“…even though I spend my entire workday reading about mothers, fathers and their children, I go home and do it again after the kids are asleep. I keep reading. I love it all. And that is why I love Listen to Your Mother… Check out LTYM. Be an audience member. Strive to be an on-stager. Everyone has something to say. Trust me.” — Amy Joyce, Washington Post

“The Listen to Your Mother show is something you need to experience to understand. you need to hear it and you need to see it. –Kelly E. Lindner, Austin Woman Magazine

“Every mom knows the best Mother’s Day gifts can’t be bought. They’re the personal ones offered with heart, like the stories unwrapped when giving moms a mic” Janet Shamlian, NBC News on LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER

“Our LTYM shows sell out within hours of going on sale, because our community loves the unpredictable, raw, honest, often hilarious stories we share each year…Local businesses look forward to the annual opportunity to sponsor our show – their sponsorship participation puts their businesses at the forefront of the minds of our thousands of audience members, while simultaneously helping to support our theatre company’s entire season. It’s a win-win-win for Midtown Direct Rep, our local businesses, and our incredible audiences.” – Sandy Rustin, Co-Founding Artistic Director of Midtown Direct Rep

“..on show night I get to sit in the front row and experience it with our audience of over 700 people. They are engaged from the moment the show begins as evidenced by both raucous laughter and thoughtful silence as they take in every word…The Riverview Theater and the stories LTYM brings to the stage create a special kind of magic that brings people back year after year.” — Vikki Reich Co-producer/Co-director Listen To Your Mother Twin Cities 2013-2017

“Rochester has a deep respect for the art of storytelling and received LTYM with open arms in its first year. Numerous sponsors came aboard to help bring the production to reality, there was a wonderful amount of media coverage, and the show sold out in its first year requiring that the second year be held in a larger venue. Parenting Village received enormous benefit from its affiliation with LTYM. Firstly, the organization benefited from widespread attention and enhanced focus in the community. Many hundreds of people learned about Parenting Village and reached out to either utilize services or become a supporter. Secondly, the fledgling organization received the benefit of sizable donations, which greatly helped expand the organization’s capacity for program development.Parenting Village’s missions of supporting mothers, children, and families directly aligned with LTYM’s message, and the benefit of this partnership cannot be overstated.” -Emily Horowitz Founder, Parenting Village

“Duffy went to last year’s show, the first for Raleigh, with her own mother: We both had a great time and were just moved by the power of people living in and sharing their truths with others…It was a great experience. Even at last year’s show, I thought I would love to try to do that.” –Erin Duffy, audience member turned cast member in Raleigh-Durham as quoted on Raleigh-Durham’s WRAL.com