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Meet Our Cast: Anne and Heather B.

by taya on March 27, 2015

Who IS Anne?
Project manager for a large corporation by day. Volunteer, social media coordinator, pregnancy loss research and support advocate, writer, tennis player, sometimes yogi, bubblegum chewing supermom by night. Always looking ahead to the next big thing. A proud Delaware girl and Towson grad who loves the beach, good coffee, my family, and laughing. Self-professed connoisseur of very little, curious about a lot. Believer that the heart should always be your guide.
How did you discover LTYM?
A fellow Junior League friend was in the show in Wilmington in 2013. I remember thinking how great it was that she not only had a public outlet for her voice, but had the guts to share out loud. I told myself that when the time was right for me, I’d audition. Writing and reading my story in front of a few strangers was a good exercise. Never did I think that I’d be selected to be part of the cast, and that my audience would go from a few strangers to….well, I can’t even begin to think about that right now!
What is the first memory of your mother?
My mom, a public school teacher, stayed home when my brother Ben and I were young. I remember coming home from preschool, and our house was always cozy. I have this memory of sitting in the kitchen with her, eating soup and listening to classical music, and talking about my day.

What does motherhood mean to you?
Motherhood comes in all shapes and sizes- for example, I became a mother but no one was calling me mom. Motherhood means loving someone unconditionally, with no hesitations or conditions. It also means carrying tissues, Band-aids, and a little baggie of Cheerios in your purse at all times. Motherhood is the most rewarding, most fulfilling, most life changing, and most exhausting adventure I’ve been on yet.
What is one of your favorite things you’ve ever written?
My love of writing goes back to when I first learned to read. I wrote for The News Journal as a columnist in high school, but took a break in college and early adulthood. That break meant that I could still go back to it when I needed it. I love that writing isn’t a job for me, because it’s never forced. My blog is a perfect outlet because I only write when I feel like it, and I write for PALS Magazine, which is a treat to do that monthly. One of my favorite things I’ve written is Don’t Be a Joyce, something I wrote a while ago but seem to wander back to it every now and then to remind myself to enjoy life in every moment.

What do you most wish for your daughter?
Please sleep through the night. When that plea becomes obsolete (hopefully sooner rather than later), I want her to be the best version of herself she can be. I wish that she experiences everything that she wants to and nothing she doesn’t. I wish that she always retains her laid back personality, her megawatt smile, and her ability to make everyone laugh. I wish she never knows pain, and even though that’s impossible, I hope she accepts whatever happens to her with grace and courage.

You can read more on Anne’s blog HERE


Spotlight Pic 2

Who is Heather?

I will keep it short. I’m a crab-loving, Orioles watching, RavensNation member, Old Bay on EVERYTHING Baltimorean. After spending several years in Washington, DC, I returned to Baltimore 2 1/2 years ago. I love watching movies. Thanks goodness for Netflix!! Last, but not least, I’m a huge Florida State fan. Go Noles!!!

How did you discover LTYM?

I discovered Listen to Your Mother Baltimore from the Starbucks on York Road. This wouldn’t be a surprise to close family/friends. I have a bit of a Starbucks addiction; it’s pretty unusual to see me without a coffee cup in hand.

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Tell us 2 fun facts about yourself.

I LOVE kale. I always have–even before it became a ‘thing’. Even as a child, I couldn’t get enough of collard greens, spinach, kale, and cabbage. During holiday meals, I have two plates: one for mac-and-cheese, turkey and sweet potatoes and another to be filled to the max with collard greens.

I’m obsessed with podcasts. My favorites are WTF with Marc Maron, This American Life, Scriptnotes, and Nerdist.

Who is your favorite TV mom?

It’s a tie! I love Claire Huxtable from The Cosby Show and Claire Dunphy from Modern Family.

Spotlight Pic 1

What is the craziest thing you remember your mother saying to you?

“Sometimes you just have to take a ‘don’t give a damn’ pill!”

Actually, this was something that my mother AND grandmother told me. Growing up, I used to be shy and worry (a lot!). Why did kids snicker when I walked by? Why did some of the girls not want to smack my hand at the end of soccer games?

These strong women taught me not to get caught up in the BS. People will be mean, and it is important not to let their crap have any effect on your life.


Heather  doesn’t blog, so we are so very excited to watch her words come alive on stage for LTYM Baltimore.  We will continue to feature cast members from now until the May 9 show.

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Meet Our Cast: Elisabeth and Kim

by taya on March 18, 2015

LTYM: Who IS Elisabeth?

Where do I start? LOL! My mother used to say that the “s” in my name stood for special. I often wonder if I have lived up to that, or if the reason why most people misspell my name is because I have not. *laugh* I am still growing and learning me: still failing in areas where I am weak; still providing inspiration for others in the areas where I am strong. But up until this point in my life I would say that Elisabeth is a lover of life. She believes that despite the challenges you face in life, you need to keep trying to live it to the max. She is remarkable, determined, and tough. She is a daughter, mother, sister, wife, niece, friend, teacher, soror, and colleague. She is creative, tenacious, honest and persistent. Overall she is pretty awesome. Do you think they can fit all that on my tombstone.

Phone1 175

LTYM: How did you discover LTYM?

I discovered LTYM through a Facebook group for Black women that breastfeed! I saw that someone else in the group had tried out and decided to take a chance and do it. I have never done anything like this before and am very excited to participate in such an amazing event.

LTYM: What does motherhood mean to you?

Wow, what a loaded question. Of course motherhood means sacrifice. But it also means becoming the woman you were meant to be. It means giving your best self—even on the days you don’t want to. It is a call to lead by example and to pass on the virtues, values, and ideas that you believe make someone a good person. The reason it is so hard is because we want to do it (motherhood) perfectly. But I think that too, is a lesson. It is about embracing your flaws and failings, and realizing you are perfect in your imperfections. Oh yeah and it is about all that cooking, cleaning, and child rearing too! *laugh*

Phone1 031

LTYM: If you could sit on a bench for an hour and talk to anyone, past or present, who would it be and why?

It would definitely have to be my own mother. She passed away when I was only 20 years old. I have so many questions, thank yous and hugs for her! I need advice! Being a mommy is tough. Being a wife is tougher. I could really use her encouragement, advice, and hallmark cards. Also, I just would want to talk to her about her life and mine. I continually wonder if she’s proud of, or happy with, me and my choices. I miss her every day. It has been harder now that she is not here for my milestones as a woman. Hopefully, I can live up to her legacy of being a superhero. She did more with 4 kids than I have seen ANY mother do with less–and on a teacher’s salary! I need advice!

LTYM: If you are a blogger, what is one of your favorite things you’ve ever written?

Well, I AM a blogger, sort of. I kind of just started so there isn’t that much on there, but feel free to check out on “The 10 Hardest Things about Marriage” I love this piece because it reminds me that although being married is hard work, it is worth it if you love the person and they treat you right. I actually think that being a wife is harder than being a mother.  You can read it HERE.

You can follow Elisabeth on her blog HERE and on twitter HERE.


LTYM: Who IS Kim Fossum?

Kim is a Michigan native, Florida resident, Baltimore City dweller. The middle of three girls. Married to the man of my dreams with our first child on the way. A beach lover who prefers freshwater over the ocean, a sports enthusiast who doesn’t follow the rankings, a faith believer who sometimes has doubts.

Spotlight 3

LTYM: How did you discover LTYM?

I was checking my mailbox one day in our apartment’s lobby and I looked over to see a LTYM poster on the bulletin board announcing auditions for the upcoming show in Baltimore. It caught my eye and attention, so I checked out the organization online, and really liked what it was about. I thought, “Why not?” Being 14 weeks pregnant then, I felt that I was already learning something about motherhood and decided I wanted to try and share my thoughts out loud.

LTYM: Tell us 2 fun facts about yourself.

I was born at home and my parents paid the midwife $200 and a shotgun.

My husband and I met on eHarmony.

Spotlight 2

LTYM: What’s a memory of your parents that has stuck with you?

It was the night of my wedding, and my husband and I were just about to depart the reception and drive away to start our honeymoon. The whole wedding and reception was a whirlwind of memories as everyone says they will be. But I knew in that moment before leaving the reception that I wanted to hug my parents and say “Thank You” and “Goodbye.” I hadn’t seen them in awhile, as we all were mingling and dancing and hugging friends and family we don’t see often. With tears in my eyes, I asked someone to please find my parents; I couldn’t leave without seeing them. It was a moment of feeling like a new bride ready to start a new chapter, but also a moment of feeling so childlike, only wanting mom and dad.

LTYM: What does motherhood mean to you?

Motherhood means something different to everyone. As a mother-to-be for the first time, motherhood might mean something different to me now, than it will the second I lay eyes on my baby. For now, it means a change. It means a taking on of new responsibilities in order to help a human being survive. After that, motherhood means crazy love, dreams, hopes, fears, laughter, and exploring, teaching, disciplining, supporting, listening. In this moment, motherhood means taking my prenatal vitamin, going to pregnancy yoga, and laying hands on my belly as I pray for the little one being formed. Oh, and asking other mothers endless amounts of questions.

Spotlight 1

Kim doesn’t blog, so we are so very excited to watch her words come alive on stage for LTYM Baltimore.  We will continue to feature cast members from now until the May 9 show.

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Announcing Baltimore’s 2015 Cast

March 6, 2015

Whew! We can finally share the news!!! We are so very excited to announce the cast for the 2nd Annual Listen To Your Mother Baltimore show.  We threw our nets far and wide in an effort to hear from those voices that NEED to be heard.  We are honored that so many people choose to open their hearts, take the audition plunge and share their lives with us through their stories.  Narrowing down all the wonderful stories to a cohesive 13 was tough.  We are confident that we’ve assembled a group of 13 women that will not disappoint.  They are the perfect hybrid of those that have a social media presence and those who choose not to have one at all.  Their stories compelled us and we are delighted to introduce our 2015 cast: Heather Belcher Lisa Brown Elisabeth A. Budd-Brown Vicky D’Agostino Kim Fossum Heather Leah Huddleston Laura Ivey Taylor M. King […]

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Welcome Local Sponsor – Jen Snyder Photography

March 2, 2015

Hey everyone!!  We are so excited to officially announce one of our Local Sponsors for the 2015 Listen To Your Mother Baltimore show – the oh so fabulous Jen Snyder!! Jen Snyder was one of the brave souls that auditioned for the 2014 show and she holds a special place in our hearts as a cast member from that first show.  Jen is passionate about helping Moms see the unconditional love their children have for them and uses her talents behind the camera so brilliantly.  In case you missed Jen’s performance in our 2014 show, you can click here to watch it.  Look at these beautiful images:   At the conclusion of the 2014 season, the bond amongst cast and production crew was so very strong.  Many offered assistance with future LTYM endeavors and when we made the call to Jen a few months ago, she did not hesitate for one second to […]

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Why Should You Audition?

February 3, 2015

We could tell you a million reasons why we think you should audition, but instead, I’ll let a few members of the 2014 Baltimore tell you, in their own words. We asked them to describe their experience with the first ever Listen To Your Mother Baltimore show and here’s what they said. Dana said: I auditioned after deciding I had nothing to lose and so much to gain. To add my voice to the voices of so many other amazing women was humbling and empowering. LTYM was an adventure, and certainly one of the most awesome things I have ever done.  You can watch Dana’s video HERE or click her name at the beginning for a cast spotlight from last season. Carla wrote: I learned early on that women, mothers have stories, and as long as we’ve been hearing them, there’s always the one that’s been left untold and stands ready to be […]

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