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by taya on May 26, 2016

After Show Collage

Our 2016 Listen To Your Mother Baltimore show wrapped on Saturday, April 23, 2016 and I still don’t have the words to express exactly what that means.  I’ve been stalling on writing this wrap-up post because it meant that I would actually have to acknowledge that this season is over.  **insert sad face**   Arlene and I believe in this project with all heart and soul.

In 2014 for our inaugural season, we were terrified that no-one would audition.  They did!  We were nervous that no-one would attend. We almost sold old!  Oh those stories!!  The cast from 2014 will always be our first “babies”.  Then for 2015, we prayed that we wouldn’t have the “sophomore jinx”.  Kind of like a one hit wonder?  We weren’t! 2015 was another great show and we popped our collars a little at being able to match 2014.


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A third year though? Could we do it again? And how would be able to love another new set of cast members?  Arlene and I are both mothers to one child, both boys.  I think we finally understand how parents with more than one child feel. LOL! Honestly, I’ve always been stumped because I’m in the one and done crew, but now I get it. You love each one with the same intensity but for different reasons. Ah ha! Lightbulb moment. We hoped, but we were worried that we couldn’t love a new cast the way we loved our first cast of 2014, but then the ladies of 2015 rolled in and our hearts expanded. Totally different experience and dynamic but the same love. Then we feared, geez, a whole new crew and yet here we are with our rock solid love for them.

Thanks to all that attended the show, family, friends, and strangers from near and far!  And a special shout out and thank to my friend, and our amazing founder and National director, Ann Imig.

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Show alumni from 2014 and 2015 came to support and the feelings of love, kinship, family and appreciation are real!

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A few members of this years cast have shared their after show feelings. Man! Their words??? Check them out below. Stay tuned this summer for all of the videos from our show and all the shows across the country.

Michelle Dowell-Vest

Vera Ezimora

Terri Jackson

Sara Farrell Baker

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