Meet the 2015 Cast – Round 1

by leighann on April 5, 2015

We introduced the entire 2015 Listen to Your Mother Austin cast list a few weeks ago, and now we’re giving you a chance to get to know our cast members just a little better!

Lane BuckmanLane Buckman is a writer and artist, and the co-owner of Robyn Lane Books.  She is living out her happily ever after in a house filled with sweat socks, Legos, and more loads of laundry than three people should be able to make.  When she isn’t writing, publishing, promoting, or prepping art, she uses her degrees in English Literature and Religion in her day job as a banker.


Lisa CaldwellLisa Caldwell was born and raised in Pittsburgh, but don’t hold that against her. Her first year of college, she met a cute parking lot attendant who whisked her away to the wild west, first to Albuquerque, then to Reno where she cultivated her graphic design career specializing in gaming – the gambling kind, not the kind your kids play, so don’t ask her about Minecraft. Motherhood followed in 2010. Lisa turned to writing shortly thereafter as a way to vent her feelings about parenting and address her many questions such as: “Are they supposed to do that?” “What is wrong with me?” and “When are her real parents coming to get her?”

The Caldwell family relocated to Austin in 2012 where Lisa sought to grow her blog and take over the world. That didn’t happen within the two-week allotted time, so she took a job as an account manager for a branding studio. She is a regular contributor to LiveMom, former contributor to Austin Moms Blog and sole curator of She lives in central Austin with that same cute parking lot attendant, and her even cuter five-year-old daughter.

Lee Bell HovlandLee Bell Hovland is from Little Rock, Arkansas, but moved to Austin in 1996 for graduate school and decided to stay for the breakfast tacos. She has a Master of Library and Information Science degree from UT, but has managed to work for more than 16 years without actually using that degree except for one time back in the early 2000s. She has a day job at the Texas Association for Counties, but by night she wrangles puppies and small boys, the dogs for the Cocker Spaniel Rescue of Austin/San Antonio (of which she is a founding board member), and the boys, Hopper (6) and Rowan (4), because they call her Mom. She also enjoys drinking wine with her husband, Sam, sommelier and wine buyer for East End Wines, and helping him figure out which ones pair well with cheese puffs (for the record, go with a Lambrusco).

Tonie KnightTonie Knight is a Cuban-American-Texan, which means she is loud, makes an excellent Cuban coffee, and wears lots of red lipstick. She’s the boisterous and demanding mother of Dylan (22), Madison and Griffin (twins, 20), Cassidy (18), and Harrison (8). Her alter ego is an organized and exacting, middle-aged, middle manager. She’s a former longtime competitor and participant in the Austin Poetry Slam, and educational media voice talent. She is wildly in love with her husband, Jeff, whom she met in 1988 and knew for twelve years before they ever kissed. They made up for lost time. She can be found online at


Tickets are on sale now for our two shows on Saturday, April 25, at 3pm and 7pm. We hope to see you there!


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