I'm going to the Open Mic Salon at #BlogHer15!

National Media Sponsor SheKnows Media #BlogHer15 and Listen To Your Mother are thrilled to announce our 5th blogging Open Mic!!

What is the Open Mic?

The Open Mic is just one part of the incredible #BlogHer15 ‘Experts Among Us’ party plan , providing attendees a chance to cut loose following a rich day of learning and networking. After celebrating the Voices of The Year #VOTY (bloggers selected from thousands of submissions to read their own writing at a microphone before the entire conference), you can throw your name in a hat for a chance to be randomly selected to read one of your very blog own posts before the most supportive audience that exists–your fellow internet writers.

All you need to do is bring a 5 minute piece (or shorter) to read, fill out a card, and throw it in the hat. We select readers randomly and try to hear as many as possible. We request you respect your peers by limiting your piece to five minutes or under. Practice beforehand so you have an idea of the time.

Note: You can read anything you’ve written online. It does NOT need to be remotely mother-related!!

Samantha Amidon reads "I'm Writing A Letter" (photo by Kim Thompson Steel)

Samantha Amidon reading at the BlogHer/LTYM 2014 Open Mic

Or simply come to the Open Mic to enjoy a quiet space as an audience member, to enjoy the creative, hilarious, soul-bearing and heart-warming stories from your blog peers.


Why have an Open Mic?

If there’s one thing that LTYM has demonstrated, it’s the amount of stories begging to be heard, out loud, in front of an audience. A BlogHer #DefiningMoment inspired LTYM’s very existence, and helps us create more opportunities for this to happen with the Open Mic, reaching beyond LTYM’s annual Mother’s Day live-show season, and beyond BlogHer’s highly-coveted #VOTY podium.

I'm going to the Voices of the Year Reception at #BlogHer15!


When/Where is the Open Mic?

All of the fabulous Friday night festivities take place at the New York Hilton, and all registered attendees are welcome. The Open Mic opens our mic at 9pm and we’ll hear readers until 11 pm.



Feel free to wander in and out, and meet us afterward for some Killer Karaoke hosted by party hostess extraordinaire Amy Windsor!!
I'm going to Killer Karaoke at #BlogHer15!

The Open Mic serves as the perfect opportunity for you to share your work aloud, springing your voice from the page to the stage. Even if you have zero desire for the spotlight yourself, come and experience the thrill of your fellow online content creators claiming their voices In Real Life. SEE YOU SOOOOON NYC!!


Register for #BlogHer15 here.



Let’s Hear It For The Dads!

by Stephanie P. on June 19, 2015

This Father’s Day weekend we are celebrating some of our favorite LTYM Dads.

At DC’s 2013 show, Adrian Kulp stole our hearts as he shared how he became an unexpected full time stay-at-home father. “I cuddle during thunderstorms and can really knock a manicure and clear coat out of the park.”

“We never even realized how much my father gave of himself to mother us,” Shosh Kohn reveals in a beautiful tribute to her father at LTYM: Wilmington.

We are so moved by LTYM: Twin Cities co-director Vikki Reich’s words about her stepfather this week in the Star Tribune, What My Stepfather Taught Me About Family. And we will never forget Phaedra Jarret’s powerful essay about not having a mom, but having a Richard.

In the pages of Listen To Your Mother: What She Said Then, What We’re Saying Now you’ll find more not-to-miss pieces of fathers we love by Lisa Allen, Jerry Mahoney, and Robert Shaffron.

We can’t wait to share our 2015 videos with you later this summer! Be sure to subscribe to the Listen To Your Mother YouTube Channel for more great LTYM stories. Happy Father’s Day!



LTYM 2015 Raises over $30,000 For Local NonProfit Causes!!

May 28, 2015

A vital component to Listen To Your Mother’s mission is our support of women and families in need. Each local team selects a non-profit to partner with during the season, building awareness for the cause to both our real life and online audiences, and donating a portion of our ticket proceeds as well as fund-raising for that cause day of show. In addition to funds raised, many cities include cause representatives as part of their show–with some cities bringing cause reps with them for media opportunities, and others offering causes a call to action from the podium. LTYM is elated that our 39 shows raised over $30,000 this season, that will go directly to our local causes in 2015: LTYM, as a project, has now raised over $80,000 to date for causes that support women and families. We thank our audiences for helping LTYM 2015 Give Motherhood a Microphone (and so much more), […]

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It’s A Wrap For Listen To Your Mother 2015!

May 12, 2015

Listen To Your Mother gave motherhood a microphone in 23 cities this past weekend – our biggest weekend ever! – to bring the 2015 season to a final bow. Thursday night lights went up and audiences were enamored. “I’ve recently fallen in love with the Listen To Your Mother world. Simply remarkable…” – Emily Ann Landon   Friday’s shows were feeling the love and adoration, too. “I brought my two sisters with… we laughed, we cried, we reminisced. Thanks for bringing something worthwhile to the community.” – Deanna Gallardo   On Saturday TEN CITIES shared their stories of motherhood. “Listen To Your Mother was the best evening of listening I have experienced in a long, long time. Many stories hit home in many ways. The audience cried and laughed the entire time…” – Mary Jo Huff   And on Sunday, Mother’s Day, the LTYM 2015 curtain came to a final close in Madison and Spokane. “… I loved […]

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Happy Mother’s Day! Link Up And Share Your Story!

May 10, 2015

“We have laughed and cried… all in the name of motherhood.” – @HPBells HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! On this day we are giving motherhood a microphone in Madison (the birthplace of LTYM) and Spokane, our final shows of the 39-city-wide + 1 book 2015 season. And what an incredible season it has been!!! Did you see LTYM on ABC NEWS? Today is the PERFECT DAY to watch our Mother’s Day message: We invite YOU to link-up your own LTYM-style piece. If motherhood (or your mom, or the person who raised you, or fatherhood!) takes center-stage LINK UP! And Happy Mother’s (or Mothers’ Day!) everyone!!!

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