Cast Spotlight: Zan Marie Steadham

by jana on April 10, 2017

Zan Marie Steadham is a graduate of the University of West Georgia with a BA, MA in History and a EdS in Education. Since retiring from teaching History and Latin, she’s followed her heart and written two devotionals, two church histories, and edited histories and memoirs. She’s a 2009 Georgia Author of the Year Nominee for An Easter Walk. As a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers and Women’s Fiction Writers Association, she is actively seeking representation for her first novel and working on the next three. She was born in Carrollton, GA and lives in Temple, GA with her college sweetheart. Her writings include An Easter Walk, A Christmas Walk, two church histories, one of which he also edited. She’s the editor of Head Lights for Dark Roads by Diane Quimby. In 2009 An Easter Walk was a Georgia Author of the Year Nominee. She’s a member of the Women’s Fiction Writers Association and the American Christian Fiction Writers. She blogs at In the Shade of the Cherry Tree.

Zan Marie Steadham

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Zan Marie, and I’m named for my father’s fifth-grade girlfriend. Cross my heart. And no, Momma doesn’t care where my name comes from, she just likes it. He was too shy to speak to her and never knew if her name was Alexandra or Suzanne, but he remembered her being called Zan.

I was a confirmed cat person until the pups came home. Belly rubs ‘R us, but cats don’t eat shit…er…pooh.

I’m a Diana Gabaldon fan girl. Hey, even writers have favs.

Ask my former students about me singing “Vespucia the Beautiful” in my history classes. What? You haven’t heard it? I’m shocked!

My husband is the great supporter of my writing and is the meanest plot twist generator in the world. I couldn’t write without him. If you don’t like what happens in my stories, blame him.

What’s your favorite piece of writing you’ve ever hit publish on? 

I’m always in love with all of my writing–once I’ve edited it a hundred times! At the moment, it’s my women’s fiction novel, MOTHER’S DAY.

As a child, did you listen to your mother? When did you start realizing she may actually know what she’s talking about?

I love listening to Momma. When I was little, she read to us every day. She took us to the library to feed our growing reading habit. She’s my touchstone and lodestar. I’m who I am largely because of my mother and her fabulous love of reading.

If your mother is still living, do you listen to your mother now?

Yes! I couldn’t break that habit if you tried to force me to. After my husband, she’s my best friend.

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