will be ready to run up and give her a huge hug. Here’s Holly. How did you hear about Listen to Your Mother? What made you decide to audition? One of my dearest friends messaged me with a link to Meghan’s Facebook post about auditions. “You need to do this” “Hahahahaha!” “I’m not kidding.” “Okay, okay. I’ll go see what it’s about…” The rest is history. When did you start writing? Describe your writing style. I have diaries dating back to my elementary school days, and my mom recently produced what has to be one of […]

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