Listen To Your Mother Austin 2017 Cast Announcement!

by kristin on March 9, 2017


After hearing 40 gorgeous stories during audition weekend, we had some very big decisions to make. Every year, it’s our honor to hear such personal, intimate stories about motherhood. Now we are a little more than two weeks before our first rehearsal together as a cohesive group; our Listen To Your Mother Austin mixtape will be ready on April 29, 2017, at 3 PM.

Drumroll, please…
Here they are, friends: the 2017 Austin cast!  You can see their photos and bios here.

Sherry Carr-Smith
Jessica Choi
Kristin Finan
Laura Hume
Kelli Kelley
Kathy McClelland
Lindsay Pease
Laurie Pharr
Amy Stine
Jenna Valentine
Mahani Zubedy
Wendi Aarons

Go see all of their photos & bios here.

(Side note: Wendi was one of Austin’s original producers, 7 years ago, and we are honored to have her on stage with us for the final local show!)

CLICK HERE for tickets. Go now! This show is going to sell out.

All the best,

Kristin and Susanne


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