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Meet Our Cast: Laura and Michelle S.

by taya on April 22, 2015


LTYM: Who IS Laura Ivey?

A wife of 20 years, a mother of three boys, a grad student, and an avid music-lover who watches documentaries and still uses a paper calendar.  She treasures couch-time at home with her husband, boys and dogs as much as she loves adventure.  She decorates cakes, small and large, acts in the occasional community theater production, and makes great guacamole.  A native Tennessean and a brief resident of midtown Manhattan, Laura appreciates all the country and city living that Maryland has had to offer her for the past 15 years.  She believes that praying often and reading a bit of the Bible every day is essential to life.

LTYM: How did you discover LTYM?

My sister-in-law, Kelly Johnson, writes a blog called Grace Notes and she forwarded the information about the audition to me, knowing that I love writing and storytelling.  My East Tennessee family has a large storytelling tradition, which I though was common to all families, but one day I learned to appreciate it and I want to work hard to preserve it.  When I left the audition I thought about how cathartic it felt to share a story with a group of women, and that even if I didn’t make the show, the audition process was rewarding enough!


LTYM: What do you wish most for your children?

I think this changes every day!  Some days I wish for them to be happy, other times for them to be successful, or to be spared from any tragedy.  Sometimes I wish most for them to have a productive and satisfying life.  Sometimes I wish for them to be a person who is capable of giving and receiving kindness and help.  Sometimes I wish for them to have amazing childhood memories.  Ultimately, I wish for them to mature into resilient, content people, regardless of circumstance, and realize how much they are loved.  My boys range in age from 7 to 14, and I already get a little choked up thinking about the fact that one day they will have to be men.

LTYM: Tell us 2 fun facts about yourself.

I have seen almost every glam metal band in concert that you can name from 1986 on.

When I was 16 years old and working for the local radio station in my hometown, I met a political candidate at the airport and interviewed him for my newscast.  He was incredibly gracious and kind and went on to be Vice President.  It was Al Gore.

And, as a bonus fact:  My best friend since the age of 14, Amy Trocchi, and I did an audition tape for The Amazing Race.  I am still a little miffed that we didn’t make it.


LTYM: Who is your favorite TV Mom?

Frankie Heck, from The Middle

Our whole family watches The Middle together every week!


LTYM: Laura doesn’t blog, but we hope she will consider it soon!! She’s a natural, gifted storyteller!!



LTYM: Who IS Michelle D. Smith

I am a non-conformist and appear very mild mannered. I am not! I am kinda bossy and a little crazy, but a lot of fun to be around (most of the time).

LTYM: How did you discover LTYM?

I saw something posted on “Beyond Your Blog”

LTYM: Tell us a few fun facts about yourself.

I love reading and sleeping. In fact, I am very proud to say I am a recreational sleeper (or at least I used to be). Seems as I have gotten older, I now sleep less than ever before and crave it more. 

I have a collection of shells picked up from Scott’s Bay, in Somerset Bermuda. One small jar contains all perfect, small shells that my son and I picked up during the month we spent with my grandpa in 1985.

I have had an online presence since 2004 when I started my first website with my husband called Hurrydates-in-Black. We offered dating events for black singles. Along with that site, I also had several online dating sites. All my dating sites were retired this year. The only site I now have is Your Spiritual Garden in addition to the relationship column on


LTYM: What’s your favorite piece that you’ve written?

One of my favorite pieces from my column is on finding a relationship. You can read it here.

LTYM: Tell us one of your favorite memories

On my 25th birthday, I gifted my mom, Godmom (Mama) and my grandma (Nana) with roses. I just wanted to thank them for putting up with my shit – little did I know how much more they would need to handle!

You can follow Michelle’s blog here.


We will continue to feature cast members from now until the May 9 show, as well as details about our fabulous charity partner and our local sponsors!

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Meet Our Cast: Heather H. and Lisa

by taya on April 14, 2015

heather yoga

LTYM: Who IS Heather Leah Huddleston?

Heather: I am a creative being, one who believes in the power of story as a vehicle for self-expression. A self-professed heavy metal yogini, I love to move my body and listen deeply to the lessons it has to offer. I am a writer (MFA in Creative Writing), a yoga teacher (RYT-200), and a Nia white belt instructor. People have told me I’m a tree-hugger and modern-day hippie, and I am deeply inspired by all beings in the natural world—we can learn a lot from others if we only listen. People have also called me naive and a freak, and because I feel things deeply and see the world in a different way than most, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Daily, I am a lover—of my fiancé and family, of my friends and community, of all of my passions, and of life.

LTYM: How did you discover LTYM?

Heather: After I graduated from the Nia white belt intensive training at the end of January, one of my fellow white belts came to a Nia class where we danced together. Afterward, she handed me a Listen to Your Mother audition flyer. She said, “You write. I thought you’d like this.” And that was it. It spoke to me and resonated deeply, so I sat down and wrote my audition piece in a week-and-a-half. It started as six single-spaced pages (apparently, I had a lot to say!), and it was a challenge to get it down to the seven-minute mark. But it helped me hone in on what was most important to say. I’m so grateful my friend thought of me!

pierre and heather go o's

LTYM: What is one of your favorite things you’ve ever written?

Heather: As a writer, there are many pieces and projects I’ve worked on, and they all hold a special space within me. One of the most unique projects I worked on was exploring the spirituality in heavy metal music. People were always surprised when they found out I loved heavy metal; oftentimes people said, “Oh, that’s about something dark within you.” But the music I listen to is all light; it saved my life many times. So I wanted to bridge the gap and show the beauty of the music. I got to interview bands from all over the world—the UK, Israel, Brazil, Netherlands, and the US. I featured one band a month and then wrote a “memoir through the music” piece for each band. You can read pieces on my former blog From that project, I developed friendships, I did a unique album with one of my favorite bands, and it was an overall powerful experience. Another favorite was when Matthew Quick (author of The Silver Linings Playbook) and his wife Alicia Bessette asked me to write a piece for their blog Quest for Kindness. They are dear friends and I believed in their message of spreading kindness, so I was so honored to be a part of it. The piece was picked up by Reader’s Digest and published in their August 2014 issue. You can read that essay here.

LTYM: When did you first start thinking about your parents as individual people and not just “mom and dad”?

Heather: The first (and only) time I saw my father cry was when I was around six years old. I walked out of my room one morning and my dad was standing behind my mother. He had a red robe on and, in my mind, his hand rested gently on my mother’s shoulder. I can’t remember her at all, if she was crying, if she was calm. But I remember the fear I felt from my father’s tears. My parents had decided to split up. Shortly after that morning, we visited my mother while she was in the hospital. My father said she “needed a rest,” but I knew something was different, something was somehow wrong. I remember I got a milk from the cafeteria that was spoiled and I threw up in the trashcan after I drank it, before I saw my mother. I’m still not sure exactly what her “diagnosis” was, but I felt what my parents were feeling—the sadness, loss, fear, confusion—before I ever understood exactly what was happening. And I knew all of it was important. Through my parents’ experiences and their everyday humanness, they taught me to pay attention.

heather and matt at ppusa

LTYM: What does motherhood mean to you?

Heather: I went to a psychic reader for a job once and she told me that I’ve been a mother to the whole world, and if I took off in this lifetime, it would be a well-deserved break! I am not a mother in the fact that I don’t have children of my own. My fiancé has a 16-year-old boy, and I’ve been in his life for two years, but I don’t consider our relationship as a “mother-son” role. We are getting to know and love each other, and that is a beautiful thing. I do love kids, and they tend to flock to me, but I believe one doesn’t have to be a biological mother to offer love and nurturance—and an unconditional shoulder to lean on. I’ve seen how my fiancé has raised his boy (his wife passed away over 11 years ago), and he is both mother and father to him. If one offers love, then one offers mothering. I did spend the majority of my childhood raising both myself and my own mother, and I’ve really had to learn about the necessity of self-care. I think it is really important that every mother love themselves as much as they do their kids. Then, they’ll be able to love everyone better and more deeply.

You can read more from Heather on her blog HERE.


View More: Who is Lisa Brown?

Lisa: I am God’s beloved. I fear him, love him and try to live a life that would make him smile. I love to laugh and am that girl who always finds the humor in the little things in life. No matter how hard things are, I will always be the one who’ll smile and say it’s going to be ok. I’m the classic introvert and gain most of my energy from moments when I’m alone free to think and recharge. I am a daydreamer and enjoy writing realistic poetry (most of which has been requested to be read at funerals of loved ones). I’m also that mom who doesn’t mind throwing caution to the wind and enjoying a shopping splurge, candy filled day with my daughters at the spa.

LTYM: How did you discover LTYM?

Lisa: My friend Chalise Latimer posted the LTYM information on Facebook and I thought it immediately peaked my interest so I signed up for the audition. Anyone who knows Chalise knows that she loves the road less traveled and I, being a fellow solo traveler, tend to draw to some of the same interests. I appreciate her posting LTYM as I would never have ventured to try something like this. I had made an earlier personal decision that 2015 would be the year that I seek new journeys and this is my first endeavor.

LTYM: When did you first know that your family wasn’t quite like other families?

Lisa: I immediately knew that my family was different as soon as I tragically lost my dad, father and sister. It didn’t happen at once, but instead was a slow unraveling where every so many years one of them would suffer a seemingly minor illness that would inevitably end with their untimely passing. My family has always been close knit so with each year’s loss and empty place setting at our table it became a noticeable hole in our core unit. My husband has helped me to bridge my loss by developing a new tradition of blending our families together at holidays and special times.


LTYM: What is the craziest thing you remember saying to your children?

Lisa: “I don’t know why the tooth fairy forgot your tooth two nights in a row and left a tooth crumble on your desk. Maybe she tripped on the toys on the floor. That’s why it’s always best to clean up your room especially after you lose a tooth!”

LTYM: What do you wish most for your children?

Lisa: I pray that my two daughters grow up to love God and choose a life that’s pleasing to him. I want them to be strong girls with wisdom who stand up for something that they’re passionate about and are willing to take a challenge. I also want them to live each day knowing that they are beautiful in God’s eyes and are a daily reflection of their parent’s love.


Lisa doesn’t blog, so we are so very excited to watch her words come alive on stage for LTYM Baltimore.  We will continue to feature cast members from now until the May 9 show.

Have you purchased your tickets yet?? Click HERE and handle that today!  We’ve created group discounts for 5 and 10, so make it a group outing.  You’ll be so happy that you did!

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Meet Our Cast: Katie and Michelle

March 31, 2015

Who IS Katie McLaughlin? Like most women, I’m a gal who wears many hats—usually several within a single day (or hour!). I’m a freelance journalist, grant writer, and blogger who loves the variety those different writing mediums offer. I’m also a dedicated daughter, committed wife, and (on the good days) devoted mama to a very energetic toddler and another baby on the way.  I love NPR, any and all baked goods, and crossing items off my to-do list; I hate grapefruit, slow internet connections, and cleaning.  These days I reside in my hometown of York, Pennsylvania, but look back fondly on the years I called Baltimore City home. How did you discover LTYM? I first heard about LTYM when I attended the BlogU blogging conference in Baltimore last summer. While there I connected with former cast member Dana Hemelt, who encouraged me to audition this year. Thanks for the push, Dana! Who is […]

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Meet Our Cast: Anne and Heather B.

March 27, 2015

Who IS Anne? Project manager for a large corporation by day. Volunteer, social media coordinator, pregnancy loss research and support advocate, writer, tennis player, sometimes yogi, bubblegum chewing supermom by night. Always looking ahead to the next big thing. A proud Delaware girl and Towson grad who loves the beach, good coffee, my family, and laughing. Self-professed connoisseur of very little, curious about a lot. Believer that the heart should always be your guide. How did you discover LTYM? A fellow Junior League friend was in the show in Wilmington in 2013. I remember thinking how great it was that she not only had a public outlet for her voice, but had the guts to share out loud. I told myself that when the time was right for me, I’d audition. Writing and reading my story in front of a few strangers was a good exercise. Never did I think that I’d be […]

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Meet Our Cast: Elisabeth and Kim

March 18, 2015

LTYM: Who IS Elisabeth? Where do I start? LOL! My mother used to say that the “s” in my name stood for special. I often wonder if I have lived up to that, or if the reason why most people misspell my name is because I have not. *laugh* I am still growing and learning me: still failing in areas where I am weak; still providing inspiration for others in the areas where I am strong. But up until this point in my life I would say that Elisabeth is a lover of life. She believes that despite the challenges you face in life, you need to keep trying to live it to the max. She is remarkable, determined, and tough. She is a daughter, mother, sister, wife, niece, friend, teacher, soror, and colleague. She is creative, tenacious, honest and persistent. Overall she is pretty awesome. Do you think they can fit all […]

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