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by jana on April 17, 2016


Listen To Your Mother: Atlanta is proud to have Zoë Barracano of Zoé Photo as our Media Sponsor this year. She will be capturing all the photos of our show on April 23.

Zoë is a New York-born and raised photographer who has an eye for seeing beauty in the unexpected. When I glanced through her portfolio, I was taken by the way she captured images of people where you honestly thought they were looking directly into your soul. Like this…


photo: Zoé Photo

Zoë was featured in artscope magazine as one of 13 emerging artists for 2013. She also won first place for the “People You Meet,” category in the National Geographic Photostories contest.

She has shot on location in India, Cuba, Vietnam, New York City, as well as other beautiful places. Now a work-at-home mom, her eye has turned from orderly, static photos to fast-paced shots that feel like they need to be caught!

The parts about Zoë that I love the most is that she sees beauty in the overlooked, in the decay, and is a believer in happy accidents!

Welcome to the LTYM Family, Zoë!

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