“What will they say?” Jan Kaminsky thought having two sons was the perfect balance to their two-mom household, until one of her boys wanted to dress like a girl. She feared his difference — and realized that what she was feeling was actually more about herself and less about him.

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“It’s been said when you marry someone, you marry his family, too.” Amy Magan shares that there were definitely some eye rolls and impatience felt toward her mother-in-law — but also joy, relief, and grace that developed into a beautiful relationship. “I think about how she acted as a mother in law to me will someday influence the kind of mother-in-law I will be to my children’s spouses.”

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There Is No Playbook For Being A Mother

November 19, 2015

“It turns out there’s no playbook for being a mother. We emulate our own parents, resolving even as we do not to reproduce their flaws.” Plans are okay, but they can — and will — be turned upside down.  Marian Opoku-Dakwa shared at LTYM: North Jersey 2015 how she had the perfect plan in place for motherhood and the unexpected wonders she discovered when life didn’t go as planned. Watch the video below or on the Listen To Your Mother YouTube Channel. #LTYM season is underway! Check out our 41 cities for 2016 and meet our new intern Susan Yong!

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Hi, I’m New to the Crew! (Meet LTYM’s new intern, Susan Yong!!)

November 18, 2015

Note from LTYM Founder Ann Imig: I feel very fortunate to have the assistance and company of the very bright and talented LTYM Intern Susan Yong for the duration of our 2016 season. LTYM continues an annual tradition of mentoring one college student per season as a production intern who becomes an important part of the Madison team, and also an administrative/creative/editorial assistant for the national project. As LTYM benefits from the assistance and insights of these dedicated individuals, our interns also benefit from the LTYM experience through skills-strengthening and making connections with local directors and friends of the project that often lead to continued professional work and development. Challenge: Guess which comment of Susan’s brought tears to my eyes. Hi, my name is Susan Yong and I’m the new intern for Listen To Your Mother. I’m so happy to join the family and really excited for our upcoming shows in 2016! In case […]

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When You Don’t Want To Be The Cooker

November 17, 2015

“I was hoping that the cooking gene that was recessive in my mother would present itself in me… not so.”  Laura wishes she’d paid more attention to her grandmother’s way around the kitchen — but she did learn from the many life lessons in her sayings. She might not know how to cook, but she applies those lessons to her life even now. Watch Laura Ivey reading “The Cooker” at LTYM: Baltimore 2015 below or on the Listen To Your Mother YouTube Channel.  

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