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by jana on April 20, 2017

Debbie grew up listening to the stories of her elders and continues the tradition of storytelling today by sharing stories at a variety of venues. She also facilitates storytelling workshops for all ages.

In 2011, she received her Master of Arts in Storytelling from East Tennessee State University. She is a current member of the National Storytelling Network and the Southern Order of Storytellers and served as the Georgia State Liaison for the National Storytelling Network for three years.

In 2013, Debbie created The MamaLogs Project where she combines her two passions of parenting and storytelling. She interviews women (and men) and then crafts the interviews into adult themed monologues to share from the stage.

In 2015, Debbie received the Seanachie Award from the Southern Order of Storytellers for her support of storytelling in all its forms. She was recognized for her contribution within the family of the Southern Order of Storytellers as well as taking storytelling into the larger community.

Debbie From

Tell us a little about yourself.

I love being a Mom to three phenomenal kids. It is the hardest and most rewarding job I have ever chosen to do. My husband, James, and I have been married since 2000 and I love the life we have built together. In addition to spending time with loved ones, I enjoy reading, cooking, traveling, hiking and taking pictures.

What’s your favorite piece of writing you’ve ever hit publish on? 

The story I am telling is my favorite.

As a child, did you listen to your mother? When did you start realizing she may actually know what she’s talking about?

I was a good kid and listened to my Mother, however, getting through the teenage years was a challenge for both of us. Now that we’re older, I’m glad we have an adult relationship. I’ve always known her knowledge was valuable but her experience has not always been relative to mine.

If your mother is still living, do you listen to your mother now?

Absolutely…well most of the time…some of the time…OK every now and then…alright I listen to her but I don’t always do what she says 😊

If you have children, what are some things you hope your children take from you, whether you think they’re listening or not?

I hope they always feel and know my love
I hope they remember to be kind, helpful and vulnerable
I hope they try to always do the right thing
I hope they know they are amazing
And as my Grandmother has been telling me since I was little, I hope they remember to Be Happy and Think Big because life is too short to worry about the little stuff!

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