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Meet Jennifer Fenstermaker

by heathers on March 31, 2015

Jennifer Fenstermaker is the mom to three boys. Her piece is called “Wheel Of Fortune Family,” and you’ll find yourself snickering at her antics and probably even laughing aloud!



Don’t miss out on hearing Jennifer’s piece live at the Will Rogers Theater on April 26–get your tickets today! (The price goes up tomorrow!)

Here’s Jennifer’s LTYM:

Loves to Laugh
Yappy (as in talkative, but not annoyingly so as the urban dictionary says, unless you ask my husband or kids!)
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Meet Janis Lussmyer

by heathers on March 26, 2015

Janis Lussmyer will appear in the OKC Listen To Your Mother show from Bartlesville, OK. Her piece is called “Mom and Me,” and is an excerpt from her book “Three Corners Has My Cat.”



Janis’s LTYM:




To hear Janis’s story in the April 26 show, get your tickets today. Prices will go up on April 1.

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Welcome Local Sponsor: Millspaugh Chiropractic!

March 25, 2015

We are excited to welcome back Millspaugh Chiropractic! In 2014, Dr. Millspaugh was voted as the Best Alternative Doctor in MetroFamily’s Family Favorites Awards. Dr. Millspaugh has a family practice, treating all ages from infants to seniors.  They take pride in treating everyone just like family and look forward to meeting you soon!! Connect with them on Facebook and see how they can serve you. Thanks, Millspaugh Chiropractic, for supporting Listen To Your Mother: Oklahoma City! by

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Meet Dana Hemminger

March 24, 2015

Dana Hemminger travels from Bartlesville, OK to Oklahoma City for this year’s Listen To Your Mother show. The title of her piece is “God’s Formula,” and this piece will leave you satisfied and feeling great! Dana’s piece comes from her book Reflections From Holland. Dana’s LTYM: Lover of Jesus, life, and people     Tender-hearted     Yummy dark chocolate eater     Mommy of three miracles Get your tickets today and make plans to hear Dana’s story on April 26 at the Will Rogers Theater. The ticket price goes up on April 1. by

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Meet April Heiple

March 19, 2015

April Heiple is from Norman, OK and the title of her LTYM piece is “This Sh!t is Hard.” Her piece will have everyone in the audience nodding their heads and a few of you may even give her a hearty Amen! April’s LTYM: Loud Tenacious  Yellow-wearing Mama To hear April’s testimony, um, we mean story in the April 26 show, get your tickets today! The prices raise on April 1! by

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