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LTYM’s legacy spans 7 years, nearly 200 shows, and over 2000 stories. How do you begin to recognize the depth of that work? How do you begin to recognize that level of devotion to writing, stories, and community that is gathered in our beautiful body of work and has been witnessed by tens of thousands of live and online audience members? As we prepare to raise the curtain on the grand finale of our national project, my heart is full of love and appreciation for the brilliant women who make LTYM happen: the LTYM Torchbearers.

If you live outside of Madison, Wisconsin, the reason you know anything about LTYM–the reason you’ve auditioned or sat in our audience, read at our podium, or simply used LTYM as a prompt for your own stories–is our local director/producers. These visionary women have each carried the LTYM torch to their hometown, kept it aflame year after year, and collectively shined our light across the nation.

While a few started out as seasoned theatrical professionals, many of these women had little experience with directing, producing or event-planning. However each and every single one of them leaped into an unknown endeavor, using their influence both in their online and real-life communities to include others along their journey as they sculpted a brand new space for stories and sisterhood (brotherhood, too).

Today this group holds tremendous power, and they wield it creatively, generously, and strategically to fund their shows, curate diverse stories, produce unforgettable annual live-storytelling events, and ultimately forge bonds that endure far beyond the stage. The efforts of these women directly result in meaningful connections and friendships, important personal and professional alliances, and new business and creative collaborations. They definitely count as seasoned director/producers now–entrepreneurs and impresarios to boot–and their influence is evident in the lives of their casts, audience, and the LTYM legacy.

Thank you to the LTYM torchbearers who’ve helped hoist, hold, and tend the dazzling (if occasionally heavy or unwieldy) LTYM torch. Should you see one of these torchbearers in your timeline or email inbox, let them know you see their strength and how brightly the light they’ve created shines. Maybe it has warmed you personally, or someone important to you. These brilliant change-makers continue to stoke the flames of creativity and connection, and all in an effort to share it with others. They are:

Jana Anthoine, Miranda Wicker
Kristin Shaw (with help from new assistant Susanne Kerns)
Taya Dunn Johnson, Arlene Jackson
Meghan Matt (with help from new assistant, Whitney Andrus)
Stephanie Sprenger, Ellen Nordberg
Suzanne Weerts, Taia Perry-Kretz
Anna Hartman, Becca Finley (with help from returning assistant: Jennifer Buddin– and new assistant Meredith Betzhold)
Melisa Wells, Tracey Becker
Stephanie Stearns Dulli, Kate Coveny Hood
Greta Funk, Kathleen Fisher
Jess Witkins, Beth Erickson, Molly Hilligoss
Kristina Grum, Kirsten Piccini
Takeyla Benton
Angela Amman, Angela Youngblood
Rochelle Fritsch, Jen Gaskell, Alexandra Rosas
Sandy Rustin Fleischer, Deborah Goldstein, Brooke Lefferts
Amy Wilson, Elizabeth Robinson, Barbara Herel
Mari Farthing, (with help from returning assistant) Jennifer Dennis-Smith
Jennifer Hicks, Stephanie Jankowski,
Margaret Elysia Garcia
Brianne DeRosa, Kirsten DiChiappari,Chelley Martinka
Keanne Hoeg, Marty Long
Monica Gebell, Sarah Fitzgibbons, Corrie Spike Carter (with help from new assistant Sally Bitner Bonn)
Jill Robbins (with help from assistants: Patricia Walters-Fischer and Celina Montoya)
Janine Kovac,Tarja Parssinen (with help from returning assistant Mary Hill)
Stacey Conner, Elise Raimi
Naomi Francis, Laura Edwards Ray, Ellen Grossman-Cohen
Kim Jorgensen Gane, Beth Haire-Lewis
Vikki Reich, Galit Breen

All the “me too” moments resulting from this group–all the personal stories celebrated, and experiences validated–these women and their leadership directly impact a spirit of hopefulness and understanding. They organize a space for voices that might otherwise go unheard and that can open minds and hearts, allowing us to see commonalities among humanity at a time when it might be needed more than ever.

Our national project finale season begins ten days from now. While some of our director/producers will go on to create future LTYM shows, the project as we know it– as it was born from blogging, and as a once a year national phenomenon– embarks on our grand finale. It’s important to mark this milestone and honor the legacy our torchbearers leave as they take their final bows. I hope you’ll join me in thanking a local director/producer today.




by Stephanie on April 4, 2017

Like separating diamonds from diamonds, the casts have been selected for Listen To Your Mother 2017, our 8th season — EIGHTH season! —  of storytellers shining their lights on motherhood. Tickets are on sale now or soon for the 2017 shows and many will sell out! We hope you’ll join us -the energy of the audience gives life to every LTYM show!!

The 2017 casts meet and rehearse for the first time. Clockwise from top left: LTYM Chicago photo by Balee Images, LTYM Raleigh Durham, North Jersey photo by Joy Yagid Photography, LTYM Plumas County, and LTYM Boulder and LTYM: Milwaukee.

The 2017 casts meet and rehearse for the first time. Clockwise from top: LTYM Twin Cities photo by Ann Marie Photography, LTYM Chicago photo by Balee Images, LTYM Milwaukee, LTYM Plumas County, LTYM Boulder, North Jersey photo by Joy Yagid Photography, LTYM Charleston, and LTYM Raleigh Durham.

And without further ado, meet the talented and courageous casts of LTYM 2017:

Atlanta, Austin, BaltimoreBaton RougeBoulder, BurbankCharleston, Chicago, DC, Kansas City, La CrosseLehigh ValleyMadison, Metro Detroit, MilwaukeeNorth JerseyNYC, Oklahoma CityPittsburgh, Plumas CountyProvidence, Raleigh Durham, Rochester, San Antonio San Francisco Bay AreaSouthwest MichiganSpokane,  St. Louis, & Twin Cities.

Interested in bringing LTYM to your town in 2018? Contact Miracle Or Two productions for licensing information. Like them on Facebook for updates!


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Breaking news! LTYM to become licensed theatrical production in 2018 thanks to Miracle or 2 Productions!!

January 26, 2017

Recently we proclaimed that 2017 would serve as LTYM’s Grand Finale season, closing out 8 consecutive smash-success seasons of live LTYM shows. Today, thanks to a licensing agreement with Miracle or 2 Productions, Inc. LTYM announces a new life for our beloved show! Beginning in 2018 it will be easier than ever for theaters (professional or amateur) and organizations/groups to host their own LTYM show events!! What’s an LTYM “licensed theatrical production?” LTYM shows will no longer be limited to a once-per-year Mother’s Day celebration! Instead LTYM shows will be available for production all year long and for performance runs (multiple performances per theater, as opposed to only one) beginning in 2018, in cooperation with Miracle or 2 Productions, Inc. Theaters/groups who wish to do an LTYM show will have the option, through Miracle or 2, of: a) casting local talent to read their original works in traditional LTYM fashion or b) for […]

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January 7, 2017

Audition Season for Listen To Your Mother 2017 has begun! Your story could be an essential part of this year’s Listen To Your Mother celebration of mothering by giving a voice to motherhood — in all of its complexity, diversity, and humor. If you have a story longing to be heard about your mother, your own view as a mother, or about a mother-figure in your life — write it down and share with us! Audition process and requirements vary by city, and some cities have not yet made their announcements but will soon. We will update audition info as it is available –keep checking in and be sure to follow Listen To Your Mother on Facebook and @LTYMShow on Twitter for updates. Find audition information for an #LTYM 2017 city near you below: Atlanta auditions are now closed. Austin is submissions are now closed. Baltimore auditions are now closed. Baton Rouge auditions are now closed. Boulder auditions are now closed. Burbank auditions are now closed. Charleston auditions […]

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The stories behind our stories #PicturedNotPictured #LTYM

December 13, 2016

In preparation for our 2017 season, we’ve asked our local directors and producers to pick a favorite photo and tell us what’s not pictured–the story behind the story if you will. We’ll share these #PicturedNotPictured micro stories over the coming months to give you behind-the-scenes glance of the Listen To Your Mother experience. Feel free to play along with your own #LTYM #PicturedNotPictured moments.   Telling my story of motherhood at the LTYM event last year prepared the way for new meaning in my life.  I had given up on creativity, my youth had fled.  Chasing acting work down had become pure drudgery and seldom successful. I settled into retirement numb to joy and self-expression. The response to sharing my story surprised me. Many people told me they were touched by it.  Someone in the audience expressed an interest in an expansion of it.  The spark was ignited and I’ve been writing and […]

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