LTYM Atlanta Sign-Ups Are LIVE For 2017!

by jana on January 6, 2017


Sign ups for auditions will close on January 22.

Your stories are written. Your nerves are steeled. There is no stopping you now.



Miranda and I are so thrilled to be on this LTYM journey once last time, y’all. We’ve been planning and prepping and AHHHHHH-ing at one another in the middle of hammering out the details.

Our last three shows have been complete dreams come true and we are ready to show off Atlanta’s talents one last time in this Grand Finale Season of Listen To Your Mother.

But we need YOU to make it happen.

We know you have a story to tell, one that is just itching to break out and find a new life and a new audience, and we believe Listen To Your Mother is the place for it. Your story matters and we want to hear it.

If that story is a true story about motherhood and clocks in around 5 minutes or less, you might find yourself standing behind that microphone (yes, that exact one up there) this Spring.

Listen To Your Mother: Atlanta auditions will be held on Saturday, February 4 and Saturday February 11. The audition location and times will be selected/assigned once sign-ups are closed or once we’ve gauged enough responses to decide the most central location to hold them.

Sign-ups are LIVE so get to it! We can’t wait to meet you and see what magic Atlanta has in store for us this season!


Don’t let the spamminess of that link fool you. We are SO, SO excited to have you on this journey with us and we’re thankful and appreciative that you’re trusting us with your stories.


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