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April 19, 2017

As a locally-produced event, it’s truly the Listen to Your Mother Austin local sponsors that make our show possible. We’re thrilled to announce Maudie’s Tex-Mex as a sponsor of this year’s Listen to Your Mother – Austin “Grand Finale” show. Maudie’s Café, originally owned by Maudie Wilson Hamilton, has been a tradition in Austin since the early 50’s, serving delicious food that faithful customers are happily willing to wait in line for. (*Read all the way to the end to see how you can skip the lines!) In 1992, fate brought Maudie and Joe Draker together, as he had recently moved back to Austin and met Maudie while inquiring about renting the house next door to hers. As luck would have it, as he was leaving, Maudie’s daughter, Bennie shouted, “Hey, you wouldn’t wanna buy a cafe, would ya?” And that’s how Joe Draker came to be the owner of Maudie’s Cafe on […]

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Buy Tickets to Listen to Your Mother Austin and Enter to Win a Prize Package from Terra Toys

April 4, 2017

Attending a Listen to Your Mother Show and hearing all of the amazing stories is really a gift in itself, but we also have an opportunity for you to win a ‘gift’ when you buy your tickets to the April 29th, Listen to Your Mother – Austin show. It’s easy! After you buy your Listen to Your Mother – Austin tickets, click the Rafflecopter entry link below to enter your Eventbrite order number for your ticket (if there are multiple tickets on the same order just put your first name after the number.)  You can earn more entries into the contest by posting a tweet about the event.  We’ve also included handy links to visit our Facebook Pages, not mandatory, but we would love to have you come say hi! We’re only accepting entries through April 13th, so don’t wait to buy those tickets!  If you’ve already bought your tickets, of course you […]

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Listen To Your Mother Austin 2017 Cast Announcement!

March 9, 2017

After hearing 40 gorgeous stories during audition weekend, we had some very big decisions to make. Every year, it’s our honor to hear such personal, intimate stories about motherhood. Now we are a little more than two weeks before our first rehearsal together as a cohesive group; our Listen To Your Mother Austin mixtape will be ready on April 29, 2017, at 3 PM. Drumroll, please… Here they are, friends: the 2017 Austin cast!  You can see their photos and bios here. Sherry Carr-Smith Jessica Choi Kristin Finan Laura Hume Kelli Kelley Kathy McClelland Lindsay Pease Laurie Pharr Amy Stine Jenna Valentine Mahani Zubedy Wendi Aarons Go see all of their photos & bios here. (Side note: Wendi was one of Austin’s original producers, 7 years ago, and we are honored to have her on stage with us for the final local show!) CLICK HERE for tickets. Go now! This show is going […]

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Listen To Your Mother Austin 2017 Now Open for Submissions!

January 2, 2017

AUSTIN! We’re ready for your stories. We know that you’re still recovering from the holiday season and making your resolutions. Here’s one for your resolution list: submit your story! Susanne and I are ready to begin the process for the SEVENTH ANNUAL Listen To Your Mother in Austin! Today is the day we start taking submissions and start reading your stories. What story? Maybe it’s the one in your head right now. Maybe it’s a story of being a mom, not being a mom, having a mom, losing a mom, finding a mom, or becoming a mom or a parent–the true story that only you can tell. The main theme of your piece must have something to do with motherhood, but you do not have to be a mother (or a professional writer!) to submit an essay. If you have submitted and/or auditioned before, PLEASE don’t give up. Some of our cast members have tried […]

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What’s Your Story of Motherhood?

December 9, 2016

We’re already busy planning for the final Listen to Your Mother – Austin show. The date is set. (April 29, 2017) The venue is reserved. (AT&T Center in Austin) However, there can’t be a show without your wonderful stories, and we’re excited to read them all! Men, women, and children are welcome to submit their stories in in the theme of motherhood. We don’t start taking submissions until January 2, but wanted to give you a head start on thinking about, and writing your story.  We also want to invite you to sign up to receive email updates and reminders about the LTYM Austin show. Simply click here to sign up. If you’re just hearing about Listen to Your Mother for the first time, don’t worry – no experience is necessary and we have lots of great videos of past performances for you to watch for inspiration. Even though Listen to Your Mother […]

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