“I was honored to be part of this year’s @LTYMshow Boston cast. Today’s show was an inspiring look at the many different faces of motherhood.” Lynne Doncaster

In our final weekend, LTYM: Austin, Boston, EvansvilleNew Orleans, North Jersey, NYC, Rochester, Seattle, and St. Louis took the stage on Saturday — with Madison and Spokane closing the curtain on Listen To Your Mother 2016 on Mother’s Day.

LTYM: Austin has the honor of being part of the first-ever Listen To Your Mother shows in 2011. They celebrated their SIXTH SEASON on Saturday! Wow, Kristin & Leigh Ann!


LTYM: Boston shared their mother stories at the beautiful Hope Central Church for a third year. Thank you, Jessica & Divya!

Awesome photo collage by LTYM dir/prod alum Phyllis Myung!

Awesome photo collage by LTYM dir/prod alum Phyllis Myung!


Kate & Hillary came back for a second year of LTYM: Evansville!

Continue reading for highlights from New Orleans, North Jersey, NYC, Rochester, Seattle, St. Louis and Sunday’s Madison and Spokane shows! [click to continue…]


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Happy Mother’s Day! It’s the FINAL SHOW DAY for #LTYM 2016 with shows in Madison and Spokane! And link up below with your own motherhood post!

Listen To Your Mother celebrates and validates mothering through giving a voice to motherhood – in all of its complexity, diversity, and often humor. The post below was originally featured on Anns Rants, blog of LTYM Founder & National Director Ann Imig (who HAS A BIRTHDAY TODAY and IT’S HER LTYM: MADISON SHOW DAY!

My Favorite Mother’s Day Memory? Maybe Not When I Got A Black T-Shirt For A Push Present.

17576012866_34191e2c40_zWhen Husband and I set our wedding date for May 30th, my boss at the time, Ellen, joked “You didn’t plan that very well, Ann. Your birthday, Mother’s Day and your wedding anniversary all in the same month?!?” Already a mom herself, Ellen knew something I didn’t–that my days were numbered of ME serving as the central focus from which all holiday centrifugal force emanated. At that point in my life, Mother’s Day didn’t move the needle much for me on the holiday Richter scale, whereas my birthday counted as a major seismic event/national holiday/code red MANDATORY AWESOMENESS REQUIRED.

Five years later, Husband and I crash-landed at our first Mother’s Day 10 weeks postpartum yet, somehow, 10 billion hours self/sleep-deprived. That particular Mother’s Day also brought my 30th birthday (no pressure). My big round number birthday only magnified my visions of a sparkly unforgettable gift, and set my pushed-a-baby-out present hopes three decades high. Husband had a push-present vision all his own–a vision of pushing through his bone-deep exhaustion to make it to some store any store Dear God I need to hand a substantive material expression of several momentous occasions all at once to my frazzled wife.

And so, on that 30th birthday/Very first Mother’s Day/Wedding anniversary looming on the horizon day, Husband presented me with… a wrapped box. Clearly a shirt box; this box was fit for a nightgown, twin set, or other matronly item on the Never Give Your Wife Any Day But Especially Not Today Registry. I prayed a small maybe it’s something sentimental prayer and opened the box to reveal…a black…short-sleeved..T-shirt.


Yet, it wasn’t merely a black T-shirt, for it had accoutrements. If you’re grinning from ear-to-ear and thinking what a clever new dad, he probably put some diamond studs in that T-shirt, you’d be almost right! For on that T-shirt lay three buttons at the v-neck. This was no black tee you find shrink-wrapped in a three-pack, it was a ladies tee! With three buttons at the neck!! Obviously those three buttons elevated it to gift-level “unlikely recipient will cry and/or fly off the handle.”

I cried. I flew off the handle. I still cringe at the memory.

In fairness, well, he did sorta bungle that gift. I still don’t know what he was thinking except perhaps something like complete paralysis over pleasing me, combined with the knowledge he needed to shop quickly to get home and help with the baby. Maybe also a subliminal twinge of mourning clothes– a homage to our dashed dual income no kid life. Poor sweet man. He had given me so many thoughtful, beautiful, and yes even sparkly gifts before and after that Mother’s Day–especially the ones I’d wanted all my life; my babies.

While this Mother’s Day memory might not be my favorite (I think that might be the one where he had our kindergartner and toddler run into the bedroom to wake me up wielding long-stemmed roses as swords) it’s one I recall with laughter and fondness, nostalgia and sheepishness. Then I marvel at my gratitude for Husband, for our family, and for how far we’ve come together as team. Wearing his and hers black T-shirts, of course.

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 10.17.00 PM

Use the hashtag #ShareTheLuv to share your favorite Mother’s Day memories, and check out some funny sweet remembrances from a few of our local LTYM director/producers. Luvs serves as a North American sponsor for Listen To Your Mother, and we thank them for their continued support of creative online women, parents and dry babies everywhere!

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Here’s to many more Happy Mother’s Day memories!


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LTYM 2016 Northern Utah, Pittsburgh, Portland, Raleigh Durham, San Francisco, & Twin Cities Shows!

May 7, 2016

WOW! #LTYM 2016 is still going strong — giving motherhood a microphone across North America leading up to Mother’s Day weekend! Wednesday night LTYM: Raleigh-Durham presented Listen To Your Mother for their FOURTH SEASON! Congrats, KeAnne & Marty! What a fun photo by their show photographer Jess Rotenberg!   On Thursday, LTYM: Twin Cities took the stage for their FOURTH YEAR in front of a crowd of 700 people! The show was sold out! Incredible!! All thanks to Galit and Vikki!   LTYM: Portland filled The Alberta Rose Theatre for their third year. Fantastic show, Carisa & Susan!   LTYM: Northern Utah dir/producer Heather Johnson came back for her FOURTH YEAR!   Friday, LTYM: Pittsburgh shined in technicolor for a second season — gorgeous!! — Amanda, Jennifer, & Stephanie!   Janine, Mary, & Tarja were the power team for LTYM: San Francisco in its FIFTH LTYM SEASON! —  on the beautiful stage at the Brava Theater! SATURDAY  presents LTYM: Austin, Boston, Evansville, New […]

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May 4, 2016

LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER is going BIG for Mother’s Day! WEDNESDAY LTYM: Raleigh-Durham takes the stage at 7:30 PM! Get tickets here. THURSDAY do-not-miss LTYM: Northern Utah, Portland, and Twin Cities! On FRIDAY Pittsburgh & San Francisco drop the mic. SATURDAY (are you ready for this?) presents LTYM: Austin, Boston, Evansville, New Orleans, North Jersey, NYC, Rochester, Seattle, and St. Louis!! And SUNDAY — MOTHER’S DAY!!!! — Madison and Spokane bring the Listen To Your Mother 2016 curtain to a beautiful close. GET YOUR #LTYM TICKETS NOW: find a show near you! A big thank you to BlogHer & SheKnows Experts Among Us, our North American media sponsor! #ShareTheLuv and tell us your Mother’s Day memories — check out our director/producers’ stories, thanks to our sponsor Luvs! Check out our local causes for 2016. Follow along with us on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram as we go to the shows. Use #LTYM — share with us so we can find you! Hope to see you […]

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Listen To Your Mother’s TEN-SHOW-SUNDAY!

May 2, 2016

WOW… TEN SHOWS on Sunday — our biggest #LTYM day of the 2016 season!   “The stories we share, the things we have done, the difficulties through which we have persevered, and the bravery that it takes for some of us to share our experiences out loud, in public, is incredibly moving.” — Liza Kessler, LTYM: Milwaukee cast member   LTYM: Charleston started us off for their 3rd year – way to go, Anna, Becca, Jennifer, & Philicia!!   LTYM: DC dir/producers Kate Coveny Hood & Stephanie Dulli have brought Listen To Your Mother to a live audience since 2012 — FIVE YEARS!   LTYM: Metro Detroit filled the amazing Saint Andrew’s Hall for a third year, thanks to Angela Amman and Angela Youngblood!   LTYM: Chicago dir/producers Melisa Wells & Tracey Becker celebrated FIVE YEARS OF #LTYM!   Read on for captures from Baton Rouge, Albuquerque, Milwaukee, OKC, Kansas City, & Burbank!

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