OKC is back!

by heathers on November 20, 2014

The Oklahoma City team is thrilled to be producing yet another Listen To Your Mother show along with 38 other cities nationwide! It’s the biggest season ever and Oklahoma City is right smack dab in the middle of it!

This is the third year for Misti, Julie and Heather to be involved with the beautiful brain child of Ann Imig and couldn’t be happier to bring the show yet again to the heart of Oklahoma.

Our venue, dates and timeline will be announced soon. What should you do? You should get your stories ready. We know you have on–and it’s a good one! So, polish those stories and stay tuned!


We hope to see you on stage or in the audience this spring!



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Did you miss us?

by heathers on August 5, 2014


Three months ago, we were putting our live show at Will Rogers theater to bed. We were hugging necks and connecting to new people and loving each other and our words. But, we know that not everyone was able to be there. Did you miss us? We missed you. But, the beauty of Listen To Your Mother is that the words–the readers, the stories, the love–it goes on thanks to our YouTube channel.

So, did you miss us? We missed you … But, from the comfort of your own home, we’d love to share our words with you.

#LTYM #OKC 2014 Playlist

And we’ll see you next year, right?

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Just a week ago

May 10, 2014

The cast of OKC is breathing easy tonight, still feeling all the feels of the show that was attended by 400 Oklahomans and other friends. Just a week ago, we were anxious and excited and gulping big gulps of air, anticipating sharing our stories, opening our hearts and giving a glimpse into our hearts and souls as we all spoke of motherhood. If you were there, many thanks for being with us. Your presence was felt and meant the world to us. If you were a sponsor, we could not do this without you. You entrusted us to put on a first-rate show and that’s exactly what we did. If you are looking for a worthy cause, please consider ReMerge when you consider giving of your resources. If you’d like to purchase show pictures from our photographer, Sheradee Hurst Photography, 100% of the proceeds will go to ReMerge. If you weren’t there, we […]

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There is a reason

April 30, 2014

from Misti Pryor, producer/director There is a reason, beyond any of the obvious ones why I am so passionate about Listen To Your Mother.   It has everything to do with community and voice and validating our existence here. It has everything to do with catharsis and honor and memory and forward motion and it has everything to do with connection.     Telling our stories is the very heart of this movement. Finding those connections and that catharsis.     Getting to support a local cause, such as ReMerge, is the buttercream icing on that dark chocolate cupcake.     By telling our stories, we give light to the darkness, we peel back the layer and reveal that we are all really just doing the best that we can. We are surviving this madhouse, some better than others, but we are surviving and there is comfort in knowing that we are not […]

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Whispers of #LTYM #OKC #2014

April 27, 2014

    This time next week, the 2014  Listen To Your Mother Show in Oklahoma City will be in the books. But, if you’re impatient, as I am, you might want a sneak peak … so here ya go.       She was a bootlegger and a coin dancer, but preached the importance of being a lady. She would take her dark hair and dye it red and wear it in updo’s to look like her idols, Carol Burnett and Lucille Ball.   To love regardless and flawless and not this damn busted-up kind of love, the broke kind. And time doesn’t give do-overs, no call-backs on these last ten years. It won’t wait for all the shoulds to be in place. It just rolls on like a river, sometimes raging, sometimes calm, but always moving.       He didn’t know Mother very well and dutifully reported her dates of birth […]

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