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Baltimore, We Have a New Cast!

February 15, 2017

The audition process is one of the most sacred parts of the Listen To Your Mother show experience. Strangers grab their pens or computers and willingly decide to share their hearts with us. The arrival of each stranger to our audition space is full of positive, yet anxious energy. And when they leave, we all know that we are strangers no more. Deciding which stories will form our show is always a difficult task because joy for one person certainly means heartbreak for another. We sincerely thank all who gave us a tiny piece of their heart here in Baltimore and we are excited to share the 12 whom we have selected for our 2017 cast.   Rennett Bennett-Burden Heather Christie Kelly Claire Montia Denee‘ Cynthia Dixon Tuere T. S. Ganges Jessica Gregg Nasrene Mirjafary Roshni Rao Tasha Rose Marsha Wight Wise Katie Young Finally! We’ve been so anxious to share the news!!!  […]

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Baltimore, It’s Audition Time!!

January 3, 2017

Baltimore, Please Tell Us Your Story! We want to hear YOUR voice!  Yes, YOU!! Afraid you have nothing to say?  We don’t believe you!! Worried that no one cares?   We do!! Nervous to get on stage?  We’ll help you!! We are so very excited to bring “Listen to Your Mother” back to Baltimore for a 4th and final season!  We can’t wait to hear everything that you have to say.  And don’t forget, if you’re not near Baltimore, there are 31 other shows across the US and there’s even one in Canada.  Click here to find one closer to you. If you’ve been thinking about auditioning in the past but changed your mind, or maybe the dates didn’t work out, or maybe you didn’t quite have the courage, NOW IS THE TIME. This is IT Baltimore. This is the grand finale season for the entire national project and WE WANT YOU to […]

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Baltimore – We’re Coming Back for a 4th and Final Season!!

October 7, 2016

Aaaaaaaannnnnnnnndddddd, we’re back!!! AGAIN!! Hey Baltimore!! It’s time for the 2017 season of Listen To Your Mother. Arlene and I are excited to announce that we will be bringing the Listen To Your Mother show back to Baltimore for a 4th and final season!!  After a remarkable 7 year run, 2017 will be the 8th year of the show and it will mark the grand finale season for the national project. CLICK HERE to view this amazing video with a montage of shows from around North America!   This project has changed our lives and we are forever grateful for the amazing folks in and around Baltimore who have come to share their stories and hearts with us! These brave souls ushered us in for our inaugral 2014 show And these ladies kept it going for our 2015 show The 2016 cast kept the love flowing We know that our 2017 show will […]

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The 2016 Videos Are Live!!

July 14, 2016

The culmination of many months of hard work is here and it’s always a great feeling. THE 2016 ‪#‎LTYM‬ VIDEOS ARE LIVE! There are stories from across the country, including our 3rd annual show here in Baltimore. We are so very proud of the show that we produced and the new “family” that we have gained again this year. When you have some time, please check out our show or one of the other 40 shows that took place across the US and Canada. Remember the humanity and love that unites us, especially as you watch videos from people who don’t look like you, who don’t sound like you and who have life experiences they NEED to you hear. We are forever grateful for the wonderful women who chose to share their stories with us and with the world. You can watch the 2016 Baltimore show HERE After that, we invite you to […]

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That’s a Wrap Baltimore!

May 26, 2016

Our 2016 Listen To Your Mother Baltimore show wrapped on Saturday, April 23, 2016 and I still don’t have the words to express exactly what that means.  I’ve been stalling on writing this wrap-up post because it meant that I would actually have to acknowledge that this season is over.  **insert sad face**   Arlene and I believe in this project with all heart and soul. In 2014 for our inaugural season, we were terrified that no-one would audition.  They did!  We were nervous that no-one would attend. We almost sold old!  Oh those stories!!  The cast from 2014 will always be our first “babies”.  Then for 2015, we prayed that we wouldn’t have the “sophomore jinx”.  Kind of like a one hit wonder?  We weren’t! 2015 was another great show and we popped our collars a little at being able to match 2014.     A third year though? Could we do it […]

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