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Special Donation Ticket Day!!

by Tracey on April 16, 2014

Last year, Melisa and I decided that we would do a one-day-increase of the amount of money we donated to our charity of choice. We liked it so much, and it felt so GOOD to do it, that we have decided to repeat the idea with the 2014 show!

This means that for 12 hours, TODAY ONLY, if you purchase your tickets via the site, or by calling the box office, instead of 10%,  we will donate 20% of the ticket proceeds directly to  (ROW)! If you purchase between the hours of 8 am and 8 pm, CST, you will receive not only a ticket to the most amazing show in Chicago, but $4 dollars will go directly towards a local charity that assists women in their recovery during and after treatment for breast cancer!row logo

Seriously, this is huge, folks! Spread the word on your social media sites, via the telephone or simply by shouting out the car window to your neighbors: TODAY IS THE DAY YOU SHOULD BUY A TICKET!!



Do You Believe In Magic?

by Melisa on April 15, 2014

Our second–and final!–rehearsal was on Saturday in the fantastic space loaned to us by our friends at 2nd Story, a Chicago-based “collective of story-makers and story-lovers working together to build community through the power of storytelling”. We met at their headquarters on Ravenswood in an renovated lighting factory with beautiful woodwork throughout (and even a reproduction of a Frank Lloyd Wright Garden Sprite in the entryway). The space felt…magical. We were thrilled to have Brandi of Balee Images with us once again, to capture our day. All photos here were taken by her. (Thank you, Brandi!!)

Before starting our full run-through of the show, there was a little business to take care of and I do mean “little”, as in TINY. We took a few minutes to welcome the newest LTYM Chicago baby, “Macey Tralisa” (Not her real name), who was born only a week and a half before, into the family.

Meeting Macey

After the “oohs” and “ahhs”, it was time to get to work. Tracey and I took our places at the podium, OUR podium, the one we use on stage at the show (also magical), and went over some of the nuts and bolts of our show day schedule. It was VERY serious.


After talking about our show day schedule, we started reading our show script. As rehearsal went on, I couldn’t help feeling like this was all moving too fast. This being our third year, I’m familiar with how it seems like our to-do list will never be finished for months and months and then suddenly, like magic, it is. And then suddenly, the show is in our rear-view mirror. If slowing down time were an option, I would definitely take it.

It isn’t though, and so I keep moving forward with the mental note to enjoy everything fully: the show, the cast, the feelings. As each cast member approached the podium to read her story, I was blown away all over again by the quality of the writing, the heartfelt quality of the reading, and the depth of my love for this show, this project. I was so happy to be sitting there, absorbing it all like a sponge.

Listen To Your Castmate

Flat Kari

When we reached the end of the show script, we felt…ready. Not ready for this ride to be over, but ready to present our months of hard work to a wonderful Chicago audience on Sunday May 4 at the Athenaeum Theatre. I hope the audience is ready for us. It’s sure to be a magical afternoon. I hope you’ll be there.

(Tickets are available here; grab yours today!)

You are awesome


Spotlight on Paulette Delcourt

April 14, 2014

Paulette Delcourt is one of those people who has the rare ability to be genuinely kind-hearted AND extremely witty. It’s a combination that has made me snort-laugh while eating dinner TWICE now. by Paulette Delcourt The doula was AWOL. The doctor was late. The nurse told me to “just hold it”. That is how my first hour as a mother started: waiting on a baby who wanted to meet her parents so badly, she couldn’t wait for dumb stuff like a fully equipped medical staff. The baby who laid sideways, who kicked and jabbed me like a baby boxing kangaroo burst into the world 45 minutes after I was wheeled into a room. I was amazed at how what appeared to be a “normal” room became a state-of-the-art birthing center. Shiny instruments blinded me with their science. Blinky beep-y stuff popped out of faux-wood laminate closets, and a parade of hazmat-suited strangers left little room for my […]

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Spotlight on Kari Wagner Hoban

April 11, 2014

Lots of laughter from today’s spotlight on Kari Wagner Hoban. We are so happy to bring her voice to this year’s stage! ~~ by Kari Wagner Hoban I first heard of Listen to Your Mother last year when a few of my friends auditioned and then got selected to be a part of the cast. I knew it had something to do with being a mom. Or having a mom. Or knowing a mom. Ok maybe I didn’t exactly know what it was all about but I got to wear makeup and go into the city with a dear friend, so I was really, really excited! It wasn’t until after watching my friends and their amazing cast mates tell their stories on that stage last May that I really wanted to be a part of it. That it wasn’t only about being a mom, knowing a mom or having a mom. That it was an […]

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Spotlight on Hyacynth Worth

April 9, 2014

When LTYM alum, Hyacynth Worth auditioned for this year’s show, Melisa and I knew it would a beautiful piece. She is such a genuine and beautiful soul! This Isn’t Just My Story by Hyacynth Worth  Two years ago, I had the honor of telling a tale of motherhood with one of my dearest friends for the first Chicago Listen to Your Mother show.  Standing on stage with her while sharing a funny story in tandem about our motherhood experience of building a village in the vastness of suburbia was easy.  Though I had butterflies tickling my stomach when we first walked on the stage, the moment the audience first laughed settled the storm of flutters inside of me. Plus, my friend was by my side, and when we are together, life is just a little easier, incredibly funnier and a lot better. We tried to sync up again this year to write another doozy […]

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