Welcome to LTYM:2014, a series of live staged readings in 32 cities nationwide in celebration of Mother’s Day

2014 brings live LTYM shows to 32 cities: Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Boulder, Charleston, Chicago, DC, Denver, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Little Rock, Madison, Metro Detroit, Milwaukee, Nashville, North Jersey, Northern Utah, NW Indiana, NYC, Oklahoma City, Plumas County, Portland, Providence, Raleigh Durham, Sacramento, San Francisco, Southeast Texas, Spokane, St. Louis, The OC, and Twin Cities. We present our live shows for the two weeks leading up to, and including Mother’s Day Sunday May 11th, 2014Click a city on this map for show info from each local LTYM site.

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Chevrolet Spark

Listen to Your Mother Shows are built on the kind of teamwork that makes dreams come true. Our producers and directors form city teams to support each other in the adventure of crafting a show, and these teams support each other and their casts while being mentoring by LTYM’s national team. It’s beautiful and powerful to watch the journey from launch to curtain, especially since most of the women in our community are taking on challenges that are brand new to them. The result this year is our amazing 32 show season which is opening this weekend!

From early on in our expansion it’s been our tradition for team members to visit other shows when they can. Even in our busiest pre-show time, it’s thrilling to see other shows open and to cheer our community on from coast to coast. This week we touted our EPIC Chevrolet National Sponsorship announcement, but what I have to share with you now gets even more exciting…

Chevrolet is lending their fabulous cars to some of our local Director/Producers to #FindNewRoads so that they can travel to sister LTYM Shows.

Follow along with LTYM on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter beginning this Sunday April 27th as our Chicago team heads to the Milwaukee show! Local Chicago Co-Producers Tracey Becker and Melisa Wells, will share photos and tell the story of their own journey to the Milwaukee show as they #FindNewRoads with Chevrolet.

Keep up with Melisa on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. You can find Tracey, on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Or simply keep an eye on the #FindNewRoads hashtag!

Not much is better than a journey with a friend who supports you in finding new roads. We are so proud of the way that the Listen to Your Mother Show community empowers producer/director teams and casts to find new roads each year through non-stop teamwork and support. We are so grateful that our national sponsor Chevrolet is making this celebratory road trip possible, and we’re excited to follow along!



On Finding Yourself In The Beauty Of Motherhood

by Stephanie P. on April 22, 2014

“Now my breasts rather than pointing perkily toward the horizon instead seem to be searching for lost pennies on the ground.” Listen to this mom describe the body of a mother — from the hilariously funny parts to the poetic and beautiful curves that will leave you in awe and wonder.

Kris Adams reads "Pushing Beauty" at LTYM: Madison 2013.

Kris Adams reads “Pushing Beauty” at LTYM: Madison 2013.


Listen to more stories giving motherhood a microphone at the Listen To Your Mother show YouTube channel. Go to the show – Tickets are on sale NOW in all 32 cities!


LTYM Welcomes 2014 National Sponsor CHEVROLET as We #FindNewRoads Together!

April 21, 2014

  LTYM is ecstatic to announce Chevrolet’s national sponsorship for our 2014 season! Chevrolet cars allow the modern American family to #FindNewRoads while building our lives and chasing our dreams. By supporting LTYM, Chevrolet helps  our cast members #FindNewRoads for their stories–making their way to the stage, often for the very first time. Also, our local directors and producers #FindNewRoads by bringing LTYM home to their communities and becoming professional show-runners. Thank you, Chevrolet, for empowering us to #FindNewRoads through the power of our community live-staged reading Mother’s Day celebrations! Tickets are on sale NOW in all 32 cities, and our season officially kicks of THIS WEEKEND in Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Milwaukee and Nashville!

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We’re Almost Ready

April 18, 2014
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“First rehearsal. This, more than any other part of bringing Listen To Your Mother to the stage, is when the show is given a breath of life.” LTYM: San Francisco “One of our favorite things about the Listen To Your Mother project is the First Rehearsal. Not only do we get to hear the stories again, together, but the cast finally gets to meet each other and hear the stories too.” – LTYM: Boulder

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April 17, 2014
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Check out our Pinterest boards as we get ready for the show! We’re especially proud of the great causes our shows are supporting for 2014, and you do not want to miss our featured videos. Take a look at all the fabulous venues where you can find LTYM shows across the country — as you can see, the stage takes many shapes and forms, but the stories are what bring it to life. We’re going to keep on pinning, so give us a follow and we’d love to follow you back as well! Go to the show! Find an LTYM Show near you. Listen to more stories giving motherhood a microphone at the Listen To Your Mother show YouTube channel.

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