When The Battle Makes You Brave

by Stephanie P. on October 21, 2014

“When it came to her children, everything had the potential to cause brain damage.” Recalling hilarious tales from her childhood, K. Marie reveals how her mother was afraid of everything – until she faced the biggest battle of her life.

Watch the video below or on the Listen To Your Mother YouTube channel.

K. Marie Woodberry reads "Braveheart" at LTYM: OKC 2014.

K. Marie Woodberry reads “Braveheart” at LTYM: OKC 2014.


Listen to more stories giving motherhood a microphone on our YouTube Channel.



Taya Dunn Johnson, LTYM Diversity & Inclusion Outreach Mentor

Meet Taya:

Taya calls herself a Native New Yorker since she was born and raised there; however she has developed a new love for the Baltimore metro area which has been home since 2012.  She has been writing as MrsTDJ since 2006.  “Write. Release. Breathe. Repeat.” is beyond a tag line for her blog – it’s a mantra Taya has adopted and shared with her readers.   She’s a rebel who breaks blogger rule #1 – post on a regular schedule.  Her readers don’t mind, as they ride the emotional waves while she navigates life as an expressive, vulnerable, humorous and audacious widowed mother of an amazing son, who just happens to have autism.


Taya spoke as a reader in our 2013 DC show:


Together with Arlene Jackson, Taya became a local director/producer,  bringing LTYM to Baltimore in 2014

Baltimore Co-Producers Taya Dunn Johnson and Arlene Jackson

Baltimore Co-Producers Taya Dunn Johnson and Arlene Jackson

For our 2015 season, Taya becomes LTYM’s first-ever Diversity & Inclusion Outreach Mentor!

Taya joins our national leadership team (Ann Imig: National Director, Stephanie Precourt: Online Content Manager/Returning Cities Mentor, Deb Rox: Business Strategist, Melisa Wells: New Cities Mentor), helping us increase LTYM’s capacity as a platform for storytelling  that more truly reflects the diversity of our communities, so that LTYM shows may serve as an instrument for deepening understanding and fostering unity.

Listen To Your Mother is a phenomenal opportunity born from the heart of Ann Imig and I’m thrilled to have played a part over the last 2 years. I’m excited about the 2015 season and the future of LTYM. As we embark on this road together, I promise to openly, honestly and respectfully discuss the relationship between diversity and inclusion as it relates to the future of LTYM. I don’t profess to be an University scholar on the subject, however I feel that I possess and bring a unique perspective and skill set to the topic. — Taya Dunn Johnson

I love working with Taya! From her very honest and moving reading in DC about raising her Black son as a young widow in America, to the beautiful show she created with Arlene in Baltimore, to our conversations about LTYM’s mission-in -action that led to the creation of this position–LTYM is incredibly fortunate to add Taya to our national leadership team. Our entire organization–national leadership, local directors/producers, cast members, and audiences alike– stands to benefit from having her savvy eyes focused directly on diversity and inclusion. — Ann Imig

Please join us in congratulating and welcoming, Taya!

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2015 Call for NEW LTYM CITIES!!!

September 3, 2014

Given the steady flow of “How can I bring LTYM show to my city” requests throughout the years, and considering the  success of our 2011 five-city national launch , 2012 ten-city expansion,  2013 twenty-four city boom, and our 2014 thirty-two city season and BOOK DEAL– one thing appears evident: LTYM wants to keep growing. Do you want to grow with us? Born of the blogosphere, LTYM flourishes due to the local leadership of the multitude of creative, entrepreneurial, talented online women who seek the challenges and immeasurable rewards of bringing LTYM home to their city. LTYM believes in hyper-localism: You are the expert in knowing just how to finesse the LTYM process for your specific community audience, with the support of a cohort of other local director/producers around the nation, and facilitated by LTYM National Director Ann Imig, Online Content Manager Stephanie Precourt, New Cities Mentor Melisa Wells, and Business Strategist Deb Rox. […]

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Save The Date! LTYM 2015 Call for NEW CITIES Opens September 3rd!

August 27, 2014
Thumbnail image for Save The Date! LTYM 2015 Call for NEW CITIES Opens September 3rd!

  Mark your calendars! Next Wednesday September 3rd, LTYM will open the call for new cities hoping to host a show for our 2015 season. What is Listen To Your Mother? LTYM is a national reading series founded by Ann Imig and hosted in 35 cities and counting since 2010. LTYM shows are directed, produced, and star YOU and others from your community reading your own original writing about motherhood (being a mom, not being a mom, having a mom, not having a mom, losing a mom, finding a mom, ALL THINGS MOTHERHOOD!) live on stage in celebration of Mother’s Day. All LTYM shows are video-recorded and uploaded to our LTYMShow YouTube channel, which features over 1000 stories from our prior shows. LTYM also raises awareness and funds for local non-profits supporting women and/or families in need. We’ve raised over $50,000 for charitable causes as a national project to date! You don’t need […]

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Listen To Your Mother BOOK COVER REVEAL!!!

August 11, 2014
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On July 31st I turned in the final manuscript for LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER: What she said then, what we’re saying now. After four official drafts and several more unofficial drafts preceding those, receiving an email from my editor Liz from Putnam, congratulating me on a completed manuscript, gave me an unexpected high. The challenge of considering hundreds of LTYM essays–figuring out which stories effectively translated from the stage for an audience, back to the page for a reader, while at the same time curating the diversity of author, theme, moms and non-moms, humor and heart– well, it proved even more daunting than I could’ve imagined. That evening a package arrived at my door. I opened it to find this:   A real-live book jacket, which will contain the LTYM book available April 7, 2015 (and already available from G.P. Putnam’s Sons/Penguin, for pre-order on Amazon). I can’t wait to share the list of […]

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