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by kristin on April 24, 2017

Listen to Your Mother - Austin: Sponsor Spotlight - Special Addition

As a locally-produced event, Listen to Your Mother Austin’s local sponsors are truly key in helping us make our show a success. This year Special Addition Maternity and Nursing Boutique is joining us for the fourth year in a row as a local sponsor.  Special Addition is a true local business, run by husband and wife team Herb and Mur Anne Lawson and we’re thrilled to have them as part of the Listen to Your Mother show in our final year.

Special Addition opened in 1994, and has become Austin’s go-to shop for maternity, nursing, and baby gear. Their 3,000 square foot space on Burnet Road holds nursery furniture, maternity apparel and gear  and almost any nursing and pumping product you can think of. Several of the store’s employees are trained in childbirth education, experienced in bra fittings, and are Certified Breastfeeding Educators, not to mention warm, welcoming, and extremely helpful. Along with their vast inventory of maternity, nursing, and baby gear, Special Addition also offers a multitude of classes, from breastfeeding to baby sign language.

Since my youngest child is seven years old, it has been a while since I’ve visited a maternity or nursing store, but I can say with certainty that I have never been in a maternity store as impressive as Special Addition.  They truly offer everything you could possibly need for yourself and your baby all the way through your pregnancy and beyond.  Even though I’m past my “maternity” stage, I will certainly will be back again for baby shower gifts, especially since I discovered they carry a huge variety of my favorite Zutano booties, plus they’re a drop off location for one of my favorite causes, the Austin Diaper Bank.

Listen to Your Mother - Austin: Sponsor Spotlight - Special Addition
But it’s not just all the amazing products that impressed me, it’s also the expertise of the staff.  While I was at the store taking pictures, I eavesdropped on a phonecall that one of the employees was having with a customer. Although I could only hear one side of the conversation, I knew instantly what it was about: the new mother was experiencing pain during breastfeeding due to thrush. I had dealt with the exact same problem almost twelve years ago and it took me two doctor’s visits to get it diagnosed.  I felt so much sympathy for the woman on the other end of the line, but was also happy for her because I knew that thanks to the specific, actionable advice she received from Special Addition, she would be feeling better very soon.

Former Listen to Your Mother Austin Producer, Leigh Ann Torres was one of the many mothers who depended on Special Addition during her pregnancy and while nursing.

“When I became pregnant with my twins, I found that among the other mothers of multiples, Special Addition was the most recommended shop for all things maternity and nursing.  Upon discharge from the hospital after delivering my twins, Special Addition was my first stop, picking up my hospital grade pump rental so I could pump for my girls while they stayed in the NICU. Once the twins came home, we returned to the store for an appointment with one of their knowledgeable lactation consultants, with whom I credit saving my life as far as breastfeeding those girls went.”

Listen to Your Mother - Austin: Sponsor Spotlight - Special Addition

Throughout the years Special Addition has remained a true family-owned and operated business, encouraging and promoting community in the journey of motherhood. We are proud to have them back as a local sponsor for Listen to Your Mother Austin.

Find Special Addition on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or visit their website, or stop into their store!

Special Addition
7301 Burnet Rd
Austin, TX 78757

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