Last summer LTYM Madison alum De’Kendrea Stamps attended SheKnows #BlogHer16 as a social media conference first-timer. De’Kendrea is not a blogger, nor a social media professional. In fact, her professional expertise is in nonprofit and transportation management. Yet, De’Kendrea’s empowering experience illustrates how attending a BlogHer conference can inspire “a-ha” moments that changes lives.

De'Kendrea Stamps and LTYM Founder Ann Imig

De’Kendrea Stamps and LTYM Founder Ann Imig at #BlogHer16 closing party

Attending BlogHer for the first time was an amazing experience. It was great to see so many strong and bold women choosing to live their best lives out loud. I have always been a fan of storytelling and this conference fulfilled that core interest while also giving me a view of the value of our stories from a business/marketing standpoint. One particular story I haven’t seen told much is the battle that many women face with endometriosis, myself included. However, during the BlogHer Expo there was a full exhibit dedicated to the disease. Being able to speak with those advocating for a spotlight and discourse on endometriosis was truly empowering. Since the conference, I have felt more emboldened to speak about my experience with endometriosis, whereas in the past it’s always been something I kept to myself. Now I know there is a whole community of women online speaking, advocating, and giving voice to the experience through the power of storytelling. BlogHer is the place where stories can be told in an authentic way, and voice is given to the once voiceless.  – De’Kendrea Stamps

LTYM thanks SheKnows Media #BlogHer17 for their ongoing support as our 2017 North American media sponsor! We can’t wait to hear your voices, and meet you IRL this June in Orlando!!


SheKnows Media and BlogHer are proud to partner with Listen To Your Mother and look forward to their participation in #BlogHer17 next year in Orlando. We hope you will also join us June 22-24 for the #BlogHer17 conference and take part in LTYM’s final season. You will connect with other attendees and brands, learn new skills and have fun at the parties and special events.

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Being Thankful For What’s Right In Front Of You

by Stephanie on November 22, 2016


A visit to Alcatraz brought on an all too familiar feeling to Sally Koering Zimney as she compared the prison island to parenthood. She recalled last Thanksgiving with family when she presented a brilliant idea for all of the kids to share what they were thankful for — expecting a proud parenting moment — only to be disappointed by her daughter’s answer. “I mean, she was supposed to say something meaningful, something reflective, something I could post on Facebook, for God’s sake!”

Upon reflection, Sally realizes that her daughter was actually reminding her to stop training her eyes on a horizon that she might never reach, and instead be thankful for what is right here, right now.

“Can we embrace this island we’re living on? Love its shores and spectacular views, love the sometimes brutal landscape of the island’s ups and downs, the way the storms come through and then settle to quiet.”

Watch Sally’s hilarious and touching video from LTYM: Twin Cities 2016 below or on the Listen To Your Mother YouTube Channel.


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A Thanksgiving of Generations In One Simple Dish

November 17, 2016

Generation after generation, the women in Lisa Martin’s family move away from their mothers. Today she finds herself in the middle — having moved away from her own mom while her daughter begins to move away from her. The Thanksgiving holiday holds special meaning to the family, near and far. “When you’re growing up in a family of little means, Thanksgiving is better than Christmas because there’s no pressure to give the perfect gift.” The women in her family bond over a treasured recipe for homemade stuffing, and so much more. Watch Lisa’s video from LTYM: Baltimore 2016 below or on the Listen To Your Mother YouTube Channel. Join us in our Grand Finale Season for 2017! Find a show near you. Watch more LTYM stories on the Listen To Your Mother YouTube Channel.  

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Join LTYM This Saturday at Madison Women’s Expo!

November 16, 2016

Grab your people and head to the Alliant Center this weekend for LTYM live-storytelling this Saturday November 19th at 11 am on the DreamBank stage! Enjoy funny and moving true stories from Erin Clune, Beverly Davis, Cate Guggino, Jane Wright Jones, Jessie Loeb, Jolieth McIntosh, De’Kendrea Stamps, and LTYM Founder Ann Imig. Then “explore, engage and experience” Madison Women’s Expo’s treats, shopping, speakers, entertainment all weekend long. Find discounted expo tickets here. Hope you can join us!

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When Mom Is Right: Everything Is About Race

November 15, 2016

“I thought that because I didn’t speak with an accent and I knew what clothes to wear, I could blend in by rolling my eyes and rejecting the very concept that race matters.” Growing up brown in a white community, LTYM: Boston Director/Producer Divya Kumar did her best to make everyone else feel comfortable while she tried to fit in and reject her mother’s claims that everything was about race. “No matter how much I said that my mother’s food was gross, how much I made fun of her accent, and how much I tried to shun any brown-ness — both my mother and I would always be identified as Other, and therefore public property and subject to questions, judgment, and shame.” Watch Divya read her piece “This Is My Home” below or on the Listen To Your Mother Show YouTube channel. Join us in our Grand Finale Season for 2017! Watch: LTYM stories […]

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