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Listen-To-Your-Mother-And-Other-Opportunities-For-Bloggers-To-Tell-Their-Stories-Out-LoudListen up! No, really.  A lot of the time, we write the word listen when what when are really asking you to do is read. We  know you can’t actually hear our typed words. But today, we do indeed-y have something for you to listen to.

It’s a podcast interview, that feeds what Listen To Your Mother is all about and how it works, directly to your ears.

Blogger, Susan Macarelli runs the brilliant online writers’ resource,  Beyond Your Blog, where she creates podcasts from interviews she conducts with editors of sought after publications. These  podcasts provide an in depth look at the specific submission processes for each venue, and provide answers to the questions that writers have about getting published.

This week, she turned her focus towards opportunities for bloggers to read their stories aloud, and featured Listen To Your Mother

In the first half of the podcast,  Listen To Your Mother: Milwaukie director/producer, Alexandra Rosas speaks about some of her incredible opportunities to read to an audience: as one of Blogher’s Voices of the Year, as a cast member for Listen To Your Mother  and for NPR’s The Moth.  In her interview, Alexandra describes the experiences in which she has used her voice to share her stories, as life-altering.

The second half of the podcast  has  Listen To Your Mother: Portland director Carisa Miller (hey, that’s me!), chiming  in to give Susan and her listeners the 411 on all that is Listen To Your Mother.

Susan gets us talking about what an audition for Listen To Your Mother is like, how best to prepare and what to expect. We get into what Listen To Your Mother is looking for story-wise, and how shows are cast.  And to be sure, we touch on the magic-like ability of Listen To Your Mother to facilitate connections between everyone involved: the storytellers and the community audiences nationwide.

Come and take a listen! While the podcast is made for an audience of bloggers, it is packed full of goodness for anyone and everyone interested in experiencing Listen To Your Mother from either the stage or audience.

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2015 Portland Auditions-You’re Invited!

by carisa on January 5, 2015


Listen To Your Mother celebrates motherhood in all forms and welcomes ANYONE to audition for the show with their own personal story.

We aim to share stories that sound familiar as well as those that offer a glimpse into worlds strikingly different from our own, with the intention of fostering community and expanding our view.

In order to be considered for the cast of the Listen To Your Mother:Portland  show, you will need…

…to read aloud, in person, an original, personal story with some aspect of motherhood at its heart. This same story, if you are cast, will be read at the show. Reading time may not exceed 5 minutes, but may be under. Previously published work is accepted if you retain the rights/have express permission to use the piece.

…to be able to commit to two rehearsals, Saturdays, March 28th and April 25th from 9am-12pm, and the day of the show, Thursday, May 7th (approx) 5pm-9pm

…to be familiar with the Listen To Your Mother show.  Read about LTYM  and watch videos of past seasons on the LTYM YouTube channel; Portland’s 2014 show as well as our sister cities, to get a feel for the tone and quality of this production.

Open auditions for the 2015 Portland, Listen To Your Mother show will be held Saturday, February 21st,  by appointment only.

Email Carisa Miller, carisa (at) mcarisa (dotcom) with the subject “AUDITION” and note whether you prefer morning , afternoon or evening*.

*As of 1.15.15, our morning and afternoon audition schedule is booked.  We still have a few early evening spots open and have extended hours beyond dinnertime.

(Please do not submit your written work or resume, offer to clean our homes or cook for us in exchange for a spot in the show. We do our best to keep everyone on an even playing field and may not be able to withstand the temptation of dirt free floors and a decent meal.)

We are honored by each person who entrusts us with their story, the contents of which we understand are often extremely fragile. Listen To Your Mother auditions are a nurturing and respectful environment in which you will read only for the director and producer (Carisa Miller and Kelli Martinelli) who are not very scary.

Sign up.

Tell a friend.

Tell a stranger.

We’ll see you soon!

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We’re ready to listen. Again!

November 13, 2014

Hello! And welcome back. How was your summer? Good. Good to hear. Carisa and I just want to set the record straight about a few choice clichés, and then we’ll let you go back to frolicking through the seasons. Ahem. *straightens tie, adjusts microphone, imagines audience naked* All the world’s a stage. – Shakespeare NOT TRUE. The Alberta Rose Theatre is the stage. A picture’s worth a thousand words. – Chinese proverb  Picture this instead: thousands of words, live, onstage. Mama always said if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.  – Thumper from Bambi Mama always said what you needed to hear most. There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. – Maya Angelou This is 100% accurate. Which is why once again we are proud to announce: LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER IS COMING TO PORTLAND! Carisa and I are ecstatic to have the honor of directing and […]

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The Videos Are Live!

July 13, 2014

With each audition and rehearsal and blog post and anxiety dream we shook up the proverbial soda bottle of Listen To Your Mother, Portland. The energy rose to the surface. Then on Mother’s Day we unscrewed the cap and stories came bubbling out in front of a live audience. It was delicious. Now, please join us as we continually enjoy sip after sip of these wonderful stories on YouTube! You can watch the whole Portland playlist here, and then peruse the Listen To Your Mother YouTube channel to watch shows from the other 31 cities, and those from past years. A huge thank you to to the incredible national LTYM team for getting 32 cities’ worth of videos up for public viewing! And thank you to LTYM video sponsor by T. Rowe Price!   We give to you … Listen To Your Mother, Portland.   by

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Portland’s Gratitude

May 13, 2014

  We were compelled to the stage by the human connection that storytelling facilitates. Craving a sense of unity, seeking humanity. Through the eyes of motherhood, our storytellers shared their lives. They made us feel the experience of finding ourselves pregnant and single, putting ourselves together after a brutal divorce, cheering on gay rights progress in order that our own beloved children might live as equals, battling infertility while recovering from anorexia, fighting and winning a battle against postpartum anxiety, being given up for adoption and reconnecting with our biological family, navigating a foster child’s discovery of sexuality, finding a connection with our own mother through an unusual baring of souls and strengthening our resolve by refusing to suffer under the demands of motherhood.  With laughter, we invented a new word, to name the awkward transition to first-time motherhood, threw our arms up and cried ‘Uncle!’ when we realized our children outnumbered us, […]

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