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It’s a … GIVEAWAY!!!

by Kelli on April 14, 2014

LTYM giveawayListen To Your Mother is about giving motherhood a microphone. Quite literally, in fact. The set consists of a stage, a podium, a microphone, and a story to be told. Bells and whistles not required. The beauty of Listen To Your Mother is in the exquisite detail of the diverse narrative, bravely shared by local writers, before an audience of family, friends, and the local community. And it’s because of this local community that we are able to bring Listen To Your Mother to Portland this Mother’s Day. And … this is where I’m going to stop myself. Because the fact of the matter is, I could gush about our local sponsors til I sprouted a megaphone from my forehead. But you have already seen that glorious, gilded beacon of a title that beckons “Enter here … there are prizes in store.” And so, let me pluck my megaphone from my forehead and get to the point:

We are proud to announce a LTYM Portland Local Sponsor Giveaway!!!

Enter to win via the Rafflecopter entry below. You can enter by liking our sponsors’ Facebook pages, by leaving a blog comment, and by tweeting about the giveaway and the show. Multiple chances to enter means you have multiple chance to WIN!

  1. Prize #1 – A night at The Ace Hotel and a $250 gift certificate to Zenana Spa! A sweet Portland prize package valued at $500!
  2. Prize #2 – Gift certificates to Radio Room, Crafty Wonderland, The Portland Nursery and Bolt Fabric Store! A combined value of $120!

These two lucky winners will be selected at random via the Rafflecopter robot on Monday, April 21st. One week to enter, to share, and to shout the Listen To Your Mother love from the rain-spattered Portland rooftops.

Lastly, please come to the show this Mother’s Day. Sunday, May 11th, 2pm at The Alberta Rose Theatre. Tickets are $15. We would love to see you there. Tickets can be purchased here:

Now dance on over to Rafflecopter and get your giveaway on.

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The cast assembles! The magic commences!

by Kelli on April 8, 2014

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But these pictures, well they’re worth at least 14,000. 14 women — each with a story about the infinite guts and unsung glory of motherhood — will take the stage this Mother’s Day at The Alberta Rose Theatre, bringing Listen To Your Mother to Portland for the first time. These 14 women gathered last weekend and the individual stories were stitched together like a quilt: colorful, comforting and treasured.

LTYM Portland Rehearsal

It all started here …



Come and knock on our door…


Hello, dear friend, so lovely to meet you.


The whole rehearsal felt like a warm and welcoming embrace.


The director’s director, Carisa’s trusty clipboard.


Can you feel the connection?


Memorabilia in the making.


Back left to right: Clarissa Moll, Tracey Barnes-Priestley, Carisa Miller (Director), Meghan Yow, Jenny Forrester. Middle left to right: Jessica Peyton-Roberts, Kelli Martinelli (Producer), Nadia Martinez Chantry, Sage Cohen, Deb Stone. Bottom left to right: Leanne Goolsby, Renee Butcher, Nikki Shulak, Melissa Sher.


These faces are coming to a stage near you!



photos courtesy of Tim Scott.


Sponsor Spotlight: Radio Room!

March 24, 2014

“That place is so Portland.” That’s a thing people say about our local sponsor, Radio Room. And if you’re a Portlander, you know exactly what being “so Portland” means. It doesn’t mean you have live chickens rooting around the dining patio, or that Colin Meloy is the predictable barfly, or that you have a double decker bike rack out front. For one to be “so Portland” you have at least this: you know damn well who you are and you’re going to celebrate it. Constantly. Your personality spills out like rainbow puddles and you invite everyone, young and old, to splash through them. Eat. Drink. Play. Make music. Make art. Lean in to living it up. Embrace who you are. Case in point, these reviews from Yelp. (go ahead and click, but come back, I have more to tell you). Radio Room has a hip and inviting presence. If you made a Venn Diagram of […]

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Local Sponsor Spotlight: Women’s Healthcare Associates

March 12, 2014

Both of my children were born at St. Vincent’s Hospital. You know, the big, stunning medical complex nestled into the Portland hillside? The one that you have time to admire in minute detail as you sit in the slog of Highway 26. Both of my kiddos were hospital-born, though the idea of a home birth was appealing. But at the time I had one very large and drooley St. Bernard, one German Shepherd with a lack of regard for personal space, and one allergy-prone Jack Russell, and I didn’t wish to be birthing my shiny new humans while watching the dog hair tumbleweeds blow by. The cleanliness of a canine-free room was important to me, but what was critical was that my care, and that of my babies, be in the hands of talented, caring and nurturing midwives. These were the midwives of Women’s Healthcare Associates, a comprehensive women’s health facility nestled in […]

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Announcing the 2014 Listen To Your Mother: Portland Cast!

March 5, 2014

This is all so very exciting. So very, very exciting.       On audition day, here in Portland, thirty people came to share their stories. Each was incredible in their own right. Once again, we’d  like to thank every one of you brave and beautiful souls, for your offerings, for trusting us with yourselves and your words. It was an honor.     From our amazing auditions, the first Listen To Your Mother: Portland show has emerged.     Please join us in welcoming our brilliant cast:        Come this Mother’s Day, these women will blow you away with their heart wrenching, thought provoking, hilarious and oh-so-personal motherhood stories. In the meantime, take the time to get to know them. Visit Portland’s Bios Page for cast photos and introductions.

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