Did you miss our Mother’s Day show at Marietta’s New Theatre in the Square? Now you can watch our stories on YouTube!

This year, LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER gave motherhood a microphone in 41 cities — over 500 stories told, with thousands of live-listeners in audiences across the U.S. and Canada.

Here in Atlanta, in true #LTYM tradition, hundreds of folks gathered at Theatre in the Square to listen to a diverse group of 13 Georgians sharing their humorous, moving, and profound words.

You can watch the entire 2016 Atlanta show by clicking this playlist.


Photo: Zoe Barracano

With heartfelt thanks and enormous gratitude to our 2016 cast and production team, and to our North American sponsors SheKnows #BlogHer16, and Luvs. And a giant thank you to our local sponsors, Zoë Barracano Photo and Layla Kelling, Arbonne Independent Consultant.


We also invite you to experience voices from our shows all across North America featuring powerful true stories that capture all facets of contemporary parenting (as well as stories about our own upbringing) including very timely personal narratives given the recent events in Orlando, Baton Rouge, Shaker Heights, and Dallas.

On the Listen To Your Mother YouTube channel we feature a variety of playlists by topic, and for 2016 we’ve added two new playlists–one with stories about race, and another with stories from LGBTQ families.

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The buildup to Show Day is intense. It’s almost like Miranda and I are bottles of Coca Cola, being shaken up all week until finally, once the photographer starts snapping pictures and people start filling in the seats of the theatre, we’re able to slowly release our caps and let the fizzle and the anxiety and the excitement seep out and we can enjoy the evening for what it is.


That’s what it is.

Saturday night, April 23, thirteen women took the stage at Marietta’s New Theatre in the Square and an audience of two hundred-or-so were walked through stories of love, loss, and laughter… and maybe even left feeling a little itchy (thanks to Tara).


All the jitters were present. But we had fun. There’s always fun.

After our technical run-through and professional photos (coming soon), the cast tucked backstage where we touched up makeup, had snacks, toasted to our stories and our newly formed friendships.


One by one, women took the stage. Fear was left behind the curtain and even from our spot backstage, once they spoke their first words, we could feel them stand taller. The confidence that came from their voices and the smiles on their faces when they returned backstage… it’s something I cannot fully explain. It truly is magic.


Listen To Your Mother is more than storytelling. It’s more than auditioning and rehearsing and selling tickets and filling seats.

It’s forging new friendships that will last a lifetime. It’s giving an audience member a “me, too” moment that sparks a memory they’d long buried. It’s inspiring others to tell their stories. It’s making people laugh, cry, and sometimes squirm a little. It’s speaking words out loud that have never been uttered. It’s life-changing.

But most of all, it’s magical. 

Thank you, Ann, for trusting us with your vision and for allowing Atlanta to give motherhood a microphone again this year!

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Local Sponsor: Zoë Photo

April 17, 2016

Listen To Your Mother: Atlanta is proud to have Zoë Barracano of Zoé Photo as our Media Sponsor this year. She will be capturing all the photos of our show on April 23. Zoë is a New York-born and raised photographer who has an eye for seeing beauty in the unexpected. When I glanced through her portfolio, I was taken by the way she captured images of people where you honestly thought they were looking directly into your soul. Like this… Zoë was featured in artscope magazine as one of 13 emerging artists for 2013. She also won first place for the “People You Meet,” category in the National Geographic Photostories contest. She has shot on location in India, Cuba, Vietnam, New York City, as well as other beautiful places. Now a work-at-home mom, her eye has turned from orderly, static photos to fast-paced shots that feel like they need to be caught! The […]

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Cast Spotlight: Heidi Zellie

April 4, 2016

Heidi Zellie often finds herself at the rich intersection of people and place. To spread respect and understanding for the environment, she has taught high school environmental science for the last decade. Diving deeper, she is working on her masters in Conservation Biology. She writes about her international conservation expeditions at theunfoldingearth.com. Before settling in to a tiny cabin with her partner and daughter in the Smoky Mountains of Asheville, NC, Heidi lived in a yurt in Oregon, an adobe abode in Santa Fe, a research station in Escalante, UT, a bunkhouse in Yellowstone, and several tents during a very wet summer in WV. She could have probably gone without living in an enclosed bull field in a teepee in Boulder, CO but it makes for some fabulous (early morning bathroom-run) stories. Along the way, she found power and peace in teaching and practicing yoga. As Heidi continues to strive for her dreams […]

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Cast Spotlight: Tara Wood

April 1, 2016

Tara Wood is a freelance writer and blogger based in Augusta, Georgia. She writes a monthly column, “The Woodchips” for Metro Augusta Parent Magazine. She has frequently been named one of Facebook’s funniest parents by The Today Show. Her work has appeared on Scary Mommy, Mamapedia, Today Parents, Nameberry, VProud, Mom Babble, and The Good Men Project. She lives in Augusta with her seven children, one husband, several pets, and piles upon piles of laundry. You can find her on Facebook or on her blog, Love Morning Wood. Tell us a little about yourself. Hello and how do? I’m Tara Wood and have somehow managed to stay somewhat sane, stone-cold sober, and damn hilarious despite having seven children who are amazingly wonderful bottomless pits of wants and needs. My incredibly good-looking husband and my own Saint-like Mother are critical pieces in my parenthood puzzle. They provide unwavering support and encouragement and I cannot imagine […]

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