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2500 storytellers

photo by Balee Images

photo by Balee Images

54+ cities across North America


100+ local women director/producer torchbearers


$141,000+ raised for local nonprofit causes supporting women and families in need

LTYM: Southwest Michigan production team presents a check to Readiness Center, Inc. Photo courtesy of Meagan Francis

Photo courtesy of Meagan Francis

thousands of LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER: What She Said Then, What We’re Saying Now books sold

Photo via Tricia Owens Kenny of CK2 Photography

Photo via Tricia Owens Kenny of CK2 Photography

thousands of “me too” moments captured and shared



many thousands of live audience members at our shows; parents grandparents sons daughters aunts uncles friends

Jacob Slaton Photography

Jacob Slaton Photography

photo by Amy Emily Photography

photo by Amy Emily Photography

photo by Marie and Johnny Justice

photo by Melissa Austin Photography



millions of internet audience members on our social sites, youtube channel, and website


so very many words–some written, spoken aloud, others kept quietly in our hearts…


impossible to quantify…

connections made, talents shared, power manifested, skills built, voices amplified, lives changed, friendships forged, career-paths altered, awareness heightened, compassion found, biases challenged, support given, hands held, tears cried, laughter resounded,  inspiration sparked, prayers whispered, fears tackled, pride swelled, shame interrupted, nerves shrugged-off, sisterhood shared, barriers broken, lessons learned, successes celebrated, bows taken and hugs received.





photo by Jacob Slaton

photo by Jacob Slaton


For information about hosting your own local LTYM show contact Miracle or 2 Theatrical Licensing


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Have you dreamed of a moment in the spotlight to share your humorous or soulful story? Maybe you’re an online influencer or writer with a burning desire to come out from behind the screen and bring your craft and connections into real life. Perhaps you’re a first-timer whose never even considered attending a social media conference, not to mention taking center stage at one. This week, thanks to our national media sponsor SheKnows Media #BlogHer17, you have the opportunity for any or all of the above.


With celebrity keynote speakers from entertainers, pro-athletes, entrepreneurs, best-selling authors, political pundits, activists and more (BIG NAMES like Serena Williams, Chelsea Clinton, Margaret Cho, Ana Navarro, Luvvie Ajayi, Cecile Richards, Carla Hall, Joy Reid and Janet Mock to name a few) PLUS the massive networking, skill-building, and opportunities to connect and collaborate with brands and grow your game–#BlogHer17 promises something for everyone.

LTYM Founder Ann Imig

LTYM Founder Ann Imig

You know what else #BlogHer17 has planned? FUN. When you’re ready to retire your hustle on Friday afternoon and relax into your evening, come and listen to moving stories presented by their authors at the storytelling event that planted the first seeds of inspiration for the Listen To Your Mother Show: The Voices of The Year (VOTY).

After the VOTY reception, throw your name in the hat to read or tell your story at Friday night’s Open Mic from 7-9 PM.

Listen To Your Mother co-hosts the Open Mic event with BlogHer and we welcome you to join us Friday evening from 7-9PM  for two solid hours of storytelling, about anything and everything! Join us for laughs, probably a tear or two, and for the love of storytelling.

  • Open to all conference attendees; no additional registration required! Just show up, fill out a card if you hope to read, and join our listening audience.
  • Your story should be about five-minutes in length and does NOT have to be motherhood or parenting related!!
  • NO prior stage or storytelling experience required, only the desire for a few minutes to share your story at a microphone.

Register today and join us in Orlando!!


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Announcement: #LTYM 2017 Raised Over $28,000 for Causes Supporting Women and Families

June 12, 2017

LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER aims to support motherhood creatively through artistic expression as well as financially — through contributions to non-profit organizations supporting families in need. Our #LTYM cities donate a portion (10% minimum) of our ticket proceeds from each show, fund-raise day of show, and build-awareness through our social media efforts for the causes pictured below. For the 2017 Grand Finale Season our 29 LTYM cities together raised over $28,000 for local causes!   Thank you to our audiences who filled our theaters with applause, laughter, and contributions to our causes! We are very grateful to all of these nonprofit organizations who supported LTYM with their partnership this season.

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A Mother’s Day Weekend Grand Finale For LTYM!

May 17, 2017

We celebrated Mother’s Day weekend — the final Mother’s Day weekend for the Listen To Your Mother national project — with shows in Madison, Pittsburgh, North Jersey, Rochester, San Antonio, San Francisco Bay Area, and Spokane! Grateful thanks to our national sponsors #BlogHer17 and Luvs! On Friday night, LTYM: Pittsburgh kicked off Mom’s Day weekend with their THIRD and final show. Way to go, Jennifer Hicks and Stephanie Jankowski!! “What an amazing show last night! I rode the wave of emotions and loved every second! Thank you for sharing this special gift!!!” –Heather M. Rayburg-Smith   LTYM: North Jersey stole the SHOWS — two sold out shows to be exact! — in their FOURTH Listen To Your Mother season. Standing ovations to Sandy Rustin Fleischer, Deborah Goldstein, & Brooke Lefferts as they plan to continue on with Listen To Your Mother shows for future seasons! “Some laughter, some tears, perfection!” –Natalie Fisher   LTYM: San Antonio delighted listeners at […]

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Let’s Hear It For Another Weekend of Outstanding #LTYM Shows!

May 10, 2017

ELEVEN more Listen To Your Mother shows hit the stage this past week and weekend! A ROUND OF APPLAUSE for Baton Rouge, Burbank, Chicago, DC, Kansas City, Milwaukee, New York City, Providence, Raleigh-Durham, Twin Cities, & Southwest Michigan!  LTYM: Burbank — led by director/producers Suzanne Weerts and Taia Perry-Kretzin in their second and final season — kicked off the week with a SOLD OUT SHOW and helped raise approximately $3000 for their local charity, Family Service Agency!   In their impressive FIFTH and final year, LTYM: Providence gave motherhood a microphone thanks to dir/producers Brianne DeRosa, Kirsten DiChiappari, and Chelley Martinka.   With ANOTHER SOLD OUT SHOW, LTYM: Twin Cities celebrated their FIFTH season with plans to continue the LTYM stories beyond 2017! Congrats on your huge success, Galit Breen & Vikki Reich! “…every single year I learn the same lesson — we are bettered when we listen to each other. This was truly a magical night to remember.” – Galit Breen, Twin Cities co-dir/producer […]

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