Aaaaaaaannnnnnnnndddddd, we’re back!!! AGAIN!! Hey there everyone!!! We are super excited to celebrate the 2016 season of Listen To Your Mother!! It’s our biggest season ever. Check out this story on the national page HERE. Clicking HERE will take you to a fabulous video that encompasses the essence of LTYM. I can’t lie – we cried when we watched it. We will be in 41 cities this season, so I encourage you to find the closest city to you.  Auditioning and telling your story may be in your future, but if not, I promise you that you won’t be disappointed by attending a local show.

Arlene and I are excited to announce that we will be bringing the Listen To Your Mother show back to Baltimore for a 3rd season!!
**cue the cheering and applause** This project has changed our lives and we are forever grateful for the amazing folks in and around Baltimore who have come to share their stories and hearts with us!

These brave souls ushered us in for our inaugral 2014 show

Cast Pic On Stage

And these ladies kept it going for our 2015 show


We know that our 2016 show will continue the tradition of great storytelling that we’ve brought to Baltimore for the last 2 years.
We’ve made a comfy home for ourselves at the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Auditorium, on the campus of Mercy High School and we’ll be returning there for the 2016.
Mark your calendars now! The 2016 show will be


Saturday, April 23, 2016
Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Auditorium
on the campus of Mercy High School
1300 E. Northern Parkway

In the coming weeks, we will share details about auditions, ticket sales, the well deserving charity that we will be supporting with a portion of the show proceeds and more, so settle in and enjoy the ride!! In the meantime, you can follow LTYM on Twitter and Facebook!

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The 2015 Listen To Your Mother Videos Are Live!

by Stephanie on July 20, 2015


The 2015 Listen To Your Mother Show Videos Are Live!

Just a couple months ago Listen To Your Mother gave motherhood a microphone in 39 citiesover 450 stories shared in 2015. 

Watch LTYM: Baltimore 2015 below!

WATCH AND LISTEN to LTYM 2015 on the Listen To Your Mother YouTube Channel or click on a playlist below:

Albuquerque • Anderson • Atlanta • Austin • Baltimore • Bangor • Baton Rouge • Boston • Boulder • Charleston • Chicago • DC • Evansville • Indianapolis • Lehigh ValleyLittle Rock • Madison • Metro Detroit • Milwaukee • Nashville • North Jersey •Northern Utah • NW Indiana • Oklahoma City • Orange County • PittsburghPlumas County • Portland • Providence • Raleigh-Durham • Rochester • San Francisco • Seattle •Southeast Texas • Southwest Michigan • Spokane • St. Louis • Twin Cities

SO MANY THANKS go out to all our many, many amazing Local Sponsors and to our National Sponsors Luvs, and SheKnows Media #BlogHer15!!

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Our 2015 Listen To Your Mother Baltimore show wrapped on Saturday, May 9, 2015 and I still don’t have the words to express exactly what that means.  I believe in this project with all my heart and soul. In 2014 for our inaugral season, we were terrified that no-one would audition.  They did!  We were nervous that no-one would attend. We almost sold old!  Oh those stories!!  The cast from 2014 will always be our first “babies”.  This year, we prayed that we wouldn’t have the “sophomore jinx”.  Kind of like a one hit wonder? The moment we began the audition process, we know our fears were ridiculous and that our biggest challenge this year would be narrowing the cast to 13.  The 13 women who bravely wrote, auditioned, rehearsed, and told their authentic stories on Saturday, have carved out a permanent place in our hearts.  We had wondered aloud if we’d be […]

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  In addition to supporting creative expression, Listen To Your Mother’s mission includes supporting women and families financially through contributions to local non-profit causes. The 2014 Baltimore production team donated $1164 to the House of Ruth Maryland! This year, we’ve chose My Sister’s Circle as our charitable partner.  Founded in 2000 by Heather Harvison, My Sister’s Circle is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization for girls and young women based in Baltimore, MD.  Through long-term mentoring relationships, My Sister’s Circle exposes at-risk girls to opportunities and experiences that empower them to define success for themselves, make intentional decisions about their future, and become self-sufficient young women.  My Sister’s Circle welcomes students in the sixth grade after-school program and then pairs rising seventh graders with a one-to-one mentor who serves as a consistent presence throughout her middle and high school years and beyond. Each student has a story of transformation, a story to be told. Here are […]

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LTYM: Who IS Vicky? Friends, family and random strangers often call me Miss Vicky (even before moving to Baltimore) which suits me perfectly well as a wanna-be southern woman. I’m a fun-loving, redhead curly girl inclined to cussing on occasion, and deeply in love with my family that profess I’m the heart of our little clan. I’ll take it! I love to write and tell real-life stories. I’m in my second act as a blogger, aim to be a published author, am an aspiring inspirational speaker and want to deliver a killer TED talk one day. Things I  cannot live without—my family, my dog Miles, kitty Calvin, Starbucks, Ouidad hair products, needlework, books, gardens, my iPad and cinema-therapy. LTYM: How did you discover LTYM? I was happily stirring my grande Pike’s brew at Starbucks one February afternoon when I spotted the 2015 audition poster at the fixings bar. I knew right then and […]

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