by kristin on April 19, 2017

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As a locally-produced event, it’s truly the Listen to Your Mother Austin local sponsors that make our show possible. We’re thrilled to announce Maudie’s Tex-Mex as a sponsor of this year’s Listen to Your Mother – Austin “Grand Finale” show.

Maudie’s Café, originally owned by Maudie Wilson Hamilton, has been a tradition in Austin since the early 50’s, serving delicious food that faithful customers are happily willing to wait in line for. (*Read all the way to the end to see how you can skip the lines!)

In 1992, fate brought Maudie and Joe Draker together, as he had recently moved back to Austin and met Maudie while inquiring about renting the house next door to hers. As luck would have it, as he was leaving, Maudie’s daughter, Bennie shouted, “Hey, you wouldn’t wanna buy a cafe, would ya?”

And that’s how Joe Draker came to be the owner of Maudie’s Cafe on Lake Austin Blvd, the first of the seven (eight if you include the Maudie’s at the airport, which I most definitely do,) Maudie’s locations in Austin.

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Maudie’s makes waiting at the airport delicious.

Like Joe, I had recently moved to Austin when I discovered Maudie’s. Technically I discovered Maudie’s the same day I moved to Austin as we went to the Maudie’s Hacienda location for dinner our first night in town to get a break from our house full of boxes.

Since that day, Maudie’s Hacienda has become our family ritual on Friday night, so much so that friends know not to make plans with us on Fridays because that’s “Maudie’s Night.”

People who follow my Instagram and Facebook accounts have become very accustomed to my regular margarita & queso shots.

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My devotion runs so deep that we even have Maudie’s decorations on our Christmas tree.

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So you can only imagine how thrilled I was when Maudie’s became one of our local sponsors for the Listen to Your Mother Show in Austin.

The Listen to Your Mother – Austin show runs from 3:00-4:30 on Saturday April 29th. It’s perfect timing to make a day of it with friends by meeting at Maudie’s for lunch before, or for dinner after the show!  Buy your tickets now!

A huge thanks you to Maudie’s and all of our local sponsors who we’ll be featuring here in the week leading up to our show.

Find a Maudie’s near you at Maudies.com.

Twitter: /MaudiesTXMex

Facebook: /MaudiesTexMex

Instagram: /maudiestexmex

*Maudie’s now uses the NoWait app which allows you to keep tabs on wait times and reserve your place in line from your phone. The food is still worth waiting in line for, but thanks to NoWait, now you don’t have to! Download NoWait before you go.

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It’s always Maudie’s o’clock somewhere!


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