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Introducing the 2016 Atlanta Cast!

by jana on February 2, 2016

Listen To Your Mother is a village.

Other than show day, the most exhilarating day of Listen To Your Mother season is Cast Announcement day!

It’s also one of the hardest, knowing that we could fill our stage with way more amazing stories than we have time for. We’re grateful to all who auditioned and shared their wonderful stories and hearts with us.

Listen To Your Mother is a village. It really is.

Miranda and I are honored to announce the 13 readers we will all be able to hear in our show on April 23.

Congratulations, Cast of 2016!

Welcome to our Village!

Alison Auerbach

Joyce Brewer

Aaronica Cole

Anjali Enjeti

Lisa René LeClair

Abby Norman

Ekene Onu

Christine Penguino

Katie Peters

Danielle Slaughter

Tricia Stearns

Tara Wood

Heidi Zellie


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Get Your Stories Ready, Atlanta!

by jana on December 21, 2015

Jan. 9, 2016: Sign Ups have ended. Thank you for your interest in auditioning for Listen To Your Mother’s Atlanta Show. Stay tuned for ticket information!


LTYMauditionannouncementIt’s Time, Atlanta!

In a few months (tentatively April 23, TBA soon), a whole new cast will be taking the stage for Atlanta’s third Listen To Your Mother Show. With 41 cities across North America for 2016, there will be hundreds of stories being heard on and around Mother’s Day.

Why shouldn’t one of those stories be YOURS?

“But I’m not a writer.”

If you can write your story down the way you would tell it, you’re actually a writer! Not all of our cast members have been professional writers.

“I’m deathly afraid to speak in public.”

Heard that one before (me). Nobody has panicked and passed out on our stage before so I think you’ll be ok!

“I’m a guy and clearly not a mother. But I think I have a story.”

Bring it on! We love stories from guys (like Benjamin) and well, from anyone and everyone! All ages, genders, ethnicities, and all varieties of writers are invited to audition. 

“I’m not 100% sure I understand what Listen To Your Mother is.”

That’s a perfectly fine comment, my friend. LTYM is a live stage show of readings from people just like you, about motherhood. It’s funny and sad and sometimes slightly irreverent (but mostly G to PG rated) and an experience that will leave you changed as both a cast member or as an audience member. Want to see some videos? Here are the readings from 2014 and 2015‘s Atlanta shows.

You good now?

Here’s what you need to know right now:

  • Sign up to audition HERE. This form will ask for some very simple and basic information so we can set our audition locations centrally to those who are interested. This form will CLOSE on January 8.
  • Auditions will be held on January 23 and 24. Once signups have closed on January 8, you will be notified of the locations and will be sent a link to sign up for time slots.
  • Essays must be about motherhood and five (5) minutes or less when read aloud. Bring your original work – funny, sad, poignant – about the beauty, the beast, and the barely-rested that is motherhood. Write about being a mother, having a mother, or even if you’re not a mother, write about not being a mother.
  • Questions? If you find yourself confused by something or just needing more information, email us at


Be sure to like Listen To Your Mother on Facebook and check out last year’s Listen To Your Mother: Atlanta show on YouTube. For the list of cities across North America where shows will be held in 2016, click HERE.

To keep up with information on LTYM: Atlanta, follow us in all these places:
Jana: Jana’s Thinking PlaceTwitterFacebook
Miranda: Caffeine and CabernetTwitterFacebook

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You Listened, Atlanta!

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On the evening of April 25, 2015, hundreds gathered to hear the 13 women of the Listen To Your Mother: Atlanta cast share their stories of motherhood at The Earl Smith Strand Theatre. Months ago, these women came together as strangers and left that evening as sisters. Friends. Family. They were added to the hundreds of other men and women in the LTYM Family, forever connected by their experience.   These stories were shared genuinely, written from the heart and from the depths of their souls. Women, standing behind a podium on a dark stage, changed lives and made the audience nod during their “Me, too” moments. They spoke of the darkness of motherhood, the beauty of motherhood, the unexpected blessings of motherhood, and the spirit of mothers. Thirteen women gave motherhood a microphone in Atlanta that night. And it was beautiful.   Thank you to Simon Salt Photography for the beautiful images. Ten percent of ticket sales […]

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