Thank you, OKC!

by heathers on May 20, 2015

Our ticket sales have been tallied. The photo sales from show-day pics by Sheradee Hurst have been collected. And our day-of-show donations by YOU, our most supportive audience, have been added. We are overwhelmed by the show of support for our local cause.


With the help of our fabulous sponsors and our most-amazing readers, Oklahoma City is so proud to report that we were able to make a donation to our local cause, Reach Out And Read Oklahoma, in the amount of $1600!

LTYM: OKC 2015 rocked the state!

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My Heart Is Full

by heathers on May 1, 2015

from Misti McClellan, OKC producer/director

Gorgeous photos courtesy of Sheradee Hurst Photography. All proceeds from the sell of LTYM: OKC photos will go directly to our local cause, Reach Out And Read Oklahoma

As I sat in my quiet house on Sunday night, in soft pants and my LTYM hoodie, I held our showbook in my lap and flipped through the pages of each story. Reflecting upon the day, and really wishing we could buy wine on Sunday in Oklahoma, I sat and replayed the entire experience in my mind.




I went back to our final production meeting where we once again signed on together for the 2015 year and began planning for it. I thought of that email from Heather upon my engagement announcement that asked, “You’re still going to do LTYM right?” and the lightening fast reply, “OF COURSE!”


I thought about our audition day, and reflected on all of the stories that we heard pour out of brave and wonderful people and how once again, we three, Julie, Heather and I wished we could just have a 24 hour show and cast everyone. In the end however the show just appeared, as it has the past years and we knew that it would be a transformative day of storytelling.


I remembered how cautiously we all were around each other at that first gathering. A few of our gracious and generous alumni were there helping to break the ice. Linda even brought her cake, which is now the LTYM Cake and has been present at all gatherings. I watched around the table and mentally sent strength and peace to each reader, willing them to be open to this experience.


I didn’t need to will them into anything. This group had a story to tell. They were in it for that reason and that reason only. Everything else was just bonus. They begin to interact online, we shared our stories and opened our hearts to one another and the threads that were once individual began to blend together, holding on to one another until we had the most gorgeous of quilts, offering comfort and protection.



I went through our show day, minute by minute. The quiet peace that had settled into my heart the previous day…that was new. I had such a peace about this show, this cast. Watching them all pile in the green room, taking their first steps onto the stage and working through the pain points of lighting and set design as we got everything just right.


Our alumni was there in full force, filling the seats set for them, smiling at us, offering the support, the “what can I do to help” and setting off to make it happen. I don’t know if I thanked them all, thanked them enough.


As I read through each story again, I saw the reader at the podium. Hands shaking, sometimes gripping the sides for support. Feet shuffling weight shifting, working to find that level of comfort as they stood vulnerable and open to an audience of unseen faces. The words of their stories moving out into the ether, touching hearts, leaving their mark on the world.


I saw them take a final bow, and move out into the audience to find their support group, to be enveloped in hugs and love and cheers and joy. To watch them reach for that connection and smile widely as they felt the love and the “Me Too Moments.”



The high fives and laughter and hugs between this cast as we all went separately out back into our real lives are perhaps my favorite moment of the day. What started out as this “thing” they all took a chance on, developed into a “THING” that will stay with them forever. The stories connect not only them, but those who heard the words.


What a powerful thing.




That is LTYM.


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Pssst … Wanna Know?

April 23, 2015

Wanna know why Janis is contemplative? Come to the show …   Wanna know why Julie is looking so emotional? Come to the show …   Wanna know why Jennifer, April and Lorriana have the giggles? Come to the show …   Wanna know why Tony is concerned? Come to the show …   Wanna know why Alyssa has an all-knowing smirk? Come to the show …   Wanna know why Loralei is sweetly smiling? Come to the show …   Wanna know why Misti and Marci are deep in thought? Come to the show …   Wanna know why Joshua, Stacey, Dana and Heather are LOL’ing? Come to the show.   You can still get tickets HERE. We’ll meet ya at Will Rogers Theater on Sunday, OKC!     by

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Show Day–You can help even more!

April 23, 2015

Where The While Things Are Green Eggs and Ham The Story Of Ping These books have been favorites of the OKC Production team since they were children. With the early love of literature and stories in general, Misti, Heather and Julie have become passionate about enabling others to share their stories. It’s also what makes them passionate about this year’s cause. The Oklahoma City Listen To Your Mother Show will take the stage on Sunday, April 26 at 2:30 at the Will Rogers Theater. (Do you have your tickets yet? GET THEM WHILE YOU CAN!) The stories you’ll hear are, far and away, an amazing set of experiences that will touch the heart of every single person who hears them. You’ll hear tales of poop, television, Pitbull, loss, purses, unsolicited advice, adoption, acceptance, deployment, hormones, gorillas, and love. Always love. You’ll leave the show on Sunday afternoon feeling better for your journey. And, […]

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Thank You, Local Sponsors!

April 20, 2015

We’re so proud to welcome local sponsors who help us bring Listen To Your Mother to Oklahoma! Thanks much to local sponsor Bartlesville Convention and Visitors Bureau. Bartlesville is a lovely community in the heart of Green Country, just an hour north of Tulsa. It’s the home to many cultural, family and fun activities.  It’s the perfect weekend getaway or day trip for girlfriends, lovers, family or yourself. Go like them on Facebook and Twitter.   We also appreciate local sponsor Woolaroc. Nestled in the Osage Hills just outside of Bartlesville and not too far from Tulsa, it provides a lovely bit of culture, wildlife, history and folklore. It offers something for everyone from the youngest child to the oldest history enthusiast. Go like them on Facebook and Twitter.   Keepsake Candles is a welcome local sponsor of the Oklahoma City Listen To Your Mother Show. Born in the garage of the owners, […]

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