What’s Your Story of Motherhood?

by kristin on December 9, 2016

Listen to Your Mother Austin - What's Your Story of Motherhood

We’re already busy planning for the final Listen to Your Mother – Austin show.

The date is set. (April 29, 2017)

The venue is reserved. (AT&T Center in Austin)

However, there can’t be a show without your wonderful stories, and we’re excited to read them all! Men, women, and children are welcome to submit their stories in in the theme of motherhood.

We don’t start taking submissions until January 2, but wanted to give you a head start on thinking about, and writing your story.  We also want to invite you to sign up to receive email updates and reminders about the LTYM Austin show. Simply click here to sign up.

If you’re just hearing about Listen to Your Mother for the first time, don’t worry – no experience is necessary and we have lots of great videos of past performances for you to watch for inspiration.

Listen to Your Mother Austin - Past Performances

Click here to see the 2016 Austin LTYM Performances.

Even though Listen to Your Mother is about “Giving Motherhood a Microphone,” you do not need to be a mother to tell your story.  Yours could be a story of being a mom, not being a mom, having a mom, losing a mom, finding a mom, being the partner of a mom, or any story that has something to do with motherhood.

Your piece should be 5 minutes when read aloud (2-3 pages.) and don’t worry, you do not need to memorize your piece (whew!)

If you have submitted and/or auditioned before, PLEASE don’t give up. Some of our cast members (including me) have tried out for the third time when it was the perfect fit. You have great stories and we want to read them.

And if you know someone who has a story of motherhood that needs to be told, please share this post with them and encourage them to submit their story.

Remember to sign up for updates specific to the Austin show here AND sign up for the LTYM National monthly newsletter here. (They will each contain different information and each is sent only once a month.)

To submit your story of motherhood, click here between January 2, 2017 and February 2, 2017.

Selected entries will receive invitations to audition by February 18, 2017.

Happy Holidays & we look forward to reading your stories in January!

Kristin & Susanne

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